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Desolate Consummation by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Scarlet Flowers

Desolate Consummation

Chapter One: Scarlet Flowers [Prologue]


Chapter Song:: 'Disasterology' - Pierce the Veil

"Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?"

x . . . . x

Tears leaked solemnly from wide, cerulean eyes. Her pouty lips were parted as her ebony hair fell across her cheeks, sticking to her pale flesh with blood, sweat, and tears. She was on her stomach, her rear high within the air, as grubby hands groped and clutched her body. Her voice had grown hoarse with her relentless screaming and her clothing had been torn from her body in the men's pursuit of the thing they wanted most. Her nostrils were filled with the bitter scent of sweat and seed and she had long since vomited the contents within her stomach. Her fingers were buried within the cool grass, pressed into the earth, as though taking as much strength as she could from Mother Nature.

The blue hakamas she had worn were discarded somewhere she couldn't see and her bow and arrow had been snapped. Her body jerked with each painful thrust and something low within her twisted darkly at every low grunt and chuckle she heard within the vicinity. Her face was being rubbed raw with the way it was pressed against the root of the tree before her and the position the man had her in hurt in more ways then one. His pounding became relentless as blood seeped from her maidenly core and as he spilled his seed along her back, another man took his place, and the process began anew.

They had come from the darkness, ten or so men, more then she could handle. They had grabbed her and forced her to submit though she fought with everything she had until finally, they had pinned her down and took what they wanted. She hurt all over and she felt so dirty, so disgustingly dirty. She wanted to seep into a hot spring and stay until all the dirtiness had been scrubbed from her body, her soul. Her tears once again filled her eyes and this time she was pushed into a different position, her hands being held above her head as she was put on her back.

She allowed her eyes to stare into the man above her, his own eyes closed with rapture as he thrust into her body. Tears streaked along her cheeks, falling into her hair as the bandit continued to take his pleasure using the shell that housed her battered soul. There were few sounds except for the wet suction of his pounding and the grunts and moans. There were few whispering here and there and a few more stroking themselves as they watched the show and waited for their turn. Her horror had turned to numbness and her numbness had been her salvation.

She was creature that felt keenly and she sure has helldid not want to feel this. When it was over and if she was alive then she knew it would be an entirely different thing. She had no doubt that everything she was suppressing now would come out full force.

She had lost count of the men that had touched her but she was constantly looking into their cruel faces, memorizing every detail of her humiliation.

Her eyes were always moving along the men, trying to see if there was a way she could get loose and run but none of the bandits seemed to be that careless until this one.

Yes, Kagome was broken, but she was not yet dead and that was all that mattered as the man covered her with his rank physique.

His bulk was heavy upon her petite body, his sweat slicking her form and she gagged. His engorged member filled her and tore at her inner, abused walls and bruises had already formed along her inner thighs. Her breasts, bare to the world, were covered in bite marks along with her legs. She felt like she had been attacked by a rabid animal which these men were closer to being then ningen. The man's grip on her wrists slackened as he pumped harder and faster and her eyes caught the glint of metal in the little sunlight that streamed through the leaves.

Her cerulean gaze sparked with an inner light for just a moment as she waited.

The man had thought her in shock which meant a lack of threat. As his hands fell from her wrists and gripped her waist to control his speed and hold her still, when his eyes closed in ecstasy as he grunted his release into her body she struck. Her fingers gripped the handle of the knife that lay in sash along his midsection and in one smooth motion she brought it to his neck where she dug the blade into his jugular. Before anyone could realize what was happening, blood had splattered horrifically along her face and her partially nude torso, and the body had fallen to the side. Kagome pushed herself to a standing position quickly though her bruised body quickly protested and she ran.

Several curses followed and pushed her legs, hearing their lumbering foot-steps running after her.

Her breathing was ragged and her legs burned with exertion and pain from cuts given to her by under brush. The soles of her feet slowly cut with every step she took until she could feel the warmth of her blood coating her feet and the dirt stinging along the fresh wounds. She felt like a rabbit being hunted by wolves and the fear within her heart pounded through her. She could almost feel their disgusting breath on her neck, stirring the hair at the nape with each lungful of air that was released.

