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Warriors of the Western Lands by amy

Warriors of the Western Landswhat IF

Warriors of the Western Lands

I do not own Inuyasha or any related characters

This is based on Queen’s “Warboys”

Once there was a ruler of the Western lands that struck fear into the hearts of demons and men….

His name was Touga and he ruled with a fist of iron and his elite guard-Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, and Miroku.

These were his 3 sons that he trained, and were given to him by his deceased mate, Sakura. She had demonic and miko powers, which caused her to be frequently ill, especially after the boys were born.

Her pregnancy was difficult based on Touga being frequently called away. When she did give birth,he was in a Lord’s meeting in the eastern lands , It was necessary for peace between their lands.

It was during this meeting a messenger” asked to speak to him in private”

When they were in private, he gave him his message,

“Your wife gave birth to 3 healthy, strong inu boys, but at the expense of her own life, the after birth was awful, she bled out on the floor because there was no one to save her, she died of blood loss and shock. Your household awaits your instruction on how to bury her”

After the Lord’s Meeting, he went straight home, buried his wife,and raised his sons as Elite Soldiers for the Western Lands.

Sesshoumaru was a poison master with poison claws, and the sword of life restoring 100 lives at a time.

Inuyasha was given Tetsiga- a sword that could fell 100 enemies at a time, poison claws,and stealth.

Miroku had priest powers of the miko, he could make a purification gun with his hands, how to form a bow and arrow from his reiki,and finally how to infuse his power into inanimate objects like rocks swords, katanas…..

Thus Inutashio assessed their strengths and weakneses and trained them from the time they could walk to be his helpers in keeping the Western Lands safe.He was personally supervising their training or those delegated to do the job.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha received similar training, Sesshoumaru received training in poison mastery, how to use his poison claws, sword training- especially the ability to infuse it with your power and kill the enemy plus stealth.

Inuyasha shared the poison claw training and sword training, and finally how to use his heritage sword- that could fell 100 foes at a time.

Miroku was given miko/priest training, by the local Miko, Asoka. She trained how to use his gifts   on demand, she also taught him how to meditate to strengthen his powers and their force.

By the time they were teenagers, they were traveling with their sire as protection- in and out of the castle.

He always slept well with his sons surrounding him, sleeping in his room.

Unfortunately disagreements did arise, especially with the Neko Clan leader Ankuso. He refused to budge on an argument to share land for farming that would benefit the W3estern and Eastern lands and people.

So the Inutashio asked his sons to talk to him during the conference, which was held at his castle this year.

They went to his room, surrounded him, his wife –Sakura, and son-Anamaru.

They let him know,

“If you continue defying our sire, you will lose your life, your wife and sons, plus those who live in your castle, submit immediately….”

He refused to believe them,so Sesshoumaru wemt behind his wife, Inuyasha behind him, and Miroku behind his son, all poised to strike and kill .

It was then that he took them seriously, and submitted to Inutashio and became an ally to his family.
No one else tried to get in his way, his son were a great deterrent.

But all good things must come to an end…..

At a conference, held at his castle after the Eastern, Southern, and Northern lord’s had hosted, it was his turn again.

The Northern Lord refused to gift him a female sefrvant to serve his every need and he wouldn’t budge.

He sent his sons to threaten him and his wife, but continued not to budge and left the conference, naturally he adjourned the whole conference, and then he sent for his sons.

He told them,

“Go and fulfill my threat, that is the promise of not doing what is asked, kill his family and advisers”

So they traveled on Sesshoumaru’s cloud, crept in by stealth into their chamber, and killed thed Northern Lord and his wife, then they went next door and killed their son.

Then they checked all the rooms for more family….

They found 3 full grown women of 21 in one room; they were extraordinarily powerful, beautiful demonesses and his daughters.

They couldn’t kill them, being 21 years of age and ready to mate, so they took them to the Local Western caves and mated them.

Sesshumaru chose the first daughter Kagome, with her strongly trained miko powers; he could see it in her aura. Inuyasha chose Kikyo, the middle daughter, who could use her heritage sword to kill 1,000 enemies at one time.

Miroku chose Sango- a strong warrior with the long sword, katana and hand to hand combat with a staff.

