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He Wants It All by amy

Chapter 1

He Wants It All

Written for Riku Ryuu’s Random Prompts-Mask

I do not own Inuyasha

Sesshoumaru was plotting his revenge on Kagome Higarashi, miko from the future.

His recurring dream included her sex laid out, with lust in her eyes, screaming out his name to the heavens…….

So he sent Jaken to find the Tachi group with an invite to his 25th birthday Masquerade, in 5 days at his fortress.

They arrived in 3 days’ time, and prepared their costumes and masks in 2.  Inuyasha was dressed as his 2nd in command, Sango- a pheasant, Miroku- a hunter, and Kagome- a Queen with a special feathered mask with jewels activated by her powers.

It was now the day of the ball, servants were rushing around, ladies were preparing their costumes and makeup, men simply their costumes, all the bathing areas were full.

After hours of preparation the party was starting, with guest being announced at the door as they arrived, and those who had already arrived dancing………

Sesshoumaru was dancing with all the married ladies, giving them his full attention in conversation while plotting Kagome’s movements until the unmasking.

It was hours later, when the unmasking was to happen, so Sesshoumaru asked Inuyasha,

“Will you announce the unmasking, as my second?”

“Yes, I will”

As he walked up to Kagome,Inuyasha announced,

“It is time for the unmasking…..”
As she was unmasked, she saw Sesshoumaru standing in front of her, wearing a smirk……

Then he picked her up bridal style, took her to his chamber, and made long, slow love to her…..

He kissed her roughly, letting all of her desire for him become unleashed, yielding to his dominance and adding her own by riding him unmercilessly like a wild unbroken stallion from his stables.

Then he put her in Inu position, riding her into oblivion, as she screamed

“Sesshoumaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” as she climaxed, and he marked her as his mate and licked the wound.

Once she relaxed, she rode him to his glory, and marked him as well.

He was freezing until he relaxed, and she licked the wound, then they slept under his sheets as full mates at last!


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