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Mutual Acquaintainces by amy

Mutual Acquaintainces

Mutual  Acquaintainces

I do not own Inuyasha

Kagome was having her 17th  birthday party at Taishou’s , a very special place for her turning of age with her 18 year old friends , who invited her to a night time beach party.

They went to Yokohoma Beach that night,  Kagome went to support  her friends in their upcoming marriages to their youkai’s.

Ayame  was a wolf demon, leader of the Southern tribes  of wolves, Sango was a tiger demon with poison claws, and Kikyo was a dove inu-miko  , and Kagome was a neko   Inu-miko.

Ayame , a wolf  demon was being mated to Kouga, the leader of the Northern Wolves, Kikyo was mating Inuyasha Taishou, Sango was mating Miroku Taishou.

She enjoyed the party until, one of her friends intendeds asked her,

“Would you like a beer, sweetie?”

“No, I don’t drink, not wise for inu-mikos”

Hearing this , Sesshoumaru said,

“Why are you here, miko if not to mate being 17?”

“To support my friends in their marriages  and wish them well”

As she asked him,” Sesshomaru, what are you doing here?”

“Overseeing the mating as my father could not be here”

Then she said,

“As I have already wished them well, could you call me a cab? I can talk to them in a weeks’ time”

“So you know of this, do you?”

“Yes, I am an  Neko Inu-Miko.

Then he called Yellow Cab Company, asking for a cab to come to Yokohoma beach, and he was paying the fare to the shrine.

He stayed with her while she waited for the cab, and put her in the cab saying,

“Have a good evening, until next we meet again”

When she arrived at the shrine, she went to sleep dreaming of her friend’s joy.

Fast forward 5 years later,

Kagome had just graduated Brown Business College as a valedictorian, and given her speech, as her family was waiting at the end of the stage with hugs and cameras.

“You and your mother need to get ready for the party tonight, I want both my girls to shine!”

Her father said.

So they did, starting with their hair, going to Jacque, her mother’s hairdresser, nails done, eyebrows plucked,legs waxed,and  make up applied and paid for.

Then they went to Sango’s dress shop, she was well known for having the best dresses in town.

Kagome chose a midnight blue beaded dress, that was off one shoulder, showing  off her creamy shoulders, her mother chose an  black beaded A shaped dress that brought out her eyes.

While they were there, she kept thinking she looked familiar, then it hit her Yokohama Beach, the mating party when she was 17, her best friend mating Miroku Taishou.

So as she chose her dresses , she asked,

“Sango? Is that you? How are you doing!?”

The two girls embraced in a warm hug.

“I’m fine! I make custom dresses now, and Miroku owns his own jewelry store, How have you been Kagome? I haven’t seen you in five years.”

“Been at Brown Business College, just graduated Valedictorian today.” Said Kagome with a smile.

And I love your business, your dresses are gorgeous just like you, can we get together for lunch on Monday?

“I will give you my home phone; call me to confirm a luncheon date, so we can catch up on old times!”

Then they purchased their dresses and were on their way to get their accessories at Miroku’s.

Next stop, ‘Miroku’s jewelry store’ for matching jewelry.

Miroku took care of them personally, asking,

“What would you fine ladies want to find today?”

“A plain midnight blue gem on a gold chain with sapphire earrings and Black onyx earrings with matching necklace” her mother said.

“Ah, I see you know what you want, let me see what I can do.”

He looked in his display, and said,

“Ladies , I have all that you require, for the young lady a sapphire necklace with matching earrings, and for the mother a black onyx necklace with matching earrings”

When they decided to purchase their jewelry she told him,

“I saw Sango, her dress shop is doing well, I told her to confirm a luncheon date to catch up on old times, you could come too if you wish………”

“Where have you been?”

She asked me the same question,

“Attending Brown Business College for 5 years, just graduated Valedictorian , today”

I would be honored to take you two to lunch, at a time of your choosing.

“I would be honored as well, sometime next week, we will confirm by phone!”

