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Inuyasha’s Surprise by amy

Inuyasha’s Surprise

Inuyasha’s Surprise

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It was Kagome’s 17th birthday, and she was spending it in the feudal era since Naraku had shown up, not wanting him to hurt her 21st century family, she stayed in the feudal era.

Now Inuyasha did his usual disappearing act, when he saw the soul collectors of kikyo, the dead priestess, as she silently cried…

Not long afterward, she heard,Inuyasha howl in victory as he mated Kikyo.

“Yes,Inuyashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”,said Kikyo.

Then he howled like a wild dog in response,

“KIkyo, to whom do you belong?” said Inuyasha.

“To you  ,Inuyasha…”replied Kikyo.

It was about this time, that Kagome picked up her yellow bag and walked away from camp , looking for a place to heal her broken heart.

She walked for a mile or so, then she saw a very inviting cave, with a wide entrance, and dark as night perfect for a lonely miko…

So she entered the cave, started a fire and fell asleep….

As she dreamed,

‘There was a young Inu demoness fighting Naraku, she was cutting off his tentacles, burning him with her poison/reiki whip that stretched for 40 feet, and she was using her poison claws on his back slowly poisoning him to death, but there was another person fighting by her side, supremely strong and able to use a sword…….’

It was then that she woke up, she had been having this dream for 3 days, not knowing it was a premonition…..

She stayed in the cave for 2 days, not realizing she was changing from a human miko to a full Inu demoness.

She had hair the color of newly fallen snow , green eyes, alabaster skin, fangs and claws, with a leaner , taller body, fuller breast and stronger legs, and she was in heat….

It was about this time Sesshoumaru was patrolling his lands, hoping to find a demoness in heat, for he was in the mood to mate, then he scented Kagome in the lower caves of the Inu clan….

Now he didn’t have to work too hard to find her, unfortunately when he came close she gave chase, saying,

“Catch me if you can” then she fully transformed into a pure gold dog with pointy ears, wearing the shikon jewel around her neck.  She was glorius, and she would be his….

Then he fully transformed, into his new larger  more formidable  form and gave chase…

He chased her for 5 or 6 miles , as she hid among the forest fauna then continued to run with the grace of a newly born Inu, it was then he grew tired of the chase and decided to end it with her surrender…

They had just run into a meadow of flowers in full bloom , when he jumped on top of her, leaning his immense weight on her back, making her submit….

“To whom do you belong Inu Miko?”

Kagome tried to shove him off her back and this hurt!

So she said,

“I belong to you,Sesshoumaru- sama”

Then he bit her maw , drinking her blood and finally he licked the self – same spot leaving his mating mark.

Then he proceeded to push his erection into her pussy, all the way up to her cervix, loving the friction of a newly mated females channel, all his!

He kept her there for 4 days, laying upon her back as they both slept, without any interruption….

On the fifth day, the Tachi group was looking for Kagome had been gone for 6 days without any word, until …….

Inuyasha could smell the two Inus mating in the flower bed and decided to investigate….

When he did ,he saw a beautiful golden dog  rolling around with his brother in full transformation, she was marking him as hers in his maw,as he lay on his back, he could see the blood as she drank it, then licked it clean…

He had never seen two dais mate before, and he so turned on until they transformed back to their humanoid forms….

By this time the Tachi group had found him, and witnessed Kagome’s transformation from fully transformed golden dog to Inu Miko demon.

They also noticed that they  were both showing matching mating marks  on their necks.

Inuyasha was infuriated, and ready to speak his mind when Miroku gave him a not so gentle reminder…

“Before Kagome left camp, we heard you announce your mating to Kikyo, with her submitting to you and you accepting it  with your final thrust, you don’t any grounds to complain that she chose a stronger youkai to mate with….”

As the newly mated couple left the flower field, they were greeted by the Tachi group,

“Lord Sesshoumaru , Kagome sama, let us congratulate you on your mating, may your family expand and may your reign last for decades”

Now Inuyasha had to put in his two cents,

“Kagome, YOU WHORE, how could you do this to me?”

“Simple, I changed in the lower caves of Inu territory,was in heat at the same time as Sesshoumaru, I gave chase,  he tackled me and you know the rest…..”

At the end of her speech, Sesshoumaru said and meant,

“Half-breed, if you ever address my mate in such a way I will kill you on  the spot, tear out your heart, and stomp on it until it stops beating, understood!”

Inuyasha simply slunk away, having lost the girl who had been his friend forever.

Then Sesshoumaru said ,

“Follow us to the castle, we will celebrate  our marriage with a feast including our announcement to the council, no one is to challenge us  or they will die….”

So the Tachi went to the Wedding  Banquet, and saw the council members slowly killed for their disobedience, then they retired to their chamber….

The only sounds heard that night was The Lady of the West taking her husband for all he was worth- howling , whimpering ,screaming, and wailing, and the sound of Sango marrying the monk in the most lust filled way-whining, whimpering, screaming, and cumming inside of each female.

When the night was over ,  Sango and Kagome were pupped thanks to their husbands and needed to stay at the castle not coming to the final battle.

Unfortunately, the final battle came to them,

Naraku attacked the castle, killed the guards, all the nobles within, then tried to kill Kagome and Sango as they walked in the garden..

Kagome simply made her arms into a laser and fired the strongest demonic/ reiki attack she had, then all his incarnations died one by one ,a most gratifying sight!

Sesshoumaru,  Miroku,  Inuyasha ,Shippo and Kirara, came  into the castle only to see Naraku  and all his incarnations fade to dust, while Kagome held the full jewel, as she told Kikyo,

“Step forward, I will ask Midoriko to restore you to a fleshy body, but you will no longer be a priestess, understood?”

“Hai” said Kikyo.

Then she purified the jewel, and made her wish ,

“Midoriko, please come forth.that I may make my wish”

So midoriko materialized, asking” what is your wish?”

“I wish that all the Tashi including Kikyo ,share the life span of Sesshoumaru and  I ,and that Kikyo would be given a flesh and blood body without her priestess status to simply be a woman”

Midoriko saw the love in her eyes, and granted her wish.

Then they all assumed a role  in their reign, Sango became her secretary, Inuyasha and Miroku were sesshoumaru’s second and third in command, both training his new recruits.

Shippo was trained to be a fourth under inuyasha and Miroku, and Kikyo became supervisor to the staff, second only to Sango. Now that his castle was now fully organized he went to surprise his wife in their chamber…

He was the surprised, as he heard Kagome pleasuring his former concubine, making her come hard,

“Yesssssssssssssssssssss, harder, milady, I am about to Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah come!”

He entered quietly, undressed, and took his wife In her ass, as she took his former concubine, now hers.

He had no use for her or any other, his wife was a hell cat in bed with him and the concubines, the other lords would never see it coming….

They were always offering him concubines, but she would take them at her pleasure and leave them behind in their residence completely ready to pleasure the lady of the house and scare the lords out of their skin…..

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