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Fate Entwined by Konekotsukino

Fates Just Can't Let Things Be

Konekotsukino: Hey everyone!. I'm new