Then they walked to their car, and went home satisfied with their purchases and ready to get dressed to the tees.

When they arrived at the shrine, they unpacked their purchases, covered their hair with shower caps, bathed ………….


Both ladies were dressed to the tees as her father came home from work, he was greeted by his girls shining like the jewels they were to him, saying,

“Hello honey, how was your day?”

“Not bad , but I am looking forward to tonight!”

So he showered, picked up his suit, tie , and socks off the bed and picked up  his wallet and keys, then he said,

“Let’s go troops! “

Then they went to their  Lexus hybrid,and headed to the party, it started at 8:00.

Then they were on their way to the Taisho Mansion, 2 miles outside the city.

Her father was pumped, she was joining the business!

Then they arrived at the front of the house, giving his keys to the valet, they were announced as they entered the double doors,

“Mister and Misses Higarashi and Miss Kagome”

Then they greeted Inutashio and his two sons, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.

Ken Higarashi introduced his wife Sakura and his daughter Kagome, who had graduated from Brown Business College ,Valedictorian , today.

His wife did not move, but Kagome stepped forward and said,

“It is nice to meet you sir” and gave him a firm handshake.

Then she asked,

“What are your sons names”

“Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru”

Then she gave each of  them a firm handshake saying,

“It is nice to meet you as well, my father speaks highly of your sire”

Then she walked away with her father to walk up on stage, saying

“I have an announcement to make, my daughter will be joining me in the family business, since she  graduated from Brown Business College , Valedictorian no less, She will start on Monday……” Said her father.

Then they left the party , for the weekend.

The weekend was spent preparing for Monday, looking and buying female business suits that fit her like a glove, high heel pumps, plus a new haircut that was more flattering to her face………

Then it was Monday, she was there bright and early with her father, ready , willing, and able to work…….

Her father showed her around - the mail room- supervised by Inuyasha,her father’s office, Cafetaria , The outer office etc.

Then he needed to work, but he appointed Sesshoumaru  to finish her tour,  as he showed her the monitoring area- where their firewalls are kept, and passwords……….

Then she told him,

“You do know that three of your operators are giving away your customers info to a competitor, on their cell phones……..

Then he asked,

“Which three operators are you referring to?”

“Starting from the left, One , two, and Three, the three demons…….”

Then they were called into his office, as his father was called , and a dekrypter was called as well. The dekrypter tested their phones only to find their business info. Had been compromised for years and Naraku’s payments to them in a swiss bank account.

Then his father entered the office, having heard all of the charges, asking,

“What is going on, Sesshoumaru?”

“Father, Kagome, found all these traitors in our midst, using their cell phones to sell our information To Naraku, what should we do with them?”

“Kill them,and compensate their families for their lost wages” then he left the office.

Then he slit their throats , and Kagome purified them to dust! Then they went to the incinerator and burned the ashes, effectively sending them to hell!

Then she said,

“You are off the hook for Yokohoma Beach, especially all the moaning from the girls, I have done the same thing for my friends In college so they were not virgins with their boyfriends……..the only compensation I ask is for you to have dinner at my apartment,TONIGHT and bring 5 cartons of the strongest and best demon sake  produced………. I will cook a delicious meal to go with it.”

After all she had done for him , he couldn’t refuse nor did he want to……

“Yes, I would be honored to dine with you, MILADY

Then they left work holding hands, him getting the sake, and her going to the store to get the ingredients for beef stroganoff, a huge green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and black olives, with French dressing, ending with a pineapple upside cake.

They had decided that dinner would be at 8:00, so she had time to prepare it,and have her apartment ready, also he wanted to freshen up at his home.

By 8:00 the dinner looked scrumptuous- well braised beef in gravy with egg noodles, a beautiful green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and black olives with French dressing, with pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

After the dinner and dessert was ready , she called her friend Eri, saying,

“Can I come over and see you ?”

“Yes, come on over”

So she went to visit her friend and ask a favor.

“Eri, could you help me out with a bag of joints? I have a friend coming over that needs loosening up!”

