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Scientific Method by JeniNeji

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Sesshomaru stopped but Kagome was prepared this time and managed to skip her step smoothly. She grinned. She didn’t bump onto him this time.

“The metallic scent of blood once again surrounds us,” The Daiyoukai commented evenly and then resumed his walk.

“Again? What is this…the third time in the last half hour?” asked Kagome as she followed distractedly. She was eyeing her surroundings, caressing them with her ki, and at the same time cleaning off her short green skirt.

“Hn, Feudal Japan is not peaceful,” reminded Sesshomaru.

Kagome shook her head and sighed, “And though metallic blood is a formal and common description for the scent of blood it is not correct. You smell the iron circulating in the blood.”

Sesshomaru stopped and glanced down at her with a raised eyebrow, “Isn’t iron the material used to make those weak human swords?”

Kagome narrowed her eyes angrily at his choice of words but replied anyways, “Yes, Sesshomaru-sama­. We can’t spare fangs.

“Then this Sesshomaru will correct you miko. Iron and blood do not smell alike,” he announced primly.

Kagome sighed and walked past him, “We have hemoglobin in our blood, and it needs iron. However, what you smell is not in fact iron, what you smell in the process of Oxidation.” Kagome whined a little but continue on forward, “Just…forget it.”

They walked in silence for almost an hour before Sesshomaru broke it, “What is Oxidation?”

“Well, we breathe oxygen, it is in the air. When blood mixes with air, iron mixes with it and steals the oxygen away.” Kagome tried to explain, even making hand motions and everything.

Sesshomaru stared and shook his head, “Iron takes a piece of air? Nonesense.”

Kagome watched Sesshomaru’s retreating form and sighed, “You were the one who wanted to learn. Incredulous jerk.”


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