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A Night At The Zoo by Walter205

Growl, Bark, Bite, and umm...other stuff.

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It was a normal day at the Tokyo Zoo, the main one in the downtown main prefecture area. In the dangerous predators section, three women currently worked the evening shift for touring visitors and posing for photos with the animals in their cages and the visitors. They were Kikyo, Sango, and Kagome.

As Sango and Kagome worked the refreshment booth, Kikyo came sauntering up to them after having finished a tour guide.

"Ladies, a crush ice water for me," demanded the slightly sweating Kikyo, not bothering to say please. By means of having worked here longest, she had slight seniority over the two of them, but her snobbiness ensured that it wouldn't last forever. Although she tolerated Sango, the two of them had their differences over the worth and looks of the team's newest although fully worked and trained up member, Kagome.

Appealing to the sexist nature of their society, their costumes consisted of revealing archaeologist appearing uniforms, albeit made short to reveal a good portion of their chest, stomachs, and thighs, with a hot pink colored push up bra peeking out from under the uniform completing the ensemble. Kikyo derided Kagome because her chest was about a cup smaller, residing in the 'C' category instead of their two 'D's. Not only that, but Kagome's stomach was slightly puffy, and their thighs were a little thicker than theirs. Kikyo sneered at Kagome's exuberance and happy nature, not really realizing that in fact Kagome's was genuine and that she wasn't just a superior faker of it to Kikyo.

Sango was crushing the ice needed with the electric mixer when the power went out. Not only had that, but the backup generators coming online also petered out. With a dreaded clicking noise that reverberated through the Zoo, containment cages that had held the animals in unlocked and swung open. Tourists and visitors alike made a made scramble for the exit. Being that they were stuck inside a booth, it took time for Kikyo, Kagome, and Sango to scramble over the counter, and by the time they did so, they were the only three left in the predator's section.

However, most of the predators that were interested in feasting on human flesh had chased after the madly retreating crowds, leaving the three ladies in less danger than those who had fled before. Kikyo took off without another word, making for the park emergency exit, leaving Sango and Kagome, who didn't know the exit, to fend for themselves as the usual thick evening fog began rolling into the area.

* * *

Kikyo was approaching the emergency exit when she stopped, her mouth open in horror at what she saw before her. Kagura Onigumo, another Park employee and about the only one that she genuinely called her friend, due to the two of them having so much in common, had tried for the emergency exit, only to be ambushed and set upon by a pack of wolves. Even now, the pack leader, the one that the Zoo had named 'Kouga', led his pack in devouring her friend, tearing out chunks of her stomach and wolfing it down while his pack tore pieces out of her thighs and shins.

Keeping her mouth devoid of sound, Kikyo carefully backed away and made for the main park entrance, the next closest option. When she judged that she was sufficiently far enough away, she turned to run, but tripped over something small and crashed to the ground, bruising her knee. Cursing softly, she turned to see what it was, only to see Mister Jitters, the loose Opossum in the Park that had been causing trouble for some months now. Anger welling up inside of her, Kikyo got to her feet and ran after the possum, kicking at it as the little animal hissed at her and continued running.

Suddenly though, the possum came to a complete stop and collapsed, keeling over to play dead. Kikyo, not fooled a bit, took the time to wind up and punt the possum, sending it flying over the nearby fence. She blinked as she realized that she hadn't been keeping herself aware of her surroundings when she had been chasing the possum. She walked closer to the fence, glancing through it to the sidewalks and park beyond.

With a grimace, she realized that she had chased the possum into the Panda exhibit. She assumed the Pandas had gone out to explore new territory, so she started backing up carefully, and then turned to run back to the cage door. Turning around, she stepped forward and ran smack into a wall of white and black fur. A small piece of bamboo clanked off her head before clattering to the ground. Reluctantly, Kikyo looked up into the face of Jinenji, the park's premier male adolescent panda.

The panda looked at her weirdly, but did nothing. Kikyo took this as a good time to leave, but as she turned around again, the panda lashed out with a clawed hand, slashing three marks into her right lower shin as Kikyo collapsed to the ground, shrieking out in sudden pain. Latching on to her right ankle, Jinenji began dragging Kikyo towards one of the two caves in the exhibit, one thought running again and again through the semi-intelligent mind of his, while another singular thought of two words ran through Kikyo's mind.

The Panda; mate, mate, mate, mate, mate, mate, mate, mate, mate, mate...

Kikyo; I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead...