“Sure , let me call a friend”

After the delivery was made, she asked Eri,

“Why don’t you come over and have a smoke or two with me?”

“I would love to……”

Then they went to her apartment, and smoked 2 joints a piece, that lead to Kagome loosening her up!

She had undressed her and had her tongue between her nether lips when Sesshoumaru arrived for dinner!

He could smell arousal as soon as he went to the door, and was puzzled.

When the Doorbell rang , she still had hr tongue in nether lips, making Eri scream,

“Kagomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee harder please”

Then she removed herself, and answered the door, saying

“I am sorry,I took so long , sit down and take a joint from the table and smoke it, it will relax you!”

Then she went back to Eri, making her Scream again,

“Kagome, Harder please, you are being too gentle”

Then she kissed and sucked on her nipples , making her howl


Now Sesshoumaru smoked two joints  and had a pretty good buzz going when he heard her scream ,


Having heard this Sesshoumaru disrobed completely , walked into the bedroom and removed Kagome’s jeans and underwear and began to stimulate her clit, with his fingers adding one at a time to her asshole.

As he stimulated her, her body her body grew a penis so she could pleasure Eri and bring her to completion again…..

He noticed this and stimulated her penis and her asshole at the same time, causing her to come along with Eri………

Then they double teamed him, with Kagome sucking him off while Eri  used her tongue on his dark passage…….He could not help himself,he was sensitive all over…….

As he  “whimpered and roared his climax”

Then he Pinned Kagome to Eri, so she was filling her channel and he was taking her asshole, filling it up nicely, ……

He started with long strokes, then sped up when asked ,

“Harder, faster, is that all you’ve got?” from Kagome

Then he loosed his beast, and used his demonic speed on her, mating her when she climaxed!

Then Eri was pleasuring Kagome, using a vibrating dildo, her thin tongue and her hands……

As Sesshoumaru was taking her in her dark passage, and being asked,

“Is that all you’ve got? Rougher, faster, and harder!’

This also loosed his demonic speed and roughness, causing her to moan

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sesshoumaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

When she cloimaxed he also mated her.

Then both ladies tag teamed him,one tok his dark passage with her hardened penis and the other sucked on his nipples, while scratching them for good measure, then kissing them as well…

He never stood a chance, when he climaxed both girls gave him their mating mark on the opposite shoulder!

It was after 2:00 when ALL three partners finally ate the dinner meant for two.

Using her best china, crystal glasses,and silverware and reheating the food in the microwave…..

Once their meal was ready with the dessert……

He was thinking,

‘Wow , she is quite the cook,and a sharp eyed exexcutive at work, maybe I should mate her ………’

Then she seated herself, and they said grace over their food,  then she served Their  plates with a little of everything, saying

“If you want seconds or thirds just dig in and enjoy”

‘And she is generous, only asking me to bring the drink……..’

Then she asked him,

“Did you bring the sake?”

“Yes, I did”

“Then lets drink a couple bottles with dinner, and a couple with dessert”

So he opened a bottle of demon sake,and filled all 3 glasses  to the brim.

Dinner was delicious, as was the sake , continuing to keep them mellow plus the joints which would besmoked again after dinner

Then they Smoked three more joints to mellow out, and then went back to the bedroom…..

Since they were already in robes  from the forst round....

They only needed to remove them to continue their pleasure.....

AS Eri was stimulating her clit  by sucking hard on her pearl, using her thin tongue to penetrate her channel to her cervix!

Then she slowly kissed him on his lips, sweet and slow slowly starting a fire within him, then she slowly nipped her way down his chest, and abdomen , all the way down to his very prominent cock that was twitching with excitement!

Then Eri Used her tongue on her dark passage, causing her to moan,

“Rougher , harder, faster…”

At the same time, as she went down on him, hard and rough, he began

To moan, roar and whimper,


As she enjoyed her treat, making him extremely stiff and at attention, he said,

“Oh Kami, Yes, Harder please!”,

And she begged Eri,

“Harder, faster,more rough…..”Then Eri listened to her request as she did Sesshoumaru.

