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Black Dragon by susan

Chapter 1

I do not own any of Inuyasha and characters. I'm just typing a story and would like to have some opinions of how I should go about typing stories. Thank you for reading my very first story.

Chapter 1

Here I am Kagome Higurashi 16 years old, daughter of Lord of the North. He died a few weeks ago and now I'm having to go live with okaa and ojiisan at a shrine.

Okaa-san had to go live with ojiisan becouse his health was getting really bad, that she thought that she should live with him than have him live in a home for sick old people. She didn't want to leave me and otou-san, but she thought it was better if she stayed with ojiisan and the shrine that's been in the family for centuries. I missed her a lot but I understood that she wanted to spend the time she could with ojiisan and keep the shrine when he dies.

I always went to go visit during the summer, and when it was school time I always came visit on the holidays and spring break. Otou-san was so busy with business and meetings at his work that he said I can go visit during those times. He even said I can go live with okaa-san and ojiisan if I wanted since he's so busy, but I said no I wanted to be with my otou-chan. I was otou-chan's little girl.

He always brought me back things from other lands when he had to go on business. I tell him not to, but he does it anyways. I told him if he wants to bring me back something it should be a cool looking car. well I never knew he was actually going to do that. I got my car on my 16th birthday. It was a 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the car was black with a dark color red, blue, green and other dark colors dragon wrapped around it.

I also had ten pairs of special made pair of leather pants. All dark colors with dragons slithering up one leg around my waist and down the other. One pair looks like a dragon is biting my left ass cheek and another pair has a dragon going between my crouch and up my ass. The other pairs has a dragon running up around one leg, around my waist and down around my other leg. My okaa had a black leather jacket with a dark colored dragon wrapped around it. My racing name is Black Dragon so my okaa had it put on the back of the jacket. When I zip up the jacket it looks like the dragon is biting my left tit.

My otou-san was really good friends with the Lord of the Eastern Mountains, and his son, Koga was into racing cars. So he got me into it, I learned how to drift and street race with his car. So then he got me into it. I thought his car looked so cool. It was an Ascari A10 Super Car, the car was light brown with brown ookami's running on the sides of the car and had a beautiful picture of an ookami sitting on a rock on the edge of a lake howling at a full moon, the moon reflecting off the water. So Koga gave the car to me and said he was buying a new one anyways. I told him not to but he did anyways. He said, why keep it if I'm going to buy a new one, that I should have it. I had learned how to drive when I was 15, so I got my license a little early. And I've been racing with my best friend since then.

Now that my otou-san died I'm having to move here with my okaa and ojiisan at the shrine. I have an ani-ue, Sota that would take over the title. He already graduated and went to collage. And when he graduated from collage otou-san taught him the ways of being the Lord of the North, politics and the way he does his business and boring stuff. Sota traveled with otou-san when he went to other lands on business. I traveled at times with him, but I got in trouble one time so otou-san stopped taking me with him. But I had fun on that day I got in trouble.

Finally off the air plane and gathered all my luggage at the airport, a luggage carrier came up to me and showed me were the rest of my things that were packed in boxes and my car was at. I thanked the young man and he bowed and said, ja matta and left. I packed all I could of my luggage in my car and rented a movers truck to haul the rest of my luggage and the boxes of my belongings. It took a couple of hours till we got to the shrine, but finally we got there. I honked the horn of my car to let okaa-san and ojiisan know I was here. Ms. Higurashi stuck her head out my bed room window and yelled, I'll be there in a minute to help you haul your things up. She came and helped me and the movers carry all my belongings up those kamis awful stairs. Everyone cursing under their breathes about those danm stairs, seeming like there were one more added to them when finished carrying a box up the stairs and going back down. It took half of the day to carry all my things up those be danm stairs. I thanked the movers and paid what I owed and tip them both greatly.

We just piled all my luggage and boxes by the front door. Okaa and I were going to carry them up to my room. While we were carrying my things to my room I asked, Okaa-san why were you in my room a while ago?

Oh nothing really dear, I was just cleaning and moving things around so you can move all your things in. I went through your closet and got all your small clothes out of the way so you can hang your clothes up. I cleaned up your room some, dusted a little here and there, put clean sheets and blanket on your bed. And was airing out your room while I was cleaning it for you. I hope your not mad at me for going through your things and getting rid of all your small clothes you won't need any more.

No okaa-san, I'm not mad at you. You're the best okaa-san, for helping me clean and make room for me. While we were caring all my things to my room I told okaa to put all my luggage and the boxes that says clothes on them in my room, and put the rest in Sota's old room for now. If it's alright with you?

Sure dear that'll be just fine, you can put up all your clothes first then you can go through your other things later. Do you want me to put the box that says bathroom on it in your bathroom?

Yeah, so I can  take out all the things I need so I can take a shower after I'm done. Thanks okaa-san a lot for helping me carry all the boxes up all those kamis forbid stairs.

Your welcome Kagome.

This is my first story I've typed. So let me know if I need to do better or give me pointers on it.

Meaning of those words:

Okaa : mother

Okaa-san : mom

Ojiisan : grandfather

Otou-san : father

Otou-chan : daddy

Ookami : wolf demon

Ani-ue : older brother

Ja matta : good bye   


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