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We Fight by emmyjenny

Trouble of the Naraku Kind

Chapter 1

Confrontation on the Naraku kind

Warning!: This FanFic contains things that the innocent should not read... if you have a problem with anything from this other than it doesn't make sense in some way DO NOT FLAME ME!!

Thank you for reading this warning

“Today we battle!” my lord’s voice floated across the plain to the rest of the army and me. “Today we fight for our lands, on our soil!” A cheer followed every sentence he said. I couldn’t see him very clearly with my poor human sight but I had once seen him passing near my tent, he was... interesting. He had seemed beautiful, graceful, perfect, but with that came arrogance, bitterness, loneliness and leadership.

“Their blood will stain our ground” His face demanded people to follow him, even if he didn’t want them to they still would feel compelled by his face.

“Fight with me…” he was just a white blob in the far distance “..Fight along side me!” I could see the enemy lined up on the opposite side of the large plain, they were all youkai where as our army consisted of youkai, hanyou’s and humans. We had the advantage of numbers but they were powerful.

I clenched my bow and the daggers at my belt seemed to itch for the blood of my enemy’s, but they would never get the satisfaction because my enemy would be purified before even a drop of blood would touch my holy daggers.

“We will WIN!” a mighty cheer followed the end of this speech and the horns blew signalling that we were just about to fight. I had fought before but never a war so I was worried about my companions who were fighting along side me Sango, Miroku, Kirira, Shippo and Kouga, we would fight to the best of our ability and kill as many youkai as possible before we were killed. There was no turning back and I would protect my companions and friends with my life.

We charged forward and sooner than I expected we were fighting for our lives. I fought so hard I didn’t notice I’d left my friend’s way behind me as they fought wave after wave of youkai. I just continued taking steps forward, firing arrows and stabbing with my daggers.

Suddenly I was in a clear space with no youkai to fight, it was then I took in my surroundings and saw that I had fought my way to the very centre of the enemy and I was alone. I slowly looked up at the youkai before me and screamed, through my scream he cackled

“Hello… miko” and lunged forward. I did the first thing that came into my head and threw my holy dagger for his heart but it did nothing and just imbedded its self up to the hilt not even drawing blood. He landed on me. My bow spun out of my hand as he pinned me to the ground with his tentacles while I screamed still. He slapped me so hard I saw stars and stopped screaming. He bent down and whispered as though there was no battle taking place around us

“I wonder what would happen to your pure spirit if I were to take you... right... now” my eyes widened and I struggled to get free from his vile grip

“L-let go!” he cackled with malice and only tightened his hold on me. I managed to get one hand free and wrenched my dagger out of his chest. As I pulled it out black blood began to flow, spraying all over me. I smelt the sting of acid as it gushed onto my clothes. The outside layer of my clothes instantly disappeared at the touch of his evil blood in a cloud of miasma. I didn’t mean to but I took a deep breath of it as it half melted my bra, undies and blistered my bare skin. I felt it burn down my throat and lungs and started coughing causing me to breathe in more miasma tasting blood. He smiled showing off his sharp teeth

“Well that saves me a lot of time” his smile disappeared as I kneed him in the family jewels.

I scrabbled out from under him and began in a stumbling run towards the safety of my own lines still coughing from time to time. Forgetting that I was unarmed, without armour and only covered in partially melted bra and undies. I ran through the army of youkai purifying any in my way with my bare hands spitting out the blood that was trickling steadily into my lungs and throat through the small holes the miasma had created.

I was alarmed to find that as I had concentrated so much of my power into my hands that I was beginning to get tired and was slowing down. I was slammed into the ground from behind, my scream for help and pain mixing with the surrounding screams of the dieing and wounded. I fell to the hard ground crushed by a great weight on my back, knocking the breathe from my lungs and unable to take in another. Tears were forming in my eyes. His clawed hand on the back of my head pushed my face into the bloody dirt and I scrunched my eyes up with pain as he dug his claws into my scalp. I could feel the ribs in my chest begin to groan under the strain of the man pushing down on me. I flailed in pain as I felt some give way under the stress, as I was unable to scream. I gasped for air as I was quickly turned over by my hair and the tears fell trailing slowly into it

“You foolish human” he bent down and bit my ear lobe and I screamed as it burnt like fire. He caressed, sucked and licked my ear lobe of blood saying between licks

“You should not have run away, little Miko, I would have been nice and let you enjoy it a little but now I don’t feel so nice” he cackled in my ear making it ring. The fire, that was poison, now spread as my heart beat sped with fear. An ominous numb feeling replaced the fire as it spread. He gave my ear one final lick then began leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses from my ear and along my jaw towards my lips.

