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Mistress Jillen by Walter205

The Curse

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The swift kick sent the Imp flying into the air, screaming as the ever painful boot came into contact with his backside. Jaken landed about a hundred yards from where he had been sitting, Lord Sesshomaru punishing him for allowing Rin to injure herself while picking Roses with thorns. The Lord was now tending to the slightly sniffling Rin while Jaken lay up against the tree.

Suddenly though, Jaken was enveloped within a greenish light. He had only a moments notice, but it was enough for him to comprehend what was happening. 'Not now, not now!' were his last thoughts as the light enveloped him, the transformation occurring because of his wish that his lord would stop abusing him so.

His species, his particular breed of Imp, much confused with toad demons, didn't mate per say. Rather, when it was desired upon, a male Imp would transform into a female Imp, and thusly be with child using recycled Imp semen from when the female had still been a male. Thusly, a litter of Imps would be born, each about a quarter size of the current size of the birth mother. However, there were limitations to what the newly minted female Imp could do.

Because of their small size, and weak demonic powers, most Imps couldn't produce milk for their offspring. Because of this, each Imp when transformed had what was called the Lactomosis Curse implanted within them. The first female, whether they be youkai, hanyou, or human, that they lay eyes on would be afflicted with the curse, and fated to bear milk from their breasts for the Imp pups until such a time that the pups would be able to feed themselves.

Fortunately, a female could only be hit with this curse if she was of age, which excluded Rin from the lineup. Also fortunately, the survival genetics brewed into each Imp meant that they underwent rigorous growth spurts and maturation, so that inside of a week, although that week would be crammed with feeding sessions, the Imps would be old enough to fend for themselves.

So, the main problem would be getting said female to agree to help Jaken. Well, the Imp that used to be Jaken, at least. Jillen, that is the newly minted female Imps name, now had purple hair running down to her lower back, and her ears were smaller and curvier. Her demonic wardrobe had also changed, wearing something similar to what Rin was wearing, with the exception that most of it was a highly contrasting hot pink color to Jillen's green skin.

So thusly Master Jaken had become Mistress Jillen.

* * *

Barely five days had passed since the transformation had been completed. When Mistress Jillen had explained her predicament to Lord Sesshomaru, and assured him that Rin would not be overly affected by it, they had proceeded on their way as if nothing untoward had happened. Mistress Jillen still carried the staff of two heads, and still had the task of looking after Rin.

Although changes could be seen, since it was becoming apparent that Mistress Jillen had almost a polar opposite personality of Master Jaken. Mistress Jillen, while still caring about Lord Sesshomaru, didn't fawn over him, cling to him, or heap tons of praises upon him. She was mostly silent, except in conversations with Rin, whom she now considered a close friend, rather than a curious annoyance. When asked about their other allies in conversation, Jillen had remarked that she now found Inuyasha quite handsome, that humans were to be respected if they showed strong enough skill, and so on.

As it was fated to be though, it was on the fifth day that the curse took effect. For on that day, Inuyasha had come barging through the forest, sword drawn and ready to do battle with Sesshomaru, whom had interpreted the other's approach as a challenge, mistakenly. Mistress Jillen's eyes had stayed focused on Inuyasha for a while, taking in the handsome hanyou, but gradually she became aware of the others at his side. The second person she laid eyes on was Inuyasha's companion, the miko Kagome...

Oh shit.

She felt her demonic aura flaring as the curse was dispatched. Kagome barely had time to register that she was under assault by something, as her powers flared in defense, but it was too little and too late as the curse took hold, her powers settling back down as the curse didn't show any signs of actually harming her. The two of them locked eyes, Kagome looking confused upon seeing Mistress Jillen present where Master Jaken usually would be standing next to Rin.

Sesshomaru noticed the two exchanging looks, and realizing what that meant in regards to the curse, let loose a soft sigh. He actually covered his eyes with his one remaining hand as the consequences coursed through his mind. This was not good, not good at all.