Mister Jitters ran back up to the cave, dragging along a half eaten bag of popcorn that one tourist had hastily discarded in his escape. He settled down and munched on his kernel as he thought of the Kikyo bitch, and how he took advantage of his playing dead for the Panda to kick him like that. That crap hurt like a mofo, bro. Little bitch was going to receive tenfold in reply now, for he knew that Panda very well, and what it was looking for. Sure enough, a few short and sharp screams preceded a fabric tearing sound, and Kikyo's uniform, along with bra and panties came flying out of the cave, shredded apart, all of them. The little bitch's screams intensified as weird grunting noises came from the Panda inside of the cave.

The Opossum; Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh *munch munch on a piece of popcorn*...

* * *

Sango and Kagome both took off after Kikyo, but soon lost her in the growing fog. Confused and wary, they ventured towards what they felt was north, towards what was supposed to be to the Park entrance, in their minds.

But soon they came across a sign, telling them they were in the monkey exhibit section. Unnerved by just how quiet it was, the two of them disagreed on which way to go. Finally, wishing each other the best of luck, they went on their respective paths, Kagome going the way she believed to be correct, while Sango likewise went in her own direction.

* * *

Sango walked through the gate that she thought was one of the side entrances to the Park, but soon she realized that she was wrong. Very wrong. Standing before her was Miroku, one of the Zoo's premier Baboons. She turned around, only to see the troupe of monkeys known as the Band of Seven, since these seven monkeys always hung out together. The monkeys as one converged on her, and instinct overrode any sudden misgivings she may have had about the situation.

She knew these monkeys, and knew that they were very inquisitive. Especially when it came to exploring, or trying to explore the secrets of her body, during tours or when she handled them as a feeder or during a live exhibit.

Sango: Okay, if I just let them explore a little more than usual, maybe they'll grow bored and go somewhere else...

 Reluctantly, she sank down into a kneeling position, keeping herself upright, as the monkeys closed in. The shortest of the seven monkeys, Mukotsu the 'perv monkey' as Kikyo nicknamed him, went straight for her chest, pulling down on her bra and uniform top. The biggest of the seven, named Kyokotsu, started tugging on her bottom.

With a sigh, Sango knew that they would keep at it until she was fully naked. Not only that, but the longer it took them, the more likely they would become violent. So moving carefully and slowly, she pulled off her top and bra, and then did the same for her bottom and panties, reclining into a position on her back as she did so.

Sango: Nice monkeys, please be gentle and don't be too inquisitive...



Mukotsu and two of the other monkeys were all over her breasts within seconds, squeezing and feeling on them, pinching her nipples softly. When they had satisfied their curiosity by feeling and a little sniffing, first Mukotsu then one of the other monkeys latched on, alternately suckling, and lightly biting down on her breasts, licking her rapidly erecting nipples and the breasts themselves.

The other monkeys sniffed at her crotch, before running their hands roughly through her pubic hair and nether lips. They probed into her passage with their fingers, rubbing the sides of it, along with twisting and yanking mildly on the outsides of the lips themselves. Still another monkey poked and licked with interesting at her navel, while the final monkey seemed to have an obsession with sniffing and licking the bottoms of her very ticklish feet.

All of this happening within seconds was sufficient to overload her mind and promptly make it melt, the naughtiness of what was happening combined with the sensory feelings to make her moan, groan, and otherwise sigh or other such noises coming from her throat and mouth, as her body shivered and buckled slightly on the ground, a very wet and hot heat shooting across her body and straight down to her groin.

An ear splitting roar had all seven of the monkeys scrambling away in a hurry, as Miroku surged forward to straddle Sango. His own inquisitive nature taking over, the baboon that had been branded as the perviest of the pervs in the entire Zoo promptly picked up where the monkeys had left off with her crotch, pumping his fingers inside of her and pulling them back out again to taste the juices coated on them. Sango went wild beneath him, the feel and taste of her causing Miroku to harden.

With several husky grunts, he rapidly changed position on her, Miroku grabbing hold of either of her legs as he promptly buried himself within her, breaking through her virgin barrier and forcing himself inside of her all the way up to his max. Sango cried out softly, tears pooling at her eyes. The baboon gave an experimental thrust however, before pulling out and pushing in again. Sango had always had hardcore fantasies, wanting someone who would be rough on her.

In her haze of pleasure and passion, Sango didn't care who or what it was that was giving her the desires she'd had for so long, only as long as she got them. She answered his thrusts with her own, and cupped and massaged her own breasts and nipples with her own hands as the tempo increased. Finally, with a series of muttered grunts, Miroku came inside of her as she came too. Miroku dropped to the ground, pulling out of her as he did so, and sat there looking dazed, as if he'd just had the most amazing experience of his life.

"So did I Miroku, so did I," muttered Sango as her eyes drifted shut...