The knife clutched within her hand pressed into her palm, a soothing but frightening weight.

She had seconds before they would gain on her but she she pushed herself to new heights and begged and prayed that Kami would help her in some way.

A hand gripped her own and she was pulled to the ground. A hoarse scream fell passed her chapped lips and she felt the twigs and bushes scrape her sides as the man brought back a meaty hand and slapped her soundly across the face to the point where she saw stars. She lashed out blindly with the knife and his cry of pain was satisfaction to her ears. She pushed herself to a sitting position and when the sound of footsteps came closer she was once again running.

"Fucking bitch!" a growl called after her. "I was gonna let the whore live but not anymore!"

Pursuit began again and soon her legs gave out beneath her and she tumbled to the ground. Red obscured her vision as she lay sprawled within a field of crimson flowers. She dazedly lifted herself onto her hands knees, her arms trembling with both fear and over exertion. In that moment she had a minor epiphany. She was meant to die like this. Not a warrior or a miko. She was meant to die as a simple woman raped and murdered. The aroma of the lovely flowers covered up the scent of blood that caked her and she sighed.

At least she would die in a place of beauty. Her keen ears caught the sound of branches breaking in the direction she had come from and tears once again rose in her eyes though she refused to let them fall. She was exhausted and her strength had left her. Her eyes hardened and she promised herself to take as many of the men with her as she could. She would not go down without a fight no matter how heavy her arms and legs felt.

A small gasp caught her attention and Kagome looked up to see warm brown eyes gazing into her own. Cerulean orbs widened in horror and immediate recognition as she stared at the young girl no more then eleven. The cracking limbs and moving foliage came closer and the miko with renewed strength stood no matter how much body protested the action. Her dying was one thing but an innocent life was another. The scenarios flashed before her mind and none of them ended well. The little girl before her would not end up hurt like she had.

These men had no honor, not like the little girls guardian, and they were not above raping one so small.

"Rin-chan." she murmured as she pushed her heavy arms at the girl, urging her to her flee. "Run - run quickly! Go to Sesshoumaru-sama!"

"K-Kagome-sama! You're hurt! Let me help you." The footsteps came closer and Rin's small hands fluttered over her hurt form, trying to help her. Kagome sobbed softly and she gripped the girls arm and tried to run with her no matter how her body screamed.

"Please, Rin-chan! Go! There are bad people about to come here! Please!" Rin nodded her head though her own tears filled her eyes at the broken form covered with blood, Rin began to run, looking blindly for her protector. It was not unusual for Rin to be left alone while Sesshoumaru scouted but normally Jaken and Ah-Un with her. Sesshoumaru had need for the two headed dragon this time and Jaken had gone to hunt for dinner.

The men broke into the clearing and Rin was too late leaving. They caught sight of her and immediately took off in pursuit. Kagome turned her body ran toward the oncoming men that were attempting to run after the little girl. Their gazes were hungry and lustful and there was no way Kagome could let them hurt the innocent child. She brought the knife to one of the thugs and embedded it deep within his gut. The man grunted and she pulled it out as he fell to his knees. She screamed as she leaped with what little strength her burning body allowed her and landed on another man's back. As she brought the knife upon his skull and pushed it into the brain a third man ran by and fell into the forestry that Rin had fled into.

"Rin!" she screamed as one of the other bandits came up behind the miko and gripped her arms. He stepped on her hand and she heard bone crack beneath the force as the knife fell away. Rin's scream filled the air and Kagome's voice, hoarse, raw, once again came forth as the young girl was brought thrashing and crying. The miko fought against the arms that held her captive, tears flying from her eyes as she writhed, trying to make it to the sobbing young girl's side.

"It seems we have some dessert, eh boys?" the man holding her arms chuckled and a cry went up around the bandits. "I don't think she knows what's happenin'! Let's show her what to expect." He growled, black eyes connecting with Rin's tear filled, chovolate orbs. A man made his way toward Kagome and he dropped his pants with a laugh.