* * *

Six months have passed since that fateful day. Nothing had happened to Kagome in the ensuing time, with the packs maintaining their distance from one another. However, on the same day that Mistress Jillen finally went into labor, Sesshomaru had gone to fetch Kagome, for she would be needed soon to care for the Impups. He had arrived at their camp and swiftly done battle with Inuyasha.

Being serious this time, but also knowing that a highly injured Inuyasha would mean Kagome would stay behind to care for him, he simply knocked the hanyou to the ground, before making a grab for the miko and departing the scene in his white energy ball. When they had arrived back at the birth site, Kagome was not the least bit happy, but Rin had emerged from the hut to explain the situation to the miko, about what the past six and a half months had been going on in concern to Kagome, Jillen/Jaken, and the curse.

In the end, Kagome had agreed to help, surprising Sesshomaru, but not Rin; because the little girl had a feeling that the helpful Kagome would probably decide to endure the hardships even for someone who had once been an enemy, and then a reluctant ally.

And so the six Impups had been born, each born as a male, each named in regulation with Jaken's clan, with their names basically being modern times Western names ending with the letter 'n'. Just as Jaken was Jake-n, so the new Impups had been named Boben, Billen, Jacken, Joshen, Danen, and Gregen. The Impups were each about the quarter size of Mistress Jillen, as predicted, making squawking sounds like baby chicks, their little beaks grasping for food.

The 'arrangement' for feeding had been something of a surprise. Rin was forbidden in participating, her assignment instead being to take Ah-Un out to feed on grass. Considering the schedule for the next week, the dragon would probably be sick of grass by the time this episode was finished, but it couldn't be helped. In order to make Kagome comfortable, she rested in Lord Sesshomaru's lap, the latter having divested himself of his armor and weapons. His aura also served to prevent the miko's aura from harming the Impups, and also warned away other demons seeking easy prey.

Kagome herself was without her shirt and bra, the feeding sessions coming close enough together than it was considered impractical to keep putting the shirt back on and off. Rather, when it would be time to hunt for food and gather water, Lord Sesshomaru would cover Kagome with his shirt when he left them briefly to gather the needed supplies and nourishment. And so Kagome, who's breasts had now swollen from comfortable C cups to daring D cup sized, went to work, nursing two of the Impups at a time, wincing as their beaks snapped down upon her erect nipples, but getting gradually used to the pain. Mistress Jillen rested on her stomach, helping the miko to support the latched on Impups, and holding the others that were resting in between the feedings.

During the sessions Mistress Jillen heaped praises upon the miko, thanking her so much for being willing to go through with this and the two, through discussions of the pups being fed and growing in leaps and bounds, among other things, formed a motherly bond. Lord Sesshomaru, for his part, felt his respect of this particular human growing, and felt a physical attraction growing as well the more he felt her body pressing into his, even as her loving and caring personality chipped away at his cold and uncaring exterior.

One week later, the Impups had become fully grown and were now adults, able and willing to go their separate ways. With Mistress Jillen having already staked a claim of service ship to Lord Sesshomaru, the other Imps wandered off in search of their own powerful masters to become apprentices to. They all wished the newly formed adult demons success, although silently Kagome hoped they didn't all come looking for her when it was time for them to produce their own offspring. Handling one adult and six pups was tiring enough, trying to talk to six adults simultaneously while feeding thirty six Impups at once would probably kill her.

Sighing softly with exhaustion, she leaned into the embrace of Lord Sesshomaru. He had agreed to protect her while she rested from the weeklong feeding period, until she was capable of returning to her pack, alone. In the meantime, Lord Sesshomaru had made up his own mind. Giving a green glowing middle finger mentally to his dead father, who was probably laughing his butt off somewhere in the skies above him, Sesshomaru looked down to the sleeping form of the human woman in his grasp.

He would wait until she awoke. He would then descend upon her, ravishing her with all the love he had constrained to himself over the past few centuries, and if the end she accepts his love and devotion, then she wouldn't need to return to her pack, since she would be at home, with him. Silently, he was happy that the effects of the curse wouldn't wear off until a few more days, for he looked forward to the prospect of tasting the miko's loving milk...

The End


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