 And she saw stars behind her eyes , like Sesshoumaru…

She listened to his command, and made him see stars behind his eyes because he came so hard, he roared out,

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssss,Kagomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, harder!”

As she slid off his cock, and they both did a strip tease for him, including kissing each other in and on the mouth,sucking on each other’ nipples……

Then he was behind her saying,

“My turn”

As he pushed her roughly on her bed in the Inu position, roughly taking her in the ass, which was extremely pleasurable to her!

As Eri used her tongue on the underside if his cock, as he was connected to Kagome, invreasing the sensitivity of his member…….

 As Kagome said

“Sesshoumaru, harder and faster please……..”

‘She likes it rough, the little tart……….’

As she was moaning,


Which he did, when she climaxed, saying

“More Sesshoumaru , harder , faster, and more energy”

Then she came, screaming


Then he climaxed at the same time ,

Screaming ,

“Kagome, Eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Then she slid out of his arms, pushing him on the bed, as she sat on his already stiff cock, causing him to “Hissssssssssssssssssssss”

Then she rode him to glory, by roughly taking him, by doing it his favorite way, “Down and Dirty” allowing air to come in, then ramming her body even harder, seating him to the hilt and rubbing his balls all the time!

AS Eri, licked her clit making it more sensitive,

 Causing her to srcream,


 They ALL climaxed at the same time, falling on the bed in a small puppy pile.

Then they ate pineapple upside down cake with liberal amounts of sake, before they fell asleep on her bed most content!

It wasn’t until they missed 2 days of work, most noticeable to Inutashio, that he asked his secretary where he was,

“Where is my son?’

“At Miss Higarashi’s  apartment,on a date……..”

He left his place of business, infuriated,

‘He couldn’t wait until mating season,' no self-control’

He went to her apartment, knocked on the door and almost wasn’t heard over the passionate love making in the apartment……….

Then he knocked louder, as they said,

“Why don’t you answer the door, babe, take my pink robe off the door”

Then he went to the door in her robe and naught much else, looked out to see his sire as the lock was on.

His father asked him,

“Aren’t you going to invite me in? “

“Of course sire”

As he slid her lock, and let him in.

Once he was in the apartment, he asked,

“Why have the two of you not been at work?”

“I have been mating Kagome and Eri, for several days since Friday”

“They are now your mates prove it!”

He went into her bedroom, telling them

“My sire does not believe you are my mates, he has asked for proof!”

“Really! Let’s give him some!” as they put on a  royal blue robe, ad a light blue robe, as naked as he was.

“Inutashio, you ask for proof of our mating, step forward and look at our necks and your sons”

He did, and what he saw was amazing to him, they had his mark and he had theirs.

He had to sit down, saying

“All the ladies in the office will be sorely disappointed, in your choice Kagome!”

“What does that mean, sire?”

“Simply, that the females wanted her as their mate, based on her college days, she was very much like you son, macking the women left and right”

He was shocked at what his sire had said, and then he remembered what she said after the demons were in the incinerator,

“You are off the hook for Yokohama Beach, especially the moaning girls, I did the same thing for my friends so they were not virgins with their boyfriends………..”

Then it sunk in, he would have an uphill battle to keep his little mate, unless……

“Sire, I will require 2 weeks of being with my new mates to secure my place with them.”


“ If they are pupped, no other male or female can contest our mateship, no matter what….”

“Son , you have all the time you need to secure your mate, all I ask is that you get formally married by a justice of the peace , tomorrow!”

“Only if you, my brothers and their wives are there as witnesses”

“No problem son, we will get your tux with Miroku,and Kagome will get her gown with her mother, Sakura TODAY.

You three get dressed; you have work of a different kind to do.

So all three went into her bedroom, and he dressed in his suit and Kagome in hers and Eri in her casual clothes, then they exited the bedroom.