"Watch kid, and learn. If you do good, we might keep you around as a toy." the man holding Rin's arms growled lowly. Kagome screeched as another man gripped her arms above her head and pushed her face into the ground, her gaze on Rin. Another grabbed Kagome's legs as the man that dropped his pants settled himself between her thighs. Horror filled Rin's eyes as the man adjusted and thrust himself within.

"Close your eyes Rin, please just close your eyes and hum a song." Kagome did not want the young child to see her fate and she didn't want her to have to hear the sounds that accompanied such defilement. Tears were fueled faster as Rin did as she was told between heart wrenching sobs. Kagome cried out in pain, her knuckles white, her fingers gripped tightly within her hand as the thrusting became rigorous. One of the men became over eager and made his way to Rin, his fingers touching her collar bone slowly. "Don't touch her! Don't touch her you fucking bastard!"

She lashed out and the man holding her hands released them as she bit into his thumb, drawing blood and taking a chunk of flesh. She spat it out and she turned, bringing her non-broken hand to hit the man thrusting into her in the face. Her nails gouged into an eye and he fell back with animal like yowl. The other man holding her legs fell back as the one holding his eyes fell atop of him. Kagome reached for the knife, pushed herself up and ran at the man that touched Rin's collar bone and was slowly creeping further down.

"Crazy bitch!" he screamed as the blade sunk into his arm, he back handed her and she fell to the ground, the blade falling away once again as she was forced with another man atop her. He brought a hand to punch her in the cheek and she cried out in pain.

"Kagome-sama!" Rin sobbed softly as Kagome once again thrashed wildly against the man. She had to get Rin out of there no matter the cost! She was desperate! Her vision was clouding over and she fought against the darkness that threatened to claim her. Blood gushed over her form as the grip on her body slackened until it completely disappeared. Through her cloudy vision, a stark white figure stood before her and a blinding flash of green filled the area.

"Sesshoumaru-sama." Kagome murmured softly as a smile curled her cracked lips, knowing Rin was safe.

The darkness took her and small hands once again fluttered over her form.


The scent of blood weighted heavily in the air and at the time it had been of no consequence as he made his way toward camp. This was the Warring States era, after all, blood was always in the air. It became an issue when the scent began to get stronger as he made his way toward the clearing he had left Jaken and Rin. Amber eyes narrowed as he strained his hearing to block out all sounds other then ones from his camp. Laughter filled the air, dark, malicious along with soft feminine sobs that did not belong to his ward.

They narrowed further and the being wasted no time when his ward's voice filled the air, a high pitched scream calling out a name he vaguely recognized. "Kagome-sama!" The taiyoukai growled as he used all of his speed to make it to the camp in mere seconds. His vision clouded red when he saw a man gripping Rin tightly, tears cascading down her flushed cheeks. His whip lashed out, tearing the head from the body of the male, blood soaking the little girl. His gaze followed Rin's terrified sight and his nose wrinkled with disgust as he observed a young woman being brutalized before his ward. Again his whip lashed out, the man falling apart in two as gore soaked the woman on the ground. He made his way toward Rin whom had thrown herself upon the older girl and was busily trying to estimate the severity of any wounds she may have sustained.

"Sesshoumaru-sama." the young woman whispered before her eyes closed and he took a long look at her face, vaguely wondering how she knew his name. He tried to breathe in her scent but his stomach recoiled with the action as seed, blood, and despair soaked within her skin.

"Are you alright, Rin?" the taiyoukai inquired and Rin's trembling hands tore at her new kimono and began dabbing away blood.

"Rin is fine, Sesshoumaru-sama." she murmured and he knew she was upset because he had long since broken her habit of speaking in third person and reverted only to it when she was direly distressed.

"Come then, leave the girl alone." Rin looked up at her guardian, her face crumbling with tears and she shook her head an adamant 'no'.

