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Pandemonium by Synyster Star


Chaos struck the globe when a worldwide epidemic hit with a violent force. An infectious disease killed off most of the humans. Thousands, even millions died within just a few hours of its evolutionized state. It attacked the organs in the body, killing them off unless they were replaced with healthy new ones. The demons that were in hiding began to come out. They were going to live once again out in the open. After many years of suffering through the pandemic, a corporation arose. They promised new organs for all those who needed it. A new drug was created from demon blood, to help any human survive  the surgery.

It was highly addictive to the humans, and soon became the latest hit on the black market. Soon, demons were being killed for their blood. The more powerful the demon the greater the high. But the demons created a plan. With a world no longer governed by rules, but by the very company that saved so many lives, the demons began to sell their own blood willingly. And so, the new world was created; the new future of Earth.

This story begins in Tokyo, Japan.

Where the disease, and the uproar for demon blood began.

Word Count: 205

Prompt: Anarchy


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