Once they were mated to their women, their women gave them mating marks as well, they left the next day to face the ire of their sire.

Once they arrived at the castle, they went straight to their Sire’s study with their brides.

When they arrived at the door, they asked permission to speask with him,

“Sire, We need to speak to you< could we please enter?”

“Hai” said Toga.

As they entered, his ire was up; his sons had been out all night leaving him defenseless against intruders…..

But his ire was lessened by their report that all but 3 from the Northern castle were dead.

Then he asked,

“Which 3 were spared and for what reason?”

Sesshoumaru answered,

“The 3 women that stand before you as our brides-newly mated only yesterday for their beauty and skills, to help us protect you, Sire.”

He refused to believe them, saying,

“Prove what you say”

“Yes, Sire”

So the three brides were given weaponsfitting their abilities,

Kagome was given a bow and arrow, and a katana, Kikyo was given her heritage swordand a long sword, and finally Sango needed no weapons, she had a katana,long sword and staff.

Inutashio gathered 3,000 of his best warriors and soldiers, telling them,

“We have 3 intruders on the grounds, you are to kill them at all costs”Then he sent them out to meet their brides.

Kagome was the long range shooterwoth bow and arrow and her ability to use purification by the outstretching of her arms like a laser. She easily killed 1,000 all by herself by dodging their attacks from the front and back, keeping her head on the swivel.

Kikyoused her heritage sword, by slashing at their legs, arms and upper bodies. She dodged as well keeping her head on the swivel.She also killed 1,000 of his best soldiers and warriors with ease.

Finally Sango used her long sword to stab them in the heart and slice their legs off, her staff was to protect her flank, and she threw her katana at long range targets and stabbed them in the heart at close range, she easily killed 1,000 of his best men.

All three women pulled off his test without breaking a sweat but they had blood head to toe, it was in their hair,soaked into their kimonos, between their legs.

Thus the women returned to their husbands’ sides to await their Sire’s decision.

When Toga finally spoke,he was looking at his sons,

“You have chosen well my sons, I couldn’t have hoped for better daughters and wives for you. Since they are all demonesses, I can hope for heirs in time…”

“Of course, Sire” was the reply from all 3 sons.

To the three brides,he said,

“Step forward before me in all your glory, you have killed 3,000 of my bestmen, who were instructed to kill you. You did this in a most impressive manner,showing your skills to be finer than gold. I welcome you to our family and I hope you 3 will produce many heirs for my sons.”

“We will Sire, we plan on taking our husbands as many times as possible to be pupped with their children” said his new daughters.

Then they asked,

“Could all of us be excused to clean up and get clean kimonos?”

“Of course,” said Touga as they left.

 As they were walking away, Kagome asked her sisters,

“How do we get them to pup us?”

Sango had a few ideas, but she said,

“Wait until we are in the bath, I feel sticky with blood….”

Meanwhile, Inutashio took his sons aside to give them some advice,

“I still expect you3 to prptect me, but where you go they go until they are pupped and deliver your children, understood.”

“No problem, Sire”

Meanwhile,getting back to the three brides in the bath…

They talked about waysto get pupped by their husbands….

Kikyo said,

“Sexy, low cut, see through sleeping yukatas, 20 for each of us could do the trick in our favorite color.”

Sango said,

“Using new sexual techniques, lioke going down on them,whipping them with custom made silken whips and a cat of nine tails along with bondage could work as well.”

Then Kagome said,

“The low cut yukatas, combined with our new sexual techniques can and will get us pupped in no time”

When their bath was finished they had formed a strategy and were ready to put their plan into action, as they headed to the tailors, asking one of the servants,

“Could one of you show us the way to the Tailor, we are newly married to the Inutashio’s sons and have no idea where he or she is?”

So a servant guided them to the tailor, saying,

“Congratulations on your marriages, and good luck with the tailor”

The servant showed them to the tailors, they were located near the family wing, close to thje end of ythe hall, in the biggest room,full of material galore….

When they had entered, they caught the eye of one of the male tailors, asking,

“Are you one of the tailors?”

“Yes, my name is Suikitsu,how may I help you ladies?”

“We are the new brides of the Inutashio’s sons and we need you to make several articles of clothing for s and a special tool for us.”

