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The Phoenix UNLEASHED! by amy

The Phoenix UNLEASHED!

The Phoenix UNLEASHED!

I do not own Inuyasha or  any of its characters

Kagome had been watching the Astonishing X-Men with Souta before she went down the well to the feudal era.

She was thinking,

“I wish I was as strong as Jean Grey, no one ever messes with her!”

Then she picked up her big yellow bag and said,

“I’m going!”

Then she left the shrine and went to the well house and jumped in!

She was engulfed in a bright blue light and landed on the other side, seeing the vines on the wall of the well she climbed up with her heavy bag.

She didn’t expect Inuyasha to meet her, so she was walking back to Edo.

As she walked back, she thought,

‘I am Kagome, the Shikon No Tama Miko’

She was far away from the village, when she had this thought.

But as she came closer, her thoughts changed,

‘Who am I?’, She had amnesia.

The stress of loving Inuyasha, collecting the shards,him sneaking off to Kikyo his dead girlfriend, and protecting her friends from Naraku had finally taken its toll….

In her mind she had become a much stronger person whose love life and regular life was more stable at least to her.

Strangely enough ,the selfsame powers were dormant within her body waiting to be unlocked in battle…

‘I am Jean Grey of the X-Men……”

This was her last thought before she reached Edo…

Then she entered the village, and spoke to all of the passerby and shopkeepers saying,

“Hi, it’s a beautiful day isn’t it?”

Before she knew it, she was at Keade’s hut, going under the flap……

As she looked at everyone she said,

“It feels great to come back to the Xavier Institute, see the students and my friends…..”

About now her friends were staring, bewildered.

As she looked at Keade  , she said

“Gee professor, it has been a long time since I have seen you and Cerebro, found any new mutants lately?”

Keade was confused , but she answered,

“No, kagome,I haven’t”

“Who is this Kagome? I am Jean Grey of the X-Men,and all of you are my friends….”

As she looked at Inuyasha ,she said,

“There is logan, a man I am in love with but can’t have…..”

Then she saw Sango,

“There is Storm, a strong elemental mutant, who is in love with Logan…”

Then she saw Miroku,

“There is Gambit, the mutant who uses explosive cards by throwing them at enemies…”

Then she looked at Sesshoumaru,

“There is Scott Summers, who has to wear shades to keep from burning down buildings with his laser eyes, whom I love and will marry…..”

We have been joined by two of our students, Kitty Pryde the shadow cat, and Lance, the earth mover. She said this as she looked at Rin and Shippou.

 They are also in love, but don’t know it……saying this in a wistful voice….

Now all of her friends looked at her with curious eyes, wondering who these people were and why she thought they were them….

Then they said,

“Hey Jean, we need to take a walk, settle in your own room while we do this.”

“No sweat, see you later”

Now all of them except the children went to the fathest clearing, so she wouldn’t hear what they said,

Inuyasha started the ball rolling…..

“Who I this Logan, and why does see me as him?”

Then Sango asked,

“Who is this Storm, she speaks of?”

Last but not least was miroku

“Who is Gambit…..”

Finally Sesshoumaru cleared up part of the problem,

“The Miko is stressed, which has resulted in amnesia…..”

“What stress? All she does is hunt for jewel shards for us, not hard even Kikyo could do it standing on her head…….” Said Inuyasha.

“Little brother you are such an ass….. That is why she could have amnesia, she has become someone with a less complicated life and less or no stress…..”

“Why would she want that?” asked Inuyasha again.

“Simple – if the one you were in love with constantly mistreated you, called you out of your name, and ran off to another how would you feel or react?”

Sango answered,

“I would find a safe place to heal emotionally and physically, then stay a while….”

“Exactly….” Said Sesshoumaru

I suggest we play along until she is ready to be the shikon miko……”

Then Miroku and Keade spoke,

“What if she never comes back to us?”

“Then we will have to accept her reality and help her to live out her life in this era.” Said Sesshoumaru.

