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Striking a Deal With the Devil by Smortz

Unforgotten Debts


Okay, I know I just posted Eye of the Storm, but I am working on this story as well.

I will try to upate each one consistently, but this one is more of a filler for when I have writer's block for Eye of the Storm.

Hope you enjoy this!!



Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. I just like to torture her characters a bit.... ~_^

Chapter 1

Kagome forced a rather fake laugh as she cupped her wine glass against her lips. “Please! Lord Miroku, my sister is far more lovely than I!” She said, that comment being far truer than she liked.

Her sister was like an oasis in the middle of a desert. She could put men in a trance without batting an eyelash, Kagome sighed almost dejectedly. She heard the double doors to her ballroom open slowly, she did not need to look to know it would be the sister she had just been talking about.

Kagome looked up. Her own hair was down in large curls. The green dress she wore was the newest out there. The bodice was low making her waist look long and slim. The low neckline showing off her cleavage before turning into a closed off high collar, making a kind of teardrop shape. The bottom of her dress was not as fluffy as last years season, but it was still held up by a small petticoat. The trim of the dress was lace, the sleeves stopped at her elbow and she wore a small top-hat with one iris glued to it on the side of her head.

Her sister was wearing a light red dress. Her hair was swept up at the top of her head but the ends were curled in tendrils. Kagome instantly saw the men flock towards her. She smiled at them all. She's taken boys, and you'll never guess who he is, she mused.

Sango had taken a liking to a church going player. If such a thing existed. Kagome was skeptical of the relationship, but Sango had been bright the few days. The light in her eyes almost glowed from her happiness.

Kagome sighed sadly. If only she could find that same exclusion. “Lady Higurashi,” a servant said from behind her. He was currently holding a tray of empty glasses, “There is a caller for you in the blue room.”

The servant led her to the room. The man was nearly twenty-five this year. His black hair was pulled into a ponytail. His uniform was professionally measured. Their family crest embroidered on the left shoulder. His eyes had been green emeralds and Kagome knew her father had hired him on for his appearance alone. Kagome knew that the man snuck out at night though, he was quite the gambler, and Sango had warned her to keep an eye on him.

The blue room was for woman’s gossip. Kagome nodded to him, beginning to leave the large ballroom. The click of her shoes echoed in the hall as she left the party and knocked on the baby blue door.

She peered inside to see the face of her biggest enemy. “Lord Naraku, how may I help you this evening? Are you not enjoying the party?” Kagome asked tightly, not showing any emotion.


Naraku wore a black suit and a short top hat. His red tie stood out, making the cinnamon brown eyes he had actually look far more evil then they should. “Lady Kagome, I fear this is unfortunate news but your estate will be foreclosed upon in two weeks time,” he answered.

Kagome crossed her arms over her chest angrily. “No, it won't,” she defied, “I have looked over our finances since my father's death. We may not be enjoying life but we're not giving up either! Our bills are covered and that's all that matters! I will show proven documentation of this to the bank if I need to, but they will not push us from our home!”

Naraku watched her for a few moments. The twisted smirk on his face had her wanting to wash herself with sandpaper as a washrag. “Yes, but you either lose your business or your home, you can choose. Your father took a loan from me and never saw it through to the end. I will make this house close in two weeks unless I get my money back,” he explained walking passed her to the door. He tipped his hat to her, “Good day, Lady Higurashi.”

Kagome returned to the party but her composure was ruined. She regarded everyone with an angry, short temper. Naraku had been bugging her almost every week since her father died from the tragic accident. Her mother had been bed-ridden with grief and was expected to wallow until death welcomed her.

Kagome had taken over the estate but she feared that nothing could save it. Their father's mining business had gone under when the minerals began dwindle where they were once rich. They were no longer making enough money to own such rich lands as they did. Kagome shook her head at her negative thinking. They'd find a way.

Sister, you look like you've been stung by a wasp,” Sango said, handing a glass to her sister as she hugged her. Kagome took it willingly.


“Naraku has visited me once more. I swear, that man is nothing more than a spider I want to crush,” Kagome whispered harshly. Sango gave her a saddened smile.


“Is there anything I could do to help, Kagome?” Sango asked quietly, glancing around the center of the room. Couples were dancing the waltz while the string quartet played soothing music. The piano accompanied their notes but was not the main theme.

Enjoy yourself Sango,” Kagome returned easily, shrugging her shoulders to relieve the tension that had built within them. “Dance with a rich man and make him your husband,” she teased. Sango laughed in return shaking her head at her older sister.

Kagome watched as Sango disappeared into the crowd. A young man asked for her hand in a dance and she obliged him with an innocent smile. Kagome set down her champagne and steadied herself at the table. This was nonsense. She couldn't handle all this by herself.

Women were meant to clean up the house and make sure their husbands were happy. Kagome was running the house and cleaning the house. Her feet began to lead her towards the stairs, maybe she could sneak away for the rest of the night.

A servant met up with her. Kagome smiled at the older man. His dusty brown hair was tangled, the white apron displayed a mess from the kitchen. “Lady Kagome, I will send up my wife to help you settle for the night,” he ordered with a smile.

Kagome looked at him as if he were a guardian angel. The head servant, Shiyo, was always looking out for her. His wife, Akane, and son, Shippo, had been the head servant family for years on their land. They were the true hands behind the household.

Thank you, but all I will require is a bath,” Kagome whispered to him. She rubbed her temples, “I cannot leave this party just yet. No matter how much I want to.”


The man winked at her, “That is what makes me happy to be a servant. I come and go as I please from the parties.”