Suikitsu asked,

“What do you need, specifically?”

Sango spoke for all 3 brides, saying,

“We need 20 sexy, Seethrough,low cut, sleeping yukatas in Royal Blue, Royal Red, And Royal Green, each one to be accompanied by specially made silken whip, but for now we would appreciate  5 seethrough sleeping yukatas plus the silkenwhip by bedtime.”

The tailor replied,

“I will workdouble hard to make sure request is met, but first I need your measurements, may I use my tape measure on you?”

“Of course, replied the three brides, as they stepped up to him and were measured around the waist, as he wrote down their measurements.”

The Tailor continued,
“The three of you have honored me with your prescence, no one from the royal family has ever personally asked me for anything, so your request will be the first order of business”

“Thank you, and when we want something from you, we will come to you personally unless we are unable”

Then they went to meet their husbands and their Sire for lunch in the dining room with smirks on their faces to match their mood…..

As they entered the dining room, all jaws dropped, they looked like goddesses sent to earth….

Kagome wore a sea green kimono with red sakura blooms, with a matching obi, with her hair flowing down her back shining from being brushed by Sango, and red lips like bleed.

Kikyo wore a red kimono with blue roses, with a matching obi, hair flowing after being brushed by Kagome.

Sango was last, wearing a blue kimono with red primroses, matching obi, and hair flowing having been brushed by Kikyo.

Each woman had matching silk slippers,matching obis to go with their kimonos, having helped each other by brushing each other’s hair until it shone.

As they walked in graceful as nekos,their husbands wanted to rush through lunch, and return their wives to their naked state of bliss, especially since their groins were feeling mighty tight and in need of release.

“All 3 sisters looked good enough to eat for lunch themselves” According to their husbands, but their Sire’s thoughts weren’t far behind.

Then each husband stood up and pulled up a chair for each of their wives next to them, and then they pushed their chairs in and sat down next to them.

Then Touga had lunch brought out by servants that did not challenge any of the new brides having seen their slaughter of 3,000 of Inutaishos best warriors without breaking a sweat, so they showed nothing but respect.

Lunch was a simple affair of chicken infused rice, raw beef tips and chunks with root veggies in a brown sauce, with fresh fruit for dessert.

While they were at lunch, the tailor made their see through kimonos with their silken whips. Then he personally too the parcels to their chambers with a brief message,

“Good Luck on your honeymoon….” Then he went back to his office with a broad smile on his face.

After lunch was finished, his sons asked their Sire,

“Our wives have proven their worth; could we continue our honeymoon after lunch Sire?”

“Of course, I will send a servant if I need the 6 of you”

Thus all 3 couples made their way to their chambers, once entered their new wives spied the parcels,

‘Silently thanking the tailor for his work, ‘they read the note

“Good luck on your honeymoon….”

All 3 brides opened their parcels, with a wicked smirk, then said

“Husband, could step outside the door, I have a surprise for you, but I must change out of my new finery…..”

Thus all 3 husbands stood outside their doors, looking at each other with a look of wonderment and wearing huge evil smirks…….being perverts of the highest order.

While their husbands stood outside, all 3 brides freshened up, slipped into their see through yukatasand tested the silken whips.

When their wives opened their doors all at one time, each one of them stepped into his own private paradise……

Kagome met her husband at the door, being careful to stand behind it so he couldn’t see the surprises, each female had positioned honey candles all over the room in addition to the tailors work.

Then she reached out a hand and yanked him into the room with great power, he was so surprised that he flew into the room landing face first on the bed.

Once he was inside Kagome picked him up and pulled him into the most passionate kiss of his life, then she began to undress, beginning with his obi she untied him like he was a favored present, nice and slow.

Once he was exposed to her full view, she kissed him on his mating mark, all the way down his shoulders, nipping and sucking her way down his broad chest, paying special attention to his nipples- biting and licking them.

She kept full body contact, rubbing her breast all over his chest, shoulders, and thighs.

AS she was torturing him with pleasure,

Sounds of “whimpering and whining like a puppy and moans of pleasure could be heard all through the castle”

After she had nipped and kissed her way down his chest, inner and outer thighs, then she pushed off  his kimono, then she laid him down and told him to relax.

