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Forever Starts Tonight by mythicamagic

Forever starts Tonight

Sess/Kag Halloween fic ~ Edited as of 2014 ~

Forever starts Tonight

Chapter 1

All Hallows eve is the night that all spirits considered departed come back. It was supposedly the only time that they could touch the earth, the barrier between this world and the next thinning so that they might visit for just one night of the year.

Along with this superstition came the fear that ghouls, goblins and demons joined them on such a night, so it was that every year while children raced out onto the streets in excitement, the faint of heart shut their doors firmly to the dark and macabre sky.

Kagome did not believe in such things. While many children in her childhood memories had been hyped up by the superstitions, she'd never bought them. Sure, it was a great excuse to get candy and dress up, but who really thought that spirits and demons existed in this world anymore?

Kagome absentmindedly swirled the contents of her drink around. Had she been more fanciful and exciting, would her boyfriend have reconsidered dumping her? Sighing heavily, she brought the glass to her lips and downed the bitter sweet taste that alcohol ignited in her throat.

There she sat, wearing a sad little witches costume on apparently the liveliest night of the year. All she felt like doing was crawling under a rock and sleeping her troubles away. Instead, she drowned them slowly, taking her time to reminisce about things.

The bar was quite full and rowdy tonight, the stench of alcohol and smoke suffocating her senses. While she wanted to forget about being dumped by Hojo, preferably with alcohol, she couldn't stand the fumes blinding her any longer. Since ignoring them had only succeeded in giving her a headache, she closed her eyes, biting her lip and concentrating.

A slip of her miko energy spread out around the bar, dulling the fumes and giving her breathing space. Much better, she smiled. Her aura of power glowed in a soft pink that only she could see. The other humans went on chatting, all dressed in costumes and having a night to remember.

Kagome turned back to her drink, secretly pleased with herself for making the barrier. However, as she once more brought the glass to her lips, a shock shuddered through her system, snapping her eyes open.

The barrier had made contact with a powerful force, more powerful it seemed than Kagome's own spiritual energy. The pale pink aura of reiki energy broke and shattered around her. Kagome winced as she was once more flooded with the sounds and smells she'd been blocking out. The unknown energy settled around her soon after, dominating and trying to overpower her.

It was stronger than anything else she'd ever felt, and it seemed like even the other humans could feel it subconsciously. Many began to make their way out of the bar, their minds noticing the danger lingering inside even without the hosts realizing.

Danger indeed. Kagome was frozen in her actions, her mind reeling with what to do. This power was dangerous, dark and greater than her own. Yet where had it come from? Who had it come from?

Placing her drink down slowly, Kagome summoned her bravery and hesitantly looked over her shoulder.

Her brown eyes moved over the figures seated at the tables, none were threatening or even interested in her. She was beginning to wonder if she'd imagined it, until her eyes were met with gold slitted ones.

Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of the man draped in shadow. From what she could see of him, he had long silver hair that caught the moonlight, and his form was unnaturally still.

His fall of silver hair contrasted nicely with those burning golden eyes. They glittered darkly, like an animal watching their prey, drawing her in. Shaking her head slightly, she quickly turned back around in her seat, blushing furiously.

Whoever he was, he practically screamed danger. The fact that he had broken her shield had been an invitation, letting her know that he was there. She swallowed, he was now interested in her because she had been stupid enough to reveal her powers out in the open. Stupid Kagome, didn't grandpa tell you to clamp down on your priestess powers? You're in trouble now and guess who's fault it is!

Kagome sighed and felt something brush feather light against her. It wasn't physical but mental, and before she knew it, she heard him.

"I take it, it was not your intention to challenge me little miko?" The voice uttered in a velvety tone in her mind.

Kagomes head snapped up, and she stilled. are you doing this?

"You should not meddle with powers that could grab the attention of those more...experienced than yourself. Especially on a night such as this, you never know what monsters you might attract." The voice replied in an almost amused tone.

