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Degradation of Hope by Synyster Star


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Inuyasha the characters or anything remotely related to the manga or anime. Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and I do not own Final Fantasy VII in anyway shape or form, not the characers or anything associated with the game/movie they belong to Sony and Square Enix.

"Promise me that you'll always remember how I used to be; the child that I once was."

"I promise,"

"I will never be your enemy Kagome."


Kagome looked outside of her window, the glowing swirls of green filtering through the sky. The dying planet becoming worse because of technological growth. Midgar, her home and her hell. It was the place where she met her best friend, and the man she loved. Then there was Shinra, the very place where her same best friend's soul died, and where his body rejoined the life stream. Kagome Higurashi was a Turk; an assassin for hire for Shinra. Kagome was a killer.

Word Count: 108

A/N: This is a Final Fantasy Crossover that is taking place after Crisis Core, but in between FFVII and Advent Children.

Thanks to my beta Skyisthelimit cause she is AWESOME!


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