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Seiko Udoku: For a Rainy Day by Lyra



Seiko Udoku: For  A Rainy Day

From GMDDN: Prompt 15


He has already been telling the story for five hundred years when he sees her; he knows that his power has grown beyond all recognition, that he is ancient even according to youkai measure. It cannot – cannot be her -

But the face is so precise in its angles and the eyes so similar in their softness....

He is brought almost to tears by the reminder.


For five hundred years, he has been wandering a dimmer and dimmer world, living on only because that was the last thing he could think to do. There had been no sign of her; she had vanished, and with her had gone the last reason for him to draw breath or draw sword.

Once his brother died, she was the only one strong enough to challenge him. When she disappeared, there was no one left.

He has been alone – and, being alone, he has learned the meaning of loneliness.


Until now – until, in this moment, he sees her, turning, her features unmistakable, her scent rich and ripe, her face unchanged, even her clothes almost the same – a green dress, short, flaring a few inches above her knee, taunting him with luscious flesh.

Until, in this moment, she sees him, and hesitates, and smiles.

He does not ask how, or why, for, though it cannot be -

It is.

She is wearing a white, buttoned jacket over the dress; she is wearing a green scarf. As she moves toward him he sees her outlined in light. Brilliant; human. A contradiction to his eyes even now, after so much time.

She says to him “Sesshomaru-sama,” her voice laughing, her eyes on fire.

He says, “Kagome.”

And the kiss says the rest; speaks of five hundred years of waiting.


A/N: This collection is not like Alpha, which has a continuous plot. Instead, each Drabble or One-shot is Stand Alone. A few may be in two or three parts, but if that’s the case, I’ll let you know!


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