Kagome frowned at the male pride indicated in his tone. Sorry...can I ask what you are?

"The more polite question would be - who are you? Kagome Higurashi."

The girl froze, an icy fear creeping along her skin. How did this stranger know who she was? And what did he mean, that she'd played with fire and should now be burned? Whoever he was, she didn't like this conversation or where it was headed. Her instincts were screaming - fight or flight, and she knew which one she'd rather take.

Still, Kagome had always been one to stand up for herself.

Explain how you know me stranger.

A chuckle echoed though her mind that was entirely male and over confident. "You question this one in a such a demanding way, but I do not mind it coming from you. I have been watching you ever since I caught your scent a few days ago."

The ice cold fear rattled her bones once more. Great, she now had a stalker.

M-my scent?

"Hn. Are all mikos so incompetent that they cannot hide their own scent? More so, you seem to lack proper training, it was a rookie mistake to unleash your powers in public."

Anger boiled hotly at his remarks. Frustration over took fear as it usually did with her emotions. She grit her teeth, unable to force him out of her mind but sending her own spiritual energy towards him out of annoyance.

Listen here you stalker! You might think your oh so more powerful than me, but at least I don't flaunt my power over others! I won't let you bully me you creep, so quit bothering me and leave me alone!

She sent one more burst of power along with that last sentence to prove her point.

Unfortunately, the power sent back was ten times worse than before. It swamped her senses and hit her mind with such force that she felt dizzy. When the voice replied, it was deathly quiet. "Do not mistake my interest in you as such a vulgar, human obsession, nor think me the forgiving type. I will not tolerate disrespect, so do not try my patience little girl."

The power pulled back so that Kagome could breath once more, she put her head in her hands and tried to will away the fear she could feel.

A light brush of sound echo'd in her head, almost like a faint sigh. "You truly do not know who or what I am do you? I thought you might recognize and identify me as I have with you. Perhaps it is different even for mikos."

Who are you? I take it you aren't human then? Kagome replied hesitantly.

"I am Sesshoumuru. Former Lord of the Western lands, until it was time for the humans to take over. I am a full blooded Inu yokai."

The priestess gulped, remembering her grandpa telling her stories of the old demons. So you're a dog demon?

"Correct. And you, little miko, are my mate."

The way he said it so easily made Kagome think he was joking. She had also heard about the demons mates, their eternal partners who stayed by their side, having their children and committing their full life to one another. From what she vaguely recalled, dog demons were expressively possessive about their mates, and the ritual to become eternal partners was when they...

Kagome blushed, and willed her mind away from the thought, hoping he hadn't read her mind. This was a mistake, it had to be.

Your mate? You must be joking.

"I dislike jokes."

Kagome forced air into her lungs, trying to calm the rising panic she could feel bubbling up.

But I cant be your mate, I'm human.

"That is true, but it is not unheard of for demons to couple with humans. It simply means that you will share my lifespan once we are mated." His tone was still so self assured and confident. Kagome frowned, her fists clenching.

This isn't the dark ages where men stake a claim on a girl and that's that. What if I don't want to become your mate?

A sense of anger and slight hurt could be detected in his next words. "You have little choice. A demon knows when they have found their mate, I am positive after 500 years of searching that you are mine. To reject me is to reject your destiny, which would curse you to a half life."

Kagome felt her anger return, with a hint of fear. So you'll force me? Is that it?

Before he could respond, she directed all of her pent up energy into forcing the intruder out of her mind. It worked, and the voice was suddenly gone. She gripped her glass and blew out a shaky breath. How am I going to get away from him?

Sesshoumaru quietly observed the girl sitting at the bar. He was slightly annoyed at being forced out of her mind like that, and was secretly surprised she'd been able to do so. It went without saying that he was attracted to that power, and also more amused by the little fire cracker's personality than angered. She was passionate, and he liked that.