Sesshoumaru leaving with his father and the men of his family, and Kagome and Eri with the ladies of his family.

Then they met her mother,Kikyo,Ayame, Sango,to look for wedding dresses, at the best shops, trying on dress after dress, until they found a dresses that were to their  liking.

A dress with a box-cut front, flowing skirt, and low cut back, with a laurel wreath that kept the extra-long veil in place.

As well as a flowered,low cut v- front, with a low cut back, with a laurel wreath that kept the extra-long veil.

As They were trying on dresses they were being questioned by their friends ,

“How did you two hook him into marriage?”

“We did not hook him, we had a meal together, and enjoyed each other’s company”

“That is not what I heard…….”

“What did you hear, Inutashio had to track you three down at your apartment, and he answered the door in a robe with naught else on……..”

“All three of us were copulating at the time and almost did not hear the door……..”

“Really, You were so shy before you went to college….. What changed?” speaking to Kagome.

Then they asked Eri,

“How did you meet Sesshoumaru?”

“I was visiting Kagome when he came over, we were copulating….” Explained Eri

Then Kagome explained how she changed in college……

“Very simply, I learned how to pleasure demonesses and deflower them as Sesshoumaru had, enjoying myself on the way……..”

“You did this for 5 years?”

“Yes, I did”

Meanwhile Sesshoumaru was being asked,

“How did you score with two hot chicks, man!”

“I did not ‘score’ them, they scored me!”


She made a delicious meal of beef stroganoff, green salad with tomato, cucumber,and black olives with French dressing with pineapple upside down cake for dessert with The strongest ndemon sake to drink, we only drank a couple bottles, and smoked 6 joints a piece over the night……

Then they invited me into her bedroom, for a ‘surprise’, as they each other, undressed me and made love to me……

The males were flabbergasted,

“You must be lying, that couldn’t be our Kagome and Eri…….”

“It is and furthermore I will have to fight the women in her company for her mateship, thanks to her ‘macking’ the demonesses at college, so help me get ready to marry my mates……”

So they found a black tux, with a black obi to match, with dress pants ,socks and shoes, as he slept at the mansion by himself for the last time……

The next day they were being made up at the salon, getting their hair done, eyebrows plucked,legs waxed….. As well as the ladies of her new family.

On the other side of town, Sesshoumarus showering , shaving, brushing his hair and putting in a high ponytail getting ready to put on his tux.

As all threee dressed for their wedding, they couldn’t help but to think,

‘Our life will never be dull, nor our relationship…….’

Then the ladies brought Kagome and Eri in a limo, and the men did the same with Sesshoumaru.

The men came first, with the groom, stationing him in front of Justice of the Peace Maynard, with his brother Inuyasha holding the rings on a purple pillow.

Then they arrived in their beautiful dresses with a long trains held by Sango and Ayame, with her friend Kikyo as her Matron of honor.

The wedding march was played, and they walked in, with their  best friends holding the trains, they looked so , so regal, so gorgeous to his eyes, …………. He fell in love with them all over again.

Then all three were married, having had the blood test the day before- so they had the marriage license.

Justice Maynard asked,

“Do you Sesshoumaru Tashio, take Kagome Higarashi and Eri Yasoki  as your lawfully wedded wives, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health……….”

“I Do”

“You may place the ring on their fingers”

As he placed the ring on their fingers, they slid on with all the love he had in his heart,  for both his mates!

Then Justice Maynard, asked Kagome and Eri,

“Do you Kagome Higarashi And Eri Yasoki, take Sesshoumaru Taisho to be your lawfully wedded husband,  for rich, for poorer, in sickness and in health…………To love and obey”

“We Do”

“You may put the ring on his finger”

As each lady slid their ring on his finger, they thought,

‘ I am marrying the man of my dreams’

Then he said,

“With the power vested in me, based on Tokyo law, you are husband and wives”

“You may kiss the brides……….”

 Then he lifted the veils and looked upon his brides, which would help him in all aspects of his life, and be his best friends and lovers…..

