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Living With you is Like... by HelloCandy

Chapter 1

Story Update: New rating MA

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Words: 767

The two lovers laid there spent on the bed; their bodies, ever so intricately entwined with each other while enjoying the other's warmth. The sun started to rise and a beam of light shone gently through the window meters from her bed, making the bedroom glow. The tall masculine male was awakening, and hating doing so knowing that if he woke up he would have to leave his beloved girlfriend there in her bed. She acknowledged the sun's presence by shifting a little to get closer to him. Kami how he loved to feel her body touching him, he tried so hard from getting another erection after thinking about all the wonderful positions they were in night before, knowing how much she hated feeling a huge bulged as she wakes up.

Easing himself ever so slowly away from her, his feet almost touching the floor, he felt her soft hands tug- with an amazing grip I might add- toward her. "Nuh-hun. Fluffy stay; call in sick," giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

Sesshomaru let out a low chuckle and moved a strand of hair out of her face. "I cannot koi, I did the other day; and father would be furious. Besides I have to go back to my place and get ready." He said finally being able to place his feet upon the floor and started putting his clothes back on.

"Well," she started following suite, "if we moved in with each other we wouldn't have to worry about you having to rush to work…at least not because you have to travel a distance to get ready." She was quick to wrap her arms around his waist. Soon her hands came to occupy regions south of his stomach, only to be removed by his own hands.

Sesshomaru sighed; they've had this conversation countless times and he just knew they couldn't move in there with her because her apartment was a little too small and he was still awkwardly living with his parents in their newer western style mansion, along with his brother who obviously has the hots for her and has been since he tried to go out with her two years ago. "We've been over this. Your place is too small and I wouldn't dare move you in with me and my family." He was about to place his hand on the door leaving out of her apartment when she stopped him.

"I know that's why I was thinking that I could try and get out of my lease and we move into a bigger place." She saw the expression that was on his face and she know he wasn't exactly, thrilled to be revisiting this subject with her, she was willing to try anything for them to live together, after all she loved him. Kagome looked up at him with a slightly pouted lip, knowing he could never resist when she acted like a little kid who's trying to get her way.

Upon her gaze, Sesshomaru inwardly cringed and took a sharp intake of breath. She knew his weaknesses and that was not necessarily good; and he knew that she would use every trick in her handbook to get him to agree with just about anything she said in a heartbeat, she had him wrapped around her little finger-and to be honest he kinda liked it that way, not that he'll ever mention that to anyone…ever. "Fine, on your day off I expect you to be looking for apartment and houses that meet our standards."

Kagome jumped up and down and wrapped her arms around him, and bid him to go to work before his father got angry; she didn't have the heart to tell him that she'd already been looking at places to move into for a few days now that indeed met the requirements that he was talking about. Walking toward her bathroom to take a shower, she looked at her little apartment and smiled. She was really gonna miss it.

Kagome of off the phone with her landlady and was pleased to find out that she could get out of her lease with hardly a hassle. 'With only current and last month's rent to pay, I don't think that's too bad…' With a glass of wine in her hand, Kagome looked at pamphlet after pamphlet of apartment layouts and houses that they both would like.

Sesshomaru walked in, carrying a big brown bag containing the take-out they were going to eat for dinner. Looking over her shoulder, he frowned at the choices she made. "Hn…" was his only reply.

I have decided to try to get the juices flowing, I would try and writing this fanfic- in drabbles- in hopes of getting out of my writer's block. For this story, I will need major help since I have no clue what it's like to move in and live with other people other than my mother, so I'll take requests for the prompts for each chapter (if placing one as a review, please write "Prompt: blah blah blah". If submitting them in as a privet message please put "Prompt" in the subject)


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