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Different by Daenerys


I have been participating on the Dokuga community at LJ and this is the story I came up with to follow all their prompts. Of course, I will gladly accept any prompt you throw at me, the more I get, the more I'll write! If I don't get any, this will remain a weekly updated fic (although if I really need it I'll write some chapter to help the story's flow).

English is not my native language, so I'll be forever grateful if you help me out there (spelling errors, awkward phrases...)




"I just don't get it! Why the hell won't you marry me?" The pain in his eyes hurt, but not more than his incomprehension.

"I have told you! I don't want to settle down and start breeding like there's no tomorrow, I want to –"

"Don't you love me?"

"Why do you always doubt me, when you know I came back just so I could be with you? You just won't listen, it's always you, you, you, you don't care about what I want or need –"

"Of course I do!"

"Oh? Well, enlighten me."

"Keh… you want what every girl wants; a big flowery wedding, a good home full of kids and a strong husband –and you know that's me, so we should just –"

When he came to her, resolution in his eyes and formal words on his mouth, she had known he was never going to let it be. They had had this conversation a million times since she had come back, but he didn't seem to understand her point of view, didn't get that she was from another time, and that her life expectations were way different from those of most of the girls from Sengoku Jidai.

She sighed, readying herself for the explanation that she would have to do yet again, wishing someone would come and help her with the hard-headed hanyou, and opened her mouth to start a speech she now knew by heart.

"Look –"

"Kagome-sama! Kagome-sama! Sesshoumaru-sama brought Rin another kimono, can Rin try it on now?" The little girl rushed through the door and started to jump nervously around her, while the inu taiyoukai stayed just outside the door, daring her with his eyes to deny his ward. The miko nodded and, looking at the Western Lord, came to a decision.


Prompt: Formal

Words: 300

Sugary kisses~


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