Then they forgot their audience, he boldly ran his hand down her back, bent her back from the waist caressing her back all the while, While kissing her until she needed air……….

He did the same with both his brides, leaving the men to wonder,

‘Where does he get his energy from?’

As well as shocking all the witnesses.

‘Will they ever come up for air?’

This happened with both brides, who were out of breath!

They did 5 minutes later, smiling ear to ear, as they lifted their dresses so their husband could remove each garter belt from their thighs and threw them to Inutashio, who blushed.

Then they went to the Taisho Mansion for the reception, which included a 3 layer wedding cake, with 2 brides and groom on top, then each bride cut the cake and smashed into each other’s faces, and smiling all the while. . .

Then all three had the wedding meal, and promptly left for their room in the mansions private wing……

It took 3 months to get them pupped, and 5 months away from work and the ladies to keep her.

They used their time teaching the other married ladies of the family her “dirty little tricks” to please their mates.

They practiced at her apartment, where they kept their torture materials, her vertical beam, stalks, various whips,  vertical stalks, and feather sticks.

They had them all strip down, and began to teach them by experience.

They taught them how to whip one another, while one pleasured their pussy, others were in the stalks getting tickled, whipped, and pussy pleasure.

They also taught them how to use nipple clamps, tie each other up to the vertical pole front and back being not so gently whipped, including nipples , stomachs, and pussies………..

This went on for 1 month, then their husband found them  at the apartment and the scent of arousal was hard to miss of the feminine type, so he peeked in and then went in the hall to call the husbands to come quick…….

When they arrived, he let them into the apartment, smelling female arousal that was overwhelming to all the males finding themselves stiff between the legs.

As they walked in, Kagome said,

“Speak of the devil, our playthings….please come in, you will love our playground”

“Undress including your underwear, which must be restrictive, and join us”

Then each wife took her husband to a torture contraption Kagome and Eri  took their husband to the vertical bar- tieing him up facing forward to whip his nipples, then slide it on both sides then his abs, chest and privates ever so lightly then rough……

Then she sasshed over and placed her mouth on his member causing him to cum hard with a roar……..

While Eri tongued his back entrance which only helped to cum again as Kagome continued her torture to his member…….

After their husband was pleasured, she helped Miroku’s wife, by whipping his back,butt, legs and shoulders, with Eri tickling him in a very erotic way, this combined with his wife sucking him off….

The combined effort had him coming in bountiful amounts in her mouth, and moaning and whining like a puppy.

Kouga was at the stalks (Standing) receiving his whip tickle, and suck off treatment, he was howling like a wolf in the wild with pleasure……….

As for Inyuasha , he was in the bedroom with Kikyo, she was putting on nipple clamps on him, tieing his arms back, and preparing to whip his nipples, stomach , shoulders, abs, legs……..

As she hit one nipple,

“Moaning and roaring” could be heard as she pleasured him into cumming with a, mighty roar that all his brothers heard….

When they were finished with their husbands, they were ready to sleep in   the apartment with their wives on futons, all over the floor including Kagome and Eri with Sesshoumaru.

‘He now understood how she had “Macked” the women at college, and had taught the wives to “mack” their husbands’

This was his last thought as he snuggled with his wife and mates, with his head on top of theirs.

The next day it was their turn to surprise their wives with their ability to use their toys, including sex toys- vibrating and non- vibrating.

The next day, all the ladies had replaced their husbands, letting them be the dominant, exacting pleasure on them, by whip, nipple clamps, sex toys,and motion lotion.

It took all day, but they were all satisfied, and ready for a huge chinese takeout meal for each couple…….

That weekend was not forgotten, thanks to all the pregnancies that were conceived including Sesshoumaru adding several pups to his 5 pups………

After  several months all their wives gave birth at the same time , using an extra-large delivery room, for all the wives and their husbands supporting them and having their privates pulled with each contraction,  being sore after their children were born.

Sesshoumaru  had 14 children – between Kagome and Eri , all boys with crescent moons on their foreheads, with zigzag stripes above the eyelid and on their cheeks……….

