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Waking Up In Vegas... by Duchess Of Darkness

Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Tashio!!!

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Waking Up In Vegas...

by Duchess of Darkness aka D.O.D


Proloque: Good Morning Mr and Mrs Tashio!!!

The loud ring of the doorbell echoed across the ransacked room to the slumbering miko on the larger than life sized bed. The noise resounded in her head making little stars burst behind her eye lids. A pain she’s never known to feel so excruciating throbbed and pulsed in sync with the doorbell as someone insist someone answer them.

“What is that god awful noise?” Kagome groaned as she slowly came back to the waking world.

A very involuntary trip, mind you. This miko had no intention what so ever to leave her world of chocolate rivers and caramel waterfalls. It was the only time when a woman could eat herself silly without fear of gaining an ounce, so who would be so cruel to ruin such a world?

She sent a thank you to the heavens above when the noise suddenly ceased granting her the blessed sound of silence. It was only a shame the throbbing in her head remained and only doubled.

Since she was already in the process of waking she turned over unto her back to slowly open her heavy eyelids to stare at the white ceiling above her, a little over to the side was a few odd shape light fixtures. At least what she thought was a few; either that or she had a horrible case of double vision. No, this was not the grey ceiling of her home, or the maroon ceiling of InuYasha’s home. Most definitely the ceiling of some swanky hotel; but why would she be here?

 Without warning, images of silver hair and maroon markings danced about her aching pounding mind. Odd. She thought to herself with a frown. Shaking her head she sat up suddenly and instantly regretted it as her head swam and the images before her turned and twisted about.

The pain, oh the pain was horrible. This was a clear sign that she was suffering the infamous hangover. Everything was so bright and too loud for the miko that she had to reach up to hold her head to stop the spinning. With one blood shot eye she endured the painful brightness to survey the bedroom.

From what she could tell already through her warping vision was that she had no idea where the hell she was. But she does know that she will be smacked with one hell of a cleanup bill when the maid service comes to clean it; if they could clean it. Kagome has never seen a room so …well she didn’t know what to call it. The pillows were thrown everywhere with feathers spilling out of them, curtains hanging off the windows in shreds, wine stains all in the carpet, and shopping bags everywhere with odd shaped things (that she wasn’t sure she want to analyze too much) spilling out of them. Then there was that logo that unnerved her more than stuff in them. ‘Lovers Lane’. What on earth was she doing there?

Okay , she tried to assure herself before she panicked, maybe she was buying Miroku and Sango marital gifts for their wedding shower next month. Yeah that had to be it. She absolutely had no other reason to go shopping there…right? Kagome thought hopefully as she pulled her hand from her face.

A Kagome lowered her hand something caught the miko’s eyes drawing her pink and blue orbs down to her fingers. When did she manage to get a manicure and choose red of all colors? She asked herself nervously as she inspected her hand further. Wiggling her long appendages she watched a diamond sparkle like a disco ball on her finger. It was the biggest rock Kagome has ever seen on a ring. She could go skating on it if she wanted to.

“That can’t be real”. She scoffed and shook her head in denial. There was no way she can afford something like this even working two high paying jobs at TashioTech. But then again she hoped she paid for this, the thought of stealing something this valuable made her stomach hurt.

“Gotta be costume jewelry.” Said more to convince herself rather than stating an actual fact.

Speaking of TashioTech, she’ll be late for that meeting if she didn’t get a move on it. She’ll worry about cleaning this mess later. When faced with choosing between this mess and the Icy Lord of Tokyo, Sesshoumaru most definitely come first, especially when her payroll depends on his happiness.

Sesshoumaru will have her hide if she was late for that meeting. And ‘late’ by his standards was coming in right on time. Where was she anyhow?

Kagome took a moment to glance out the window through the shredded curtains, she spotted flashy billboards, signs, and other unnecessarily flashy advertisements that probably cost those buildings an ass kicking electric bill.