The demon did not usually like others questioning him. Should they disrespect him, it was met with cruel retribution, but when it was coming from Kagome, he found himself liking her willfulness. "Were she compliant and shy, I'd question my instincts to take her as a mate. She has her own mind, and more skills than first thought." He mused to himself.

As he was lost in his thoughts for a moment, he didn't notice when the waitress approached him until she was in his line of sight. "Excuse me sir, this is from the lady at the bar." The young women set down a glass of wine in front of the passive demon. The gold slitted eyes narrowed, before looking up at the bar.

With a startle, he realized she was gone, taking the opportunity to trick him and escape.

A growl escaped his throat. Both thrilled at the prospect of a hunt and also infuriated that the miko had fooled him. He sighed and took a sip of his drink, in no hurry.

Her human movements were so slow in comparison to his that he knew there nothing to worry about.

In contrast to his calm emotions, Kagome's were in utter chaos. She ran down the road as fast as her legs could carry her, the cold concrete slippery under her feet from the earlier rain.

Although Kagome was running for her life, with breath heaving out of her lungs and heart fluttering wildly in her chest, she had never felt more alive. The crisp night air brushed by her, sending a pleasant sensation along her heated skin. The dampness in the air and the slight mist hanging around the trees was eerie, but the silence of the night was disrupted by her frantic footsteps.

Kagome didn't stop running until she was sure she'd put a good distance between them. Exhausted, she jogged towards a tree in a near by park and gasped for breath, lungs on fire from her desperate sprint. Reaching the great oak, she slipped down it onto the ground. The cold grass on her exposed legs sent chills up her spine, but it helped to cool her down. Slightly calmed, she wondered what she could do to get away from the demon.

She wasn't far from home, she'd taken a taxi out to meet some friends, but they cancelled just as she'd arrived at the bar. It's a few miles to reach home, but I could make it.

As she shakily tried to get to her feet, she slipped back down onto the grass, her limbs not cooperating.

"I'm afraid that you used too much of your reiki earlier, it might be in your best interests to rest for a moment." Came a leisurely voice.

Kagome froze, her eyes darting wildly around her to try and detect his presence. How had he found her so quickly?

Despite the fact that she knew he was right, she clawed her way up the tree so that she could stand. Kagome then peered around it hesitantly, heart beating, blood pumping and body poised to run.

Out of the surrounding mist came his figure, the graceful and easy movements of his stroll towards her, looked more like he was taking an evening walk. Her frantic breathing hitched as her eyes drank in his image.

The demon was truly beautiful. He was dressed in traditional white robes, a red honey cone design pattered on the sleeves and collar. A pelt of white fur was draped over his shoulder elegantly.

A chest plate and some armor was in place, along with two swords at his hip. His long silver hair drifted out behind him elegantly as he walked. She blinked when she saw that his face had markings on it, with two red stripes on each cheek and a blue crescent moon on his forehead. Those golden eyes drifted along her figure impassively as he stalked forward, and Kagome stumbled back.

In her eyes he was beautiful enough to be an angel. Her angel of death.

He would take her against her will, and then she would be forced to stay by his side forever. It would be the end of her freedom, which in Kagome's mind was worse than death.

"Stay back! I'm not going to become your mate!" Kagome took a few more steps back, holding a hand up defensively as Sesshoumaru moved ever closer.

The regal demon rose an eyebrow at her frightened tone. "There is no need to fear me. I will not harm you."

He was close enough now to touch her if he wanted, though he restrained himself so that he didn't scare her further. Kagome stepped away once more, her hands trembling. Sesshoumaru noticed this and asked; "are all humans so easily spooked?"

"Only the ones about to be bound to a demon for all eternity. Please just go and find someone else." The young women was thankful for the strength in her voice. Glancing down, she noticed that he had long, sharp claws and her heart rate increased.

The demon sighed, irritation apparent in his golden gaze. "There is no other. You are mine, and I am yours."

Kagome quickly turned tail and ran, giving into the instinct to flee from danger.