Kagome laughed at that. She nodded, “Oh how free you are!” She teased. The man waved her off with a flick off his wrist.

There is no such thing as free. Lady Kagome, I believe you are just as trapped as we are with Lord Naraku,” he let out. His eyes suddenly took on a look of worry and Kagome tried to conjure a reassuring smile.


“I will find a way to deal with his lordship,” she explained as she began to head back into the party. She would say her good-byes and then go upstairs.

Kagome jumped in surprise when she felt large, manly hands on her waist. She turned around instantly, only to have one of those hands grab her own and take her to the dance floor without any hesitation.

K-Kouga!” Kagome exclaimed her face flaming. A toothy grin is all that met her exclamation. The man was notorious for his sudden declarations of love. He conquered women as his career. He traveled from country to country for his conquests and Kagome refused to be one of them. Unfortunately, he wouldn't leave her alone because of it.

My beautiful Kagome,” he returned with his silky, yet rough voice. “Why don't you let me support you?” He asked against her ear.

I will not ruin my reputation and title to become one of your countless mistresses,” Kagome returned quickly, wanting to flatten his chances. He had a wolfish grin on his face and Kagome always felt like there was a special aura around him.

Thankfully, the song the musicians were playing ended. Kagome quickly pulled her hands from his, ignoring the lust filled gaze in his eyes. “I apologize, but I am retiring for the night,” Kagome explained.

Her eyes found the doorway and she was thankful to see people starting to leave. It had to be around eleven at night. Kagome headed for Sango, setting her arm on her sister's shoulder. “I must go to bed, will you take over the good-byes?” Kagome asked Sango. She only gave a nod but was too far deep in a current conversation.

He is a monster!” One of the woman said with a sneer. Kagome found her interest piqued at such a declaration.

Yes, he comes from the city but no one here likes him. He wants to make us into an industrialized city with thousands of people,” another woman explained, “he will ruin our traditions and rules. He will make us into one of those cities where you fear to walk on the street! I have been to New York, it was terrifying. Small boys robbed you, and you had to avoid homeless beggars on every corner!”

Kagome nodded. She had been to the big city once. It was a good description, but there were pleasurable spots as well. The theaters were magnificently built. The parks were colored with blooming flowers in almost every season.

Kagome shook her head to herself. The city was geared to take care of the wealthy. They left their poverty stricken citizens to starve and die without a care in the world. Monsters, indeed.

I can't believe the Commissioner took over our police force though! How dare he come to St. Louis and change the way we deal with our own justice!?” The lady sneered. Kagome nodded once more, unable to deny the defiant spirit in her.

They say he is quite handsome though, and has a title of his own,” another woman chimed in. A flush adorned her skin as she fanned herself. She wore a large peacock feather in her blonde hair.

He takes on a different woman every week,” the same woman added. She then continued, “They say he is the very meaning of wicked!” She shout out and Kagome saw the sudden excitement in the woman's eyes.

Kagome cleared her throat. She had heard enough of the city slicker talk. The man would probably be gone by the end of the week. Usually, New Yorkers did not stay for more then a month. This town was more traditional, more rural and well kept than New York was.

Her feet took her upstairs where Akane was waiting in the washroom. There was a large basin filled with warm water waiting for her. Instantly, Akane was behind her. The calloused fingers on her shoulders as she untied each piece of the gown.

The party went well?” The older woman asked. Kagome gave a nod as she swung her leg over the edge of the bath.

I believe it served its purpose,” Kagome returned. She had hosted this party to show others that the Higurashi name was still powerful, and they would remain so. “Naraku threatened to push us out again. I will go to the bank tomorrow and see about liquidating the business to the stock holders. The office space should be worth something,” Kagome planned in her head.

That man is the devil himself,” Akane hissed out angrily.

No, he is not the devil, merely his right hand man,” Kagome corrected with a smile as Akane began to wash her midnight black tresses. She began to close her eyes, her exhaustion beginning to take over. All day, everyday, she had began her new routine. Wake up and help the servants, see to the financial work for the day, and make sure she is still getting invitations to the social events.


None of the last three were something that woman of her class should be doing. Unfortunately, Kagome's mother would not show her face. Instead, her mother insisted on staying in their cottage up in Chicago. Her mother enjoyed the sounds of the cities, hopefully Chicago would bring her back to life.

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold this house,” Kagome mumbled to herself. Akane obviously overheard being not so far away.

You are always able to accomplish hard tasks, I believe you will find someway,” Akane whispered over her shoulder, giving them a reassuring squeeze.

Kagome smiled over her shoulder. Akane and her family had always been here and in her own way, Kagome thought of them as her parents and family. “Do not worry Akane, if I cannot figure something out, I will include your family in my escape plan,” Kagome whispered over her shoulder.

Akane barked out a laugh, “You make it sound as if we're cornered!”

Kagome sighed but only gave a nod. “We are,” she answered. “Between the bank and Naraku... they are milking us dry of our money.”

Akane began to towel dry her hair. Kagome took that as an excuse to stand and get out of the bath tub. She reached for the white slip with the thigh high hem, and then covered herself with the baby blue nightgown. “I will retire for the night, Akane,” Kagome whispered, “please help Sango with the rest of the party.”

Akane gave a nod of her head as she darkened the lights in Kagome's personal room. She shut the door and Kagome stared out the window at the moon. Her father had died, and her mother lay immobile in Chicago. This was the part of the world Kagome had never hoped to see, but was now forced to deal with.

Kagome sighed, she would figure this out!


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