* * *

Kagome saw a sign pointing to an emergency exit, and proceeded that way. She also saw a sign pointing the other direction for the main park entrance, and remembered that Sango had gone in that direction. Or at least, she thought that was the direction Sango went in.

So she shouldn't need to turn around and go get her. She walked forwards, but then tripped over something and fell down. Getting back up again, she turned to see what it was, but then gasped, before holding one of her hands over her mouth, the other over her heart, as she went pale. She almost screamed, but managed to hold it in check.

Before her lay Kagura Onigumo, or at least, what was left of her. Her head and chest were both intact, but her neck was a bloody shambles, her arms and legs largely stripped of flesh and meat, and her stomach torn and exposed, with many of the organs and flesh within missing. A great deal of blood surrounded the corpse, blood that was spotted with canine prints. The prints led from the corpse, diverging in separate directions to the bushes that lined the path between Kagome, Kagura, and the emergency exit.

With a shriek of fear and determination, Kagome leapt for the exit, pumping her legs as she dashed down the pathway. She heard at first several growls, followed by a howl and then the scampering of a lot of small feet on the walkway behind her. She made it to and plowed through the emergency exit.

Kagome: safe at last...

She came to a halt, forgetting about one little detail...

If the gates couldn't confine them, what was stopping the wolves from barging through the opened exit door?

The answer...


With a howl, three of the wolves made it through the door, Kouga and two his pack mates, named Ginta and Hakkaku by the Zoo. Kouga went straight after her legs, latching on to her right ankle and twisting sharply. With a scream and howl of pain, Kagome collapsed to the pavement.

She looked up in fear as Kouga came straight at her neck...

Only to be batted aside with a howl as something red and swift smacked the wolf in the side. Ginta and Hakkaku turned to her right and attacked the intruder. Kagome turned to her right just in time to see Ginta skewered by the rear half of a red axe, Hakkaku lying bleeding and motionless beside him.

Dropping the red axe, a Firefighter walked over to her. He deftly picked her up and carried her back towards the first aid station just outside of the main Park area, which was currently deserted.

"Hello there, you looked like you could use a hand," said the firefighter softly.

"Why...yes, thank you, whoever you are, for saving me," stammered Kagome, blushing as a small shot of heat pooled in her lower belly. Whoever this guy was, he was extremely handsome and sexy. Those strange markings on his forehead and cheeks only served to enhance his dream face...

"My name is Sesshomaru. I'm from district thirteen, known as the Firemenz Club locally," he said. This already beautiful girl was having a strange effect on him. It didn't help that he was holding on one hand her finely shaped and well proportion bare skinned thighs in one hand, and the back of her pulsing and heated neck in the other hand. He felt himself harden, painfully so, as he set her down on the first aid station.

"Really? Hmm, my name is Kagome, nice to meet you," she said shyly. With that being said, he went to work on her injury, carefully removing her sock and shoe on the one foot and cleaning, before bandaging and then massaging around the injury area with expert care. The entire time, Kagome and Sesshomaru both became more and more turned on by each other, though neither knew the effect they were having on each other.

Finally, Sesshomaru was finished.

"Well, I'll be going miss. There might be others that need my help," said Sesshomaru, turning to leave. He stopped when her hand grasped his. He helped her to her feet, then was surprised when she suddenly jumped forward on her one good foot, her arms wrapping around him as she crashed her lips painfully against his own.

Kagome; Just in case I never see you again, I want to let you know how truly appreciative I am of you saving me, along with letting you know just what kind of an effect you have on me, Sesshomaru....

 They parted, both of them sweating and panting, although Kagome by far had the bigger color and blush in her cheeks.

"Hnnn, miss, I do believe you're nearly on fire. As it is my job to put out fires, I'm afraid I must see to cooling you off," he said huskily as he laid her back on the table, before climbing on and straddling her. Following a rapid shredding of clothes all around, their cries were soon echoing off the walls, heard by no one but some of the animals in the Zoo nearby, nearly all of which slightly grinned for some reason or another.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, one naked Firemenz lay curled up and around a smaller and equally naked Zoo employee, both of them covered by the Firemenz's coat and fast asleep, sweat still glistening on their bodies.

In another part of the Zoo, a Baboon lay curled around another Zoo employee, snoring softly as seven monkeys nearby looked on with something akin to a mix of admiration and jealousy.

Finally, in yet another part of the Zoo, a third Park employee lay naked, crushed under the heavy bulk of a sleeping Panda, panting and gasping for air, not really able to feel anything but pain from her stomach downwards, and just wanting to die, or something of the sorts, anything to keep this damned annoying possum from chattering away at her from three feet away in something that strangely sounded like laughter...

The End


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