Then they heard a horrible scream come from the village, where they left Kagome and the children…..

As they raced back to the village, they were just in time to see Naraku take Kagome as his prisoner and take his leave……

They went into the hut to make sure the children were safe, but Sango spoke up,

“Where is he taking her? Shouldn’t we follow?”
“Not without a plan and making sure the children are safe, she would be distressed if she came back to herself only to find our children unsafe”

So Sesshoumaru and the Tachi group made plans to protect the children and find the evil hanyou himself.

Meanwhile Naraku had his own plans for Kagome (She hadn’t clarified her identity to him yet).

He had her chained up, minus her uniform, touching her skin trying to arouse her…..

Oh, he aroused something but it wasn’t her…….

Suddenly she spoke to him in an unearthly voice, asking,

“What are you doing Mister Sinister, and since when do you want intercourse out of your lab rats?”

This instantly stopped his assault on her person, causing him to ask,

“Who are you, and where is the shikon miko?”

“I don’t know any ‘Shikon Miko’ , I am Jean Grey of the X-Men led by Charles Xavier and we don’t take any guff from you! Mister Sinister!”

Now Naraku was confused…..

It was about this time all plans were finalized by the Tachi group and Sesshoumaru, as they set out to find the dark hanyou…..

Naraku tried to tell ‘Jean Grey’ he” wasn’t Mister Sinister but Naraku the dark Hanyou,” but he never succeeded…..

As he tried to run away, her Phoenix and shikon no miiko powers combined, as she shot them out of her now unchained hands ……..

She was glowing, with her fire and miko powers working together….

Naraku looked back to see this glorious sight, since she was naked….

He never saw it coming; she hit him dead in his heart, having Hakudoshi right next to him running for dear life…

Naraku was killed instantly, as well as Kagura and Kanna.

When the Tachi group plus Sesshoumaru finally arrived, they saw a strange sight indeed!

Their Kagome was indeed different!

She had red flowing hair, green eyes, peach skin, more curves than a racetrack and she was wearing kagura’s kimono holding the full jewel in her hand!

When they arrived, they said.

“We thought you might need some help defeating Naraku…….”

She said,

“I don’t know any Naraku, but I put a beat down on Mister Sinister and his cronies, they won’t experiment on any other mutants ever again……”

The Tachi group and Sesshoumaru   were flabbergasted, their ‘Jean Grey’ had single handedly destroyed Naraku thinking he was ‘Mister Sinister’ and had the whole jewel sitting in her hand…….

All they could say was,

“That is wonderful, Jean, as Sesshoumaru walked up to her and kissed her passionately…

As she said,

“Thank you, Scott; I have waited so long for you to kiss me…..”

The rest of the group was stunned by his actions , but not Jean….

She was so happy she knocked him to the ground , and kissed all of his resistance away…

The Tachi group thought it best to leave, returning to Edo to care and check up on the children and tell Keade what happened….

They came back in a few days after marrying one another, as ‘Scott’ explained to the group as she out to the front porch….

Sesshoumaru explained,

Jean and I mated, she is now Lady of the West, and she also gave me a mating mark as well, so Scott Summers will be a permanent name for meat least to her…..

It was Sango that asked,

“So her amnesia is permanent?”

“Yes, I suggest you memorize the names she gave you and their histories, they will become YOUR life…….”

Then he left with his wife, Jean and took her to their mansion, better known as The Xavier Institute….

Where she taught many mikos or ‘mutants’ how to use their powers in unique and wonderful ways that helped many villages for miles around…

When her friends came to visit them always remembered their roles, as Sango aka ‘Storm’ married Inuyasha aka ‘Logan’. And Mirouku aka ‘Gambit ‘ found his ‘Rouge’ and lived as happily ever after as they could with Kagome as their center…..

By the way , Jean and Scott lived for many, many millennia having the same amount of off spring, that were  the most powerful rulers from the Western lands to whole of Asia…….



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