Then she began to slowly whip him with the silken whip on his neck directly on his mating mark, with direct stinging strikes then sliding gently across the same place.

She followed up with his nipples, taking one at a time, then she made his abs jump with her whip, followed by his thighs, and his erection that was standing at attention by now…..

Her torture was continued on his erection, stinging then sliding, until she couldn’t take it!

Then she took him in her mouth, inch by inch continuing to sexually torture him, then she began to hum as bobbed her  head , taking his whole length every time she went down, swallowing him whole…

It only took 10 or 12 of these actions for him cum in her mouth, giving her loads of his seed, which she swallowed every bit not dropping any of his essence…..

Sesshoumaru was thinking,

‘That see through yukata will come off next round, and that silken whip will create serious pleasure…. She doesn’t know what she began…….’

Then he said,

“It’s my turn, baby……”

He sat her down, untied he yukata, and repeated her actions, all the way down to using her whip!

He had so wet and ready for him when he was finished, that all he had to do was slide into home Like a baseball player, getting a home run!

Then before he knew it, he was laying over her, saying

“I am going to fuck you until you can’t walk straight nor make sense….”

Then he let his beast out to play, as did she……..

This scenario was played out in the other two chambers; it was a longgggggggggggggggggg afternoon…….

When it time to get ready for dinner all 3 couples used the same bath house ,cleaning each  other head to toe, dressing each other, then filing into the dining room with Cheshire grins on all 6 faces, giving it away what they had been doing and would continue after dinner was over……

Inutashio saw his sons seat their wives, then sit down themselves, as they slid their hand up their backs  with an accent on the  bottom, giving each wife a not so gentle spank, saying in unison,

“Naughty girls, you will receive you punishment tonight after dinner!”

Then they sat down as if they hadn’t said anything untoward……

Inutashio had to ask his sons,

“Why did you say that to your mates, and why are they showing signs of arousal?”

“Sire , they more than warriors on the field, they are deep down perverts just like us only worse….”

“How could that be? I feel no impurity in them?”

“Okay  Sire, pick one of us to observe after dinner and you will see….”

“Not one of you, we will go the ball room and you can have your fun and I will observe……”

Then like true Inus, everyone was aroused….

Dinner was very simply made of beef infused rice with root vegetables, with beef tips and braised fish, with miso soup, and fresh fruit for dessert.

While they were eating dinner, Inutashio had some servants prepare the ballroom with demon sake, individual mats, furs, and pillows.

After dinner the 3 couples went to their rooms to get ready, the girls put on their special yukatas with plain one over them, their husbands had black sleeping yukatas, and finally their silken whips….

All 3 couples plus Inutashio walked to the ball room, chose a mat, had a couple drinks of demon sake, then having been properly relaxed, proceeded to their main event…..

Each wife had removed their plain yukata to reveal their see through ones they had made for their husbands pleasure.

All at one time , his sons untied their wives yukatas, having their bottoms facing their sire, and flipped up their yukatas, and began to roughly spank their mates to be followed by the silken whips,  stinging then sliding……….

“The smell of arousal was thick as fog, good thing the doors were closed” thought Inutashio

Unfortunately that meant he was getting horny after centuries of not being with anyone…

Their sons were continuing their so called ‘punishment’, by disrobing in front of their mates, with full erections, their mates simply took them in their mouths and slowly took them inch by inch, swallowing them whole!

He couldn’t take it anymore, he took off his fundoshi, and haori and began to stroke his full erection, lazily, without thinking about it….

Sesshoumaru noticed his Sire, and had Inutashio join him, inviting him to stick his sword into his mate and take his pleasure…….

When it was all said and done Inutashio had mated Sesshoumaru wife, no one was upset about this outcome especially inutashio……..

They weren’t done Sesshoumaru switched places with his son and received what became known as  a

‘Blow job’ and was so relaxed when the night was over, the three of them were one big puppy pile, just like his brothers!

They slept in the ballroom that night, with his new mate.

This changed his whole of doing things, he no longer sent his sons to rough up people, he invited them to his home and negotiated, all terms were not hard to come to, they even earned a new name,

“Gentlemen of the West”



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