She didn't make it far as she slipped on the grass, her knee scraping on a fallen branch. She winced in pain, trying unsuccessfully to get up again, she wasn't even out of his eye sight.

Light footsteps alerted her that he was approaching once more. Kagome could no longer summon the strength to run, due to pushing her body beyond its limits. However, her frustration for the haughty demon had built, and her power hummed to life underneath her skin. She clamped down on it, making sure to dull it to a level he wouldn't notice, but letting it lie in wait.

Kagome stiffened as the footsteps stopped and she felt his presence above her. She squeezed her eyes shut as one clawed hand reached down, pulling her up so that she was facing him. With his hand on hers, the skin to skin contact made the reaction of her spiritual powers that much harsher when she chose to unleash them. In an instant, he ripped his clawed hand away, snarling at the force field now surrounding her.

The power shone with an intensity and strength he hadn't known she possessed. From the size and structure alone it hinted that she had trained her powers above that of a novice, and instead reminded him of the powerful holy men and women he'd fought in days of old.

The scent of salt caught his notice and Sesshoumaru inclined his head, puzzlement written on his usually impassive face.

Tears now ran down the mikos face as she shook with fear within her barrier. The golden eyes observing her slowly widened, and he berated himself for not reassuring her. Talking was not something he excelled at, but in the day and age he now lived, it was demanded so that humans could know what others were thinking. She was not of demon kind, and could not know through looking at his reactions alone that he wouldn't harm her.

His eyes warmed ever so slightly. "As this one said before, I would never hurt you Kagome. This I promise as a Daiyokai and former Lord."

At the sound of how genuine he seemed, Kagome raised her head to look up at him. She wondered if he was trying to trick her, but a part of her knew that someone who took such obvious pride in their heritage would never swear on something like their title that unless they meant it.

"You think I would force myself on you?" He made a noise that sounded too dignified to be a snort, but just barely passed as one. "This Sesshoumaru would not lower himself to such a dishonorable level."

Kagome let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding and hesitantly, she lowered her shield until it disappeared between them completely. She cleared her throat, and stood up a little awkwardly. "I'm glad to hear it, though if you don't want to give the wrong impression to a girl, you could've just asked me out instead of scaring me half to death like that."

So...I got so scared for nothing? She felt a little silly for some reason, even if her reaction had been justified.

Amusement crept into the demons eyes. "Hn, it occurs to me now that I handled the situation a little poorly. Yet I stand by my actions, they were not meant to frighten you. I was merely being...myself."

She didn't know what to say to that, but he was a demon after all and was probably reacting to her off of instinct. She had a feeling that her human sensibilities wouldn't apply to someone like him, and her rational 21st century mind would clash with his immortal one.

"And do not blame yourself for being afraid. I am quite an intimidating figure."

She smiled for the first time that night then, taking Sesshoumaru by surprise. Although covered in mud from her fall, and dressed in robes fit for a sorceress, he considered the young women to be quite beautiful. It lasted about a second though as she was suddenly falling, her knees having given out underneath her. In a flash, he was at her side, and with no barriers between them he caught her in his arms. Kagome gave a squeak and then realized she was being carried.

"Wait! What are you doing?"

Sesshoumaru strode forward in his usual graceful manner. He glanced down at her and stated in a matter of fact tone; "Attending to my mates every need."

Kagome blushed. "There's really no need-"

"I insist." He looked on ahead, and from her position in his arms, Kagome noticed a flash of red spark his eyes. She gulped and looked away.

Before she knew it, they were standing beside a river. Kagome was placed down gently beside the waters edge while Sesshoumaru knelt down to her level. She found that she was getting used to his intimidating aura quite easily, but that didn't mean she didn't jump at the unexpected contact. Sesshoumaru had placed a cloth in the water, and was now wiping the mud from her hands and knee.