Okay, she had to be at that demon owned Vegas casino. Devil’s what-sa-majig or something. She would have to look at her planner she decided as she looked around the room. Wherever it may be among this chaos. But at least so far, she knows that she was in Vegas. Las Vegas, the City of Sin. And from the looks of things, she’d say she’s already bought her first class ticket to hell.

With somewhat firm resolve she planted her feet to the floor and attempted to stand to go order a chaser since its apparent she was suffering a hangover of major proportions. The last thing she needed was headache when she already had more headaches to deal with.

Counting to three she hoisted herself off the mattress, “Okay, upsy daisy. Whoops!” she yelped as she toppled to the floor that she swore was moving.

“Why the hell do my feet feel so heavy?” she question as she looked back at her feet and scowled at the red strap up 5 inch heel stilettos. They were the types of shoes that you would see in porn movies rather than see as everyday wear.

“Okay…That’s something you don’t see every day.” she mused then stopped at the sound of rustling on the bed she no longer occupied. She looked cautiously up at the bed as she lay still on the floor.

Whoever it was seem just as unwilling as she was to come back to the world of the living if the growling and mumbled curses were anything to by. Quickly Kagome scrambled to her hands and knees to slowly peer over the edge of the mattress.

What greeted her tired blue eyes was a mass of messy silver hair and a well muscled arm stretched out beside him. He was faced away from her so she couldn’t place a name to the stranger quite yet. But that silver hair however…

Panic slowly crept along the edges of her brain. Surely she couldn’t have been so drunk that she slept with this stranger without even knowing who he was. She couldn’t live with herself if this person was a complete stranger. Her mom would kill her.

 Kagome’s eyes traveled down the stranger’s long limb to his wrist that was marked with two twin maroon markings. An alarm went off in her head as she stared at the stranger’s wrist in trepidation.  Okay, maybe waking up to a complete stranger wouldn’t be so bad after all.

No it can’t be him.

As much as Kagome wanted to deny it, she really couldn’t. Only one person she knows has twin markings like those on certain parts of his body, but the chances of him being this stranger lying naked in this bed was completely, absolutely, positively…Zero. There just can’t be.

With dread she crawled onto the mattress with shaky limbs and crept closer to peak over at the strangers face. Along the way she found a pointed ear; not really considered proof besides confirming that he was demon so she’ll keep going. Continuing, she came to another pair of maroon markings gracing a flawless porcelain cheek pointing away from the stranger’s ear. Looking a little higher she noticed long perfect silver eyelashes then his perfect straight nose down to those familiar sinful pink lips.

Shocked to say the least, she whispered breathlessly, “No. Way.” But before she could really panic, something urged her to glance down to his hand dangling off the bed; and what so you suppose our poor miko found?

Yes another set of maroon markings, but his wrist wasn’t what made the miko stop breathing. There on the demon lord’s wedding finger was the masculine version to the ring she had on her own finger.

“Calm down Kagome, get the facts before you panic. Surely there was some other logical explanation, if any, for all this.” Kagome reasoned in a broken voice as she took a deep breath to relax when the bedroom door was kicked open suddenly. Not actually kicked open but from the way it all sound it may as well have been. Of course there have to be more misery Kagome has to suffer before Karma was happy. That cruel bitch.

 The miko groaned when the noise thundered through her head with a vengeance. “What now?”She griped as the Vice president of the TashioTech, Aimaru Darsey III, strolled casually into the room with his own personal secretary hanging around his neck like a human necklace.

This had finally roused the slumbering demon lord out of his drunken snooze and into the painful reality of the waking world. Yep, from the way he groaned she’d say he had a few drinks too many himself and that his hangover was doing him in.

With a grin Aimaru dismissed his brother’s malicious red eyed glare then strolled over to the large bed the clueless couple occupied.

