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The Scent by Lucy Morningstar

The Scent

DISCLAIMER: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and its respective owners. :(

A/N: For everyone who encouraged me to enter this contest. :-)

Summary: A captivating scent has Sesshoumaru bolting towards its source.


The Scent


It happened suddenly. A breeze that blew casually into his direction, and with it had brought a scent, subtle as a feather, and delicate as fresh gossamer.

Lightly and gently.

It lasted a mere second, gracing the tip of his nose, but it was enough to send Sesshoumaru lashing back at the air, as if he had just been stung. His body froze as a thousand thoughts crashed into his mind in a single moment, yet only one was clear, emboldened in its wonderment.

What was it?

A force like no other that had compelled into his inner being and grabbed his soul by the throat. His common sense altered. He had to know immediately this instant. Right now.


~ *.*.* ~


Sesshoumaru ran and disappeared, and disappeared and ran. His brain had turned to mush. He could no longer think.

Discreetly and steathily.

The scent lingered increasingly as he neared. There was more than a single entity creating this captivating smell, like an extra-ordinary concoction, a magical mixture of nuances in the air.

How it wafted, drifted, and floated around him, as if trying to spell its name into his senses. Sesshoumaru gritted his teeth, wishing he could understand just once.

Everything else was meaningless.


~ *.*.* ~


The weather was beautiful today. She had just arrived from the well and was feeling rather peckish. Sitting down on the grass under a tree, she grabbed a snack from her bag.

Kagome was about to take a bite from her hamburger, when the Lord of the Western Lands suddenly came crashing out through the forest clearing before her. Then, in an amazing attempt of self-composure, the daiyoukai slowly straightened his back and puffed out his chest.

Kagome's mouth was still gaping. His hair was everywhere.

"Tell me," he was speaking to her, his voice rasping, out of breath. "Tell me now, what exactly...lies in your hands."

Kagome's eyes slowly peered at the said object.


Hambaagu. So that's what it was called.

"It's um, not exactly local food."

"Then tell me where does it hail from."

"I'm sorry, I'm not too good with the history of hamburgers. I um, got it from Wac's."

It was more than enough. Without another word, Sesshoumaru turned and walked towards the opposite direction.

A new force had beckoned him.

"Hey, where are you going?" Kagome called from behind.

"Isn't it obvious?" he simply answered.


"This Sesshoumaru is going to Wac's."



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