In everything he did, he kept the same graceful pace of things. Kagome found herself marveling at how, even though he was a picture of strength, he was still regal in movement. She imagined him to be the type to assess the battlefield and his opponents before fighting them, and while doing so, his every hit would be perfectly executed.

Sesshoumaru, it means The Killing Perfection...

Despite her earlier thoughts about his intentions, she found herself blushing when he traced the cloth over her cheeks. Removing the dirt while quietly gazing at her, Sesshoumaru smirked at the tell tale redness in her cheeks.

"So um..." Kagome cleared her throat, trying to think of something to say.

"You've been injured." The demon stated.

Kagome glanced down at her leg that was bleeding. "Oh, its alright."

"I did not mean your leg. You have been hurt in the past...I could tell by how frightened you were of me when you ran away. You did not simply fear becoming my mate, you feared I would take your virtue, forcefully." He seemed disgusted with the thought.

The ebony haired girl looked up at him suspiciously. "How long did you say you've been watching me?"

"Hn. About three days." He absentmindedly replied, distracted as he pulled a few leaves from her hair.

"Well seems to me it must have been since three years ago, because that's when it happened." Kagome smiled wryly, watching as his claws moved gently through her ebony hair.

"What happened?" His tone had a hint of demand in it.

She sighed. "Its really no big deal. I got lost one day in the city and this man pulled me into an ally. He nearly...well he nearly had his way with me, but I managed to escape, that's all. The situation was similar in my head I guess."

As Sesshoumaru twined her hair around his clawed fingers, he regarded her with an expression Kagome couldn't fathom. Perhaps it was a demonic emotion that she couldn't possibly understand unless she felt it herself. She at least got the sense that he was angry though.

"I am sorry that you had to experience that."

Kagome waved it off. "Well thank you, but really it's no big deal. I'm over it."

Sesshoumaru brought one of her long black strands of hair up so that he could smell her scent. Drinking in her fragrance, he continued in the same impassive tone.

"If you were so 'over it', you wouldn't have reacted as frightened as you did towards me."

Kagome opened and closed her mouth, at a loss for words. A moment of silence settled over them, before Kagome sighed and rubbed her head awkwardly. "So what happens now?"

Sesshoumaru inspected her leg for a moment, his gaze following the trail of red that had ran down from her cut. "Whatever you desire, mate Kagome."

She groaned and shook her head. "That's what I'm talking about. You don't seem to understand that I can't be your mate."

Sesshoumaru chuckled, "I have been attending to you. You might try to lie yourself about this, but your body cannot hide its reactions, you responded to my touch."

A scarlet tint lit up Kagome's cheeks as she glared at him. "I did not!"

As if to prove his point, the demon raised her leg up and bent his head down, kissing the wound. Kagome's blush intensified at the intimate contact. Since she was human, she didn't identify the fact that Sesshoumaru was merely attending to her as his kind saw fit. The act of washing the mud from her skin, or healing her wounds were a sort of grooming demonstration, rather than an act of seduction.

In time, he'd teach her this. "But not tonight."

When he pulled away, the wound was healed. Kagome stared at it in wonder, trying to ignore the tingling sensation from where the heat of his lips had been.

"How did that happen?"

"It is an act that can only be performed on mates. My saliva on the wound acted as a healing agent."

The human and the demon locked gazes. "B-but...I don't..." Kagome stammered, trying to grasp onto the difficult situation.

"If you require more proof." He showed her his clawed hand.

She blinked, before exclaiming; "But that cant be right, I burned you. It couldn't have healed so fast, even if you are a demon."

He lowered it again, looking into her eyes seriously. "True, and even a demon as powerful as I am would have been burned, were it not for the fact that mates cannot harm one another. Your reiki will not burn my skin."

Kagome regarded him in wonder. He wasn't lying, so that meant she really was supposed to be his.

Sesshoumaru, in an uncharacteristic gesture of kindness, stood and held out one clawed hand to her. Kagome accepted it and stood, looking up at him with confused eyes.

