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What Starts In The Future, Ends In The Past by Zaryah

Lonely Future

Disclaimer- I do not own InuYasha or any of the character within the show. Sadly I am too poor to be able to do that. The story belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

What Starts In The Future, Ends In The Past

Sesshoumaru knew that everything in his life happened just the way he planed it. He knew that he lived the past 500 and some odd years without mating, because he choose not to. But it didn't lessen the fact that he was now in the year 2008 and if he wanted to keep his secret for much longer, he would have to have an heir to take his place. That way he could keep his profile low.

Sesshoumaru knew this, but it still didn't mean anything. He didn't want just any plain woman off the streets. No not now, not in this time era. There were too many women out for his money, and too many of them had diseases. Too bad for him that the only woman that he ever held any amount of respect for was the Miko that his stupid brother was running around with in the past. Sure she was annoying at times, but her loyalty was unrivaled. She stayed with his brother even though he didn't love her, but instead the undead Miko, Kikyo.

Why Sesshoumaru started thinking about her now of all times, was unknown to him. But lately every time he closed his eyes he would think about her. He remembered her face, just as perfectly as if it were his own. Her big blue eyes shining like diamonds, long raven colored hair falling to the small of her back. Why he never thought about her back then he will never know. But if there were a way to change that, anyway at all, he would in a heart beat.

Now that he thought about it, he didn't even know were she was from. She never seemed to belong to any village; her clothes never seemed to be decent. "Wait," Sesshoumaru said thinking out loud. "Her clothes, they never seemed to be something a decent woman would wear at the time. But people today are wearing them. I must look into this," he said, and with that thought he walked over to his computer, and looked at the uniforms for the surrounding high schools.

It didn't take Sesshoumaru long to find the school with a green and white sailor uniform. Since he was on the subject, decided to look and see if anyone name Kagome went to the school. It was an easy task for him to do. He owned his own business, and with the influences that his company had he could get anything he wanted. Lucky for him there were only five Kagome's that went to the school. Each one had a picture next to the name. That was when he saw her. It had been over 500 years but he knew it was her, the only woman he ever respected, Kagome Higurashi.

Surprise took over his mind. He didn't know how to react. There was the girl just as he remembered her. The girl who was never afraid of him, and always kind to Rin when she was alive. "I must see her again," he thought, and soon had her address in hand.

Without hesitation Sesshoumaru headed out to address that he found. It was the same place that the shrine was built 200 years before, over the bone eaters well. Come to think of it, they did spend a lot of time around that well, and there were many times that she would disappear without a trace. This must be why. There had to be a way for her to travel through time. He would be able to change this lonely future.

It didn't take Sesshoumaru long to find the shrine, and walking up the stone steps, he soon found the front door. He raised his hand to ring the door bell and waited. He started thinking that even if no one was home, he would wait right here on the door step for them even if he had to wait all night. After all, his business could wait for him. It didn't take too much longer for someone to come to the door. The woman opening the door paused then asked, "Hello can I help you?"

Sesshoumaru knew this must be Kagome's mother; they had the same eyes and face shape. "Yes ma'am, I'm looking for Kagome, Kagome Higurashi. Is she here," he asked hoping that she was.

"Actually she's terribly sick at the moment. Is there anything that I can do for you instead, I am her mother."

A though struck him, 'Sick, no this can't be, I must make sure that everything is all right.' "If she is that sick I can have my personal doctors come and see to her."

Her mother looked taken aback. "No, there is no need. We have everything under control." She paused for a few moments, then continued, "Do you mind if I ask were your from, you don't seem to be with the school. Also to offer your personal doctors, that's not something that someone you've never seen before usually does."

"Oh I'm sorry. Let me introduce myself, my name is Sesshoumaru Taisho. I am an old friend of your daughters."

"Oh, I'm sorry, she never mentioned you," she said thinking.

Even though Sesshoumaru had suppressed his demon abilities, his hearing was still kind of sensitive. For him though, at this moment that was a good thing. "Mamma, I'm home," came a new voice. He knew this voice, it was hers, Kagome's.

"I thought you said that she was ill," he said raising his brow at her mother.


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