Kagome had 7 children, Kin had pure gold eyes, a gold crescent moon, with hazel stripes with golden hair , Kei had green eyes , with ocean blue stripes and a royal blue crescent moon with blood red hair, Raion had sun yellow eyes, yellow stripes and old gold colored hair, and Tora had black eyes with orange stripes and a black crescent moon- Raion and Tora were a twin birth.

The other ten births came one after another, First was Oumu-his eyes were black with a touch of gold, his hair was  in stripes of yellow, forest green, red ,and navy blue and his crescent moon was a kaliedascope of colors. Second was Kujaku- had royal blue eyes, his hair was in stripes as well- stripes of royal blue ,royal green,and pure gold and his crescent moon was iridescent. Her last son was Shippou-had pure silver stripes and hair with molten silver eyes and a pure silver crescent moon on his forehead.

Eri also had 7 children,starting with Seidou- his hair was rust colored, his stripes copper, and his crescent moon was hazel, Sentou came next- With white hair, precious gold eyes and stripes to match. The next child to crown was A-Tisuto-With purple eyes and crescent moon,with blond hair.

The last four births were Purotekuta- With black eyes, black hair and stripes to match, Kousetsu- with snow white hair,sea- green eyes and a royal purple crescent moon,followed by Kitsune- with auburn hair and tails, with white hair and a royal blue crescent moon, and finally Inu- with, and  his silver and black hair, cerulean blue eyes and green stripes.

It should be noted that all of his sons had his almost alabaster colored skin,with tiny fangs and claws, and his smirk!

Inuyasha had 4 girls and a boy with his wife , Kikyo, with ocean wave stripes on their faces-on their cheeks and eyelids, and their father’s semi –white skin with claws and fangs.

Their first daughter was called Usagi- with her white hair, green stripes and pink eyes. Their second daughter was called Murasaki- for her African violet eyes and hair, with matching stripes, their third daughter was called Bara- for her rose red hair, stripes, and green eyes. Their last daughter was called Ikasu- with white hair, gold eyes, and stripes to match.

His son was named Hayashi- With his algea green eyes, brown hair, and ocean turquoise stripes.

Miroku had  5 girls with Sango, all having his wife’s strong features and appearance.

Their first daughter was named Hadankyou for her plum colored eyes and hair, his second was named Momo for her peach colored eyes, their third was named Abokydu- for her avocado green eyes and hair.

Their last two daughters were named Ka-Ne- Jon- for her resemblance to a blooming carnation and finally his last daughter was called Ninjin- based on her carrot colored hair and eyes.

Finally Kouga had 5 girls with Ayame, they also resembled his wife in appearance with a strong chin and facial features, with a gentle smile, as well as her fangs and claws.

Their first daughter was named Seruri for her celery green eyes and hair, then came Retasu- whose hair and eye were light green like lettuce.

The last three were Tomato- for red hair and eyes, Ti-Roze- for her blue eyes and hair, and finally Tenka- Shishi- she had golden hair and eyes with a touch of white.

All 4 men were standing by their wives, all wearing identical smirks(like the cat who ate the canary) and happily holding their children one at a time…..

Then their sire walked in saying,

“Cigars all around, to celebrate all of the new pups , their sires and mothers….”

None of you are to show your face at work for a month, bond with your families and I will tell the crest fallen females of the miraculous births …..

Then he approached his eldest, having 14 children, and helped him by picking up each child giving them a blessing.

He did the same for each young man, bestowing a hidden blessing on each child, then they howled for an hour to show their joy…..

After a month they all returned to work, and Sesshoumaru had no difficulty with the female workers because they knew that him and Kagome had given birth to 14 boys, that they would have first crack at when they began to work at the company with a view to marriage…..

The end

A/N:I am including what each childs name means:



















Hayashi- forest




Ka-Ne- Jon- carnation





Ti Roze- tea rose

Tenka Shishi- snow lion


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