"Come. Perhaps if we talk somewhere more comfortable, we may get to know one another better."

Kagome hesitated for a slight moment, watching the creature in front her. He'd taken care of her, with a tenderness and compassion she had never expected from him. The least she could do was hear him out, so she nodded.


Kagome eagerly brought the cup of coffee up to her lips, inhaling the smell and smiling at the warmth. Sesshoumaru was looking outside at the night, a detached look upon his features. Around them, the loud boisterous chatter from before had died down in the bar. They'd looked at her strangely when she'd asked for a coffee, but she was glad for the boost it gave her, even if Sesshoumaru wrinkled his nose at the smell.

"So Sesshoumaru. Why did you wait three days before approaching me?" Kagome asked, her brown eyes watching him intently. She didn't mean to, but it wasn't every day you were in the presence of a demon. Besides he was watching me for three days, I have some catching up to do.

She studied the fall of silver hair, to his pointed ears, following his jaw line before returning her gaze to his eyes.

Sesshoumaru smiled slightly at her attention. "I wanted to learn more about you before our encounter. It is also because tonight is the night demons find their mates and consummate their relationship. It is a night of union and in a human mates case, transformation into being near immortal."

She blushed and pointed an accusing finger at him. "Ah ha! So you were planning on sleeping with me tonight in order to make me your mate! I knew it."

Sesshoumaru merely looked at her with an intense gaze. It was one that whispered of clandestine promises in the dark, and she stilled, her mind inexplicably drawn to the thought of bodies wrapped in satin sheets, of nights spent in dark lust.

"...The thought had crossed my mind I will admit." His voice, combined with the look in his eye made her heart beat pick up, and her mind continued to race to all the places it shouldn't in the presence of a demon.

For a moment, despite Kagomes earlier resolve not to be Sesshoumarus mate, she found herself leaning in. There was something in that look that drew her in, it was hungry, animal and very dangerous, but Kagome, though innocent, was no saint and couldn't look away for an instant.

Sesshoumaru broke the spell with a soft chuckle, a flash of fangs visible for a second, before he crossed his arms and leaned back leisurely. "But as I said before, I will not force you. I can understand your reluctance, due to the fact that your innocence remains intact."

Kagome slammed her coffee cup down on the table, embarrassment crossing her face. "How do you even know that? You know what never mind, you'll probably say something demonic."

Sesshoumaru rose an eyebrow. "It is nothing to be embarrassed over, you are after all only 19 years of age. I take it that is the reason why you were having problems with your human male?"

Kagome glanced up at him, "are you a mind reader or something?"

The demon shrugged, "I am your mate." He said it as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

She sighed, "no it wasn't because of that. Hojo dumped me because he said we just weren't connecting emotionally, or something like that. I don't know what it is, the relationships I have just never work out."

Sesshoumaru nodded, "that is to be expected. You are mine to have Kagome. That is what I meant by living a half life if you ignore this. No other demon or human male will ever satisfy you, or bring you the happiness that only a mate can offer."

The girl frowned up at him. "And you think I'll be happy with you?"

"You would at least be content. I assure you my intentions towards you are completely serious. I merely wish to protect you, care for you. In return I would have your loyalty and trust."

Kagome then looked at him with an emotion that was entirely human. It was a mix of sadness and longing.

"And what about love? Can you promise me that?" She whispered.

For once, Sesshoumaru had no answer. Love hadn't crossed his mind, it was a human emotion but was pale in comparison to the depth of feelings shared between mates.

His eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Many thought him incapable of love.

"I can promise many things, and one of them is that I would cherish you as a mate. But love is only something I can hope for between us, not guarantee."

Surprisingly, she smiled genuinely at that. "Well that's alright, love cant be forced after all. I suppose only time would tell, just like a normal relationship."