“Well good morning Mr. and Mrs. Tashio. Hope you both enjoyed your last minute honeymoon. We can’t have our future partners to the TashioTech Kingdom of technology waiting now can we? They expect us in a few hours. Up! Up! Up!” Aimaru urged loudly with each loud clap of his hands jostling his human necklace about. Must not have bothered her none since the woman simply giggled like a teenage school girl.

Then, like a ton of bricks falling on her head in one big heap, it hit Kagome. “W-what did you call me?” her voice barely audible to the human ear.

Aimaru and his secretary share a puzzled look then grinned. He shrugged then answered the nervous miko plainly, “Why…Mrs. Tashio of course. My half sister-in-law isn’t that marvelous?” He moved around the bed grabbing the wedding brochure of the nightstand as he crouched down before his less than awake brother.

Dangling the booklet in front of the demon lord’s half opened eyes, Aimaru chuckled as he taunted his older sibling, “So that makes you, my dearest brother no longer an antisocial frosty celibate bastard of a bachelor.” He finished with an evil grin.

Sesshoumaru sat up so fast he threw poor little Kagome off his back like a catapult onto the far side of the bed.

Trying to focus on the blurry being before him Sesshoumaru narrowed his tinted eyes, “What are you going on about?” his voice heavy with sleep.

Cocking his head inquisitively at his bewildered brother, Aimaru stood and pointed over his brother’s shoulder to the woman behind him trying to right her twisted limbs. “That behind you is what I am going on about? Surely you haven’t forgotten the lovely time you had yesterday, have you? And quite a time it was, you haven’t the slightest idea how many citations you two acquired over a 12 hour period.”

Sesshoumaru slowly spare a confused glare over at the jumble body of the miko clothed in a red glittery show girl’s outfit. Her long endless legs wrapped in sheer red net pantyhose with lacey red garter belts on each of her shapely thighs reading ‘Just Married’. By impulse his eyes zeroed in immediately on the ridiculously expensive wedding ring on her finger. No it wasn’t phony. He bought his mother enough jewelry to know by sight alone what’s authentic and what’s a mock replica.

For the life of the demon lord, who was known for his impeccable memory, Sesshoumaru couldn’t recall anything of yesterday. At least nothing after he and the miko went some questionable bar suggested by his idiot sibling Aimaru for a few…drinks.

With nothing better to say because a lack of better words, Sesshoumaru simply watch the miko try to right herself. What else was here to say? What could the demon lord possible say about a situation such as this?

Eyes falling to her bosom, Sesshoumaru reached over to pluck a poker chip out of her top.

 “Miko…” he started calmly while flipping the chip in his fingers.

Kagome in turned looked up to catch Sesshoumaru’s golden hazy eyed gaze. His bed hair, sleepy golden eyes, and pouty lips making him look way too sexy for his own good. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad being married to such delicious looking eye candy. Though in this case, metaphorically speaking, he would taste sour. He was a renowned sour puss after all.

 With a nervous chuckle Kagome answered him meekly, “Heh, heh…Hi honey…”

Suddenly Sesshoumaru hand found his giggling brother’s neck in seconds. Slowly turning hard cold gold eyes to nervous silver ones, the demon lord demanded in a malicious growl. “What. Happened.” He bit out harshly in the other demon face.

Looking between the demon lord and the miko who finally managed to sit upright, Aimaru thought over on how to relay yesterday’s events. “Well…do you want to hear every detail or should I clean it up?” When Sesshoumaru’s hands tightened a dangerous degree around his neck, he squeaked out suddenly, “Okay, no need to be malicious my dear brother. Yesterday…”

Author's Note: 

I know me and my horrid cliffies but this is a Prologue for crying out loud...

This story was inspired by a beautiful picture done by the talented Sheridan. The name of the piece that inspired this FanFic is called...Waking Up In Vegas!!! So check it out in the FanArt Section when yall get a chance

I will try to get chapter one up when I can but since I'm working on like three different stories at one time that may prove a little hard but I'll manage...somehow.



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