"Kagome-sama saved Rin!" she sobbed as she continued dab away blood. "Those men touched Rin and hurt Kagome-sama but she fought them so they wouldn't touch Rin again! She told Rin to close her eyes and hum so she didn't have to see those men hurt Kagome-sama." His gaze moved over the crimson field, some flowers darker then others due to the blood that stained their petals. Among the scenery several bodies lay dead. He moved further and scented blood and ningen carcass deeper in the forest. His gaze flicked to the woman and his eyes narrowed.

"Who is the woman, Rin?" he called, unable to place her, due to her lack of scent and crimson covered her body.

"This is Kagome-sama, Sesshoumaru-sama's brother Inuyasha-san used to travel with her." Rin murmured as she took off her outer kimono, leaving her in the bare white and covered Kagome's legs and private areas. Several scents left the clearing and Sesshoumaru's crimson tinged eyes flared an even darker crimson. He bore no love for the Shikon Miko but neither did he hold disdain. She had single-handedly rid the world of the hanyou Naraku and therefore had earned his respect.

A being deserveing of such respect also deserved that her honor be avenged. He turned to Rin and she gave him and a look that stated she understood his intentions and she offered him a warm smile. Sesshoumaru nodded his head and took off into the dense foliage, his nose twitching as he followed the vile scents that permeated the wildlife. Rin gave the miko a look, prodding her her ribs gently for any broken bones like Kaede-sama had taught her while she stayed in the village. From what the young girl could tell, she had several fractured but not broken ribs. Some of the bones in her palm had been broken as well. The vicious bite marks on her body had to be treated to prevent infection along with cuts and bruises that littered her form.

Kagome's feet were tattered into shreds and also needed treatment and Rin knew that several remedies had to be made in order to help the older girl heal. Her thoughts were interrupted as several yells and cries filled the silence and she nodded her head. Soon after, Sesshoumaru appeared within the clearing and took off his armor. He whistled once and Ah-Un lumbered toward the small group. The tai-youkai placed his armor along the dragon's back and took off the outer haori, almost tenderly, he lifted the small woman from the ground and wrapped her in the silken white cloth.

She made a soft moan of protest and pain and his jaw clenched.

Defiling the one person to save this world from utter chaos was an unrepentable crime as far as he was concerned. Holding the miko close to his chest, he gestured for Ah-Un to go ahead. "Find Jaken and bring him to me." The dragons made a sound and once again walked away to find the retainer. Amber orbs looked along Rin's form and his lips pursed into a firm line as he went to one knee before his ward smoothly. "Where did they touch you?" he inquired gently, normally aloof gaze softening. Rin's fingers touched her collar bone slowly and trailed to the center of chest between her under-developed breasts. He nodded his head slowly, firmly.

Rin took a deep breath, "Sesshoumaru-sama, it could have been worse but she saved me. Are we going to save her now? She has no one left." she asked gently, her eyes searching his and he nodded again. He wondered what she meant by no one being left as he stood and visions of his half-brother and his companions filled his head. Where were they? It was odd for them not to be near the miko.

They began walking and Rin gripped his loose hand within her own, her fingers still trembling. Understanding her need for reassurance that all was well, he returned her grip and gave her his strength.

"Where do we go? Kagome-sama needs treatment." Rin murmured.

"Home, Rin, we go home." With another ningen in tow, Sesshoumaru held the young miko to him, and gave her his strength as well and headed off to his home in the heart of the Western Lands.




'Gome Yuki:: Blah, blah, I KNOW have other works to work on BUT this idea popped into my head and I couldn't let it go. As you all know, I like tragedy and human emotions and this idea wormed into my brain and I had to get it down. This is an experimental fic and this is most likely the only chapter that will be this bad and by bad I mean brutal. Let's face it, this is going to be an awesome run with all you guys :3 Seeing as it's the prolgue it's meant to be short! Next one will be longer!! Kissusss! And you know what to do! P.S This does take place after the well closes and Kagome returns after three years!!

This story will be much like "A Demon Lord's Cry" in the sense that it's all about the portrayal of human emotion. Whereas "A Demon Lord's Cry" deals with tragedy and mourning, "Desolate Consummation" will deal with pain and defilement as well as the stuggle within one's self. Man vs. Man. :3 I like reviews :D


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