Sesshoumaru glanced at the drunken couples pushing close to one another and smiling idiotically. "Yet unlike a normal relationship, this is not something you can get out of once you agree to it. Once you submit to me, there is no going back. Your soul would share a link with mine, and that is not something that can be severed."

Kagome placed her empty cup onto the table, watching him carefully. The moment was abruptly broken however when the bartender announced it was the final round of drinks.

The couple sighed, words dying on their tongues. Kagome followed the demon out of the bar, weighing all that he'd said and startled that she was considering him. They stopped under the light of the moon, not another human soul in sight.

She was still unsure, and Sesshoumaru could sense that. Although he wanted to give into the strange new desires the priestess ignited within him, he wouldn't rush her. Humans valued trust, and he couldn't take hers for granted.

His hand tangled in her ebony hair, before sliding it up to caress his knuckles against her cheek. He sighed reluctantly. "I will take you home."

Kagome blinked, her heart had been fluttering underneath his fingertips. She cleared her throat and smiled teasingly;"What about that thing you said about tonight being the one night demons consummate their relationship with mates? If you let me go home, I can't be your mate for another year."

Sesshoumaru rose an eyebrow at her, looking confused for a moment before he smiled. "Do not tempt me. You aren't ready to become mine. A year will give you plenty of time to think about it, and I will court you as you wish."

With that said, an orb of white light surrounded them, and Sesshoumaru took Kagome in his arms before leaping up into the sky.

Kagome gasped and clung onto him, feeling the wind rush past her. He chuckled at her reaction as she held onto him tightly, feeling heat rush to her face. Giving him a half hearted glare that he only smiled at, Kagome wondered why she felt so safe in his arms as he raced through the night. The same dominant power she'd felt from him earlier practically weaved itself through the orb, yet she didn't feel as caged by it as before.

The orb of white light slowly thinned around them as Sesshoumaru floated down from the sky. Opening her window to her apartment, he set her down in the room. Kagome smiled until she noticed her alarm clock, "I cant believe it, it's 3.00 am in the morning?!"

Sesshoumaru landed in her room elegantly, looking very out of place in her humble little bedroom.

"Humans should be asleep at this time." He noted offhandedly, looking at a picture of her family on the wall.

Kagome yawned, "well yeah, you've kept me up pretty late."

He watched as she pulled back the covers of her bed, shrugging off her witches cloak. "Hn, humans lives are so short, and yet you sleep so often. I find it quite ridiculous."

She smiled, shaking her head in dismay. "Well our bodies aren't as invincible and untouchable as yours, oh great and powerful one. We're quite fragile really, so you should handle us with care, and maybe next time not chase me through the park."

The demon slowly crossed the distance separating them, and her brown eyes widened when he leaned so close she could feel his breath on her neck.

"Indeed." He murmured, before tilting her head up and capturing her lips with his own. Kagome gasped, to which the demon took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, his arms encircling her protectively. It took her a moment to respond, but when she did she only pulled him closer, surprising him. Their bodies were as close as possible given the armor he was wearing. He now cursed himself for deciding to wear it at all.

Kagome, he found could be both passionate and fiery one minute, unabashed as she touched the markings on his cheek, and then her lips would turn soft and yielding the next. He felt a shiver of pleasure run down his spine at the thought that she was willingly doing this, the human that had run from him earlier was now sighing against him contentedly.

To Kagome, kissing an immortal was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. He smelt like the rain, like nature caught in a storm, and he'd held himself so regally before that she hadn't thought him capable of this much passion.

When he forced himself to pull away, her hands were tangled in his hair, and he'd lifted her a little off the ground, hands wrapped around her waist. She blushed and smiled a little, her breath mingling with his as Sesshoumaru placed her down, taking her hands from his hair and gently releasing her.

"I-I guess this is good night then." She murmured, trying to calm her racing heart. She noted that he too looked disheveled and nothing like the composed demon she'd seen earlier. He inclined his head and then bent down, kissing the corner of her mouth before whispering;

"Until next time, Kagome."

And then he was gone.



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