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Unleashed by Houjin Shikaku


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.


The war raged well into the night. He attacked first, swiftly, ripping them from their false sense of security with a terrifying war cry originating from the hundreds of demons rushing their camp.

Naraku laughed.

Inu Yasha charged.

Shippou ran.

Sango feared.

Miroku fought.

Kikyou watched.

Kagome scrambled.  

Everything fell apart, chaos was order. Naraku fed off their energy increasing his projectiles and tentacles at an increasing rate. They grew absorbing every living thing in their wake, accumulating more and more power.  As the group attempted to rough out the unremitting attacks, veiled alliances made themselves known.

Kikyou cued.

Inu Yasha pushed.

Sango screamed.

Miroku froze.

Kagome collided.

Naraku absorbed.

As soon as the world stilled at the blatant betrayal, it started back up again. The fight must be won. There will be no tie tonight. Only one group will leave the clearing alive. Although fighting valiantly, the end approached.

Saimyoushou poisoned.

Kohaku attacked.

Kikyou notched.

Inu Yasha charged.

Kikyou and Inu Yasha attacked.

Light surged purified any and all aura resembling that of the half demon Naraku. So strong was the blast that even the human warriors felt a tremor course throughout their body.  Ash had already layered the ground, blanket upon blanket. Throughout the clearing was an even layer of residue up to the knees. The group silently rejoiced, not utilizing precious energy needed to find safety for the remainder of the night on boisterous celebration. Minions may have very well been lurking in the trees waiting for the chance for an assault.

Sango glared.

Miroku analyzed.

Inu Yasha grumbled.

Kikyou preened.

The group left the battle scarred land, Shikon in tow, fisted in the undead miko’s hand. Leaving the remains of their enemy, and Kikyou’s arrow embedded in a tree across the glade. There was no wear or tear evident on the arrow. The only thing it succeeded in hitting was the tree it was currently lodged in.


Ok. There we go only the prologue. Although this is not my first attempt at a fic, it is the most legit try I have attempted so far. I have been mulling this idea around in my head for at least a while, so give it some time to grow on you. 

Please critique. If something didn't make sense say so. 

Not my original writing style, I have to give Forthright credit. "My Hero!" was what originally gave me the idea. She has inspired me to try once again. So forthright if you somehow stumbled onto my meager story Thank you. lol.


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