I turned my head away at the last moment and he missed what he sought. He growled and grabbed my face roughly forcing my face to stay as he descended. A hairs-breadth away from my lips he was shoved off me by a growling white blur. I lay there stunned as they fought; I had been saved, saved from the leader of the enemy’s army.

“Get back to our lines” my savour growled and I obeyed. I limped back as fast as I could purifying any of the enemy in my way still coughing with each wheezing, pained breath. There was no way to stop the progress of the burning, numbing poison so I just ran and purified as fast as I could before the numbness got too far.

Just when I got to the relative safety of our lines I heard a howl of pain and turned around to see my savour nowhere in sight and Naraku’s tentacles heading towards me. I tried to run but I tripped over a ripped off leg and fell crashing to the bloody ground. I scrabbled back and closed my eyes as I felt the wind in front of Naraku’s tentacles hit me, and then I was flying pressed against something cold, hard and smooth. I looked up to see white hair, a sculpted face and nose with red stripes on his cheeks, gold eye’s and the crescent moon on his forehead. He carried me in his one arm with his bloody sword lying over my legs.

“I told you to get back to our lines not get captured again” he didn’t look down as he spoke and I just nodded against his armour my tongue felt thick and heavy. I rested my head against his armour and saw red blood soaking into his hoari from a wound on his side.

“You’re hurt” I whispered and reached out my shaky hand towards it when he suddenly came to a stop and I was gently put down in front of the healers tent and he spoke again

“You will not return to this battle. Search for more weapons, armour and clothes later.” He gave his trademark glare before adding, “it would not be wise to go against my orders for Naraku shall be searching for you. Shower and return to my tent when the fight is over for the day.” With that he was off to join the battle in a white blur. Leaving me standing practically naked with his red, cooling blood running down my left leg.

I knew that the miasma I’d breathed in had damaged my lungs, maybe more than I knew. The bite the Enemy Leader had given me had poison in it as I felt the burning numbing sensation run faster down my neck on one side and into my arm that now hung limp and unfeeling as I staggered towards the healing tent. Each step and breath required more and more energy. The tent swayed and blurred, coming in and out of focus.

The healer’s tent was already packed with injured people and my body was still going ominously numb, I felt very cold, my coughing and breathing got worse. I staggered drunkenly through the flaps of the tent and into the large healers tent on numb feet and looked for Kaede, who would definitely know how to heal me. I saw her tending to a human who had a nasty gash on his chest and dragged my heavy, unresponsive body over to her.

“Kaede..” I breathed over the noises of the tent she looked up and saw me. As her eyes widened in shock I turned my light and hot head away and coughed hard into my hand, it shook my whole body. When I took my hand away I tasted the metallic taste of blood on my tongue and looked down at my hand dripping with it. I stared at my hand blankly and then pain shot through my whole body spreading from my chest and ear pulsing in time with my frantic heartbeat.


It was strange and terrifying as I watched my body hit the ground screaming silently clawing at its chest trying to ease the pain but as it travelled up its arms, legs and neck all it could do was writhe on the dirt floor till the healers splashed bitter tasting medicine into it’s mouth and both my body and I drifted into darkness. This wasn’t the kind of darkness you get in sleep it was cold and empty that left me almost wishing for the pain just to have some kind of feeling in this empty void.


My eyes snapped open when I felt a sudden burst of pain that felt like it almost reached my soul. My whole body was rigid as a spasm passed through it. I wheezed wetly as the pain continued. The low candle flickered next to my bed drawing my eyes with its movement. There was something moving just beyond its dim light. As the shadowy form leaned forward the candle flickered again with the shadow’s breath.

“Tell me what you know of Naraku.”

The candle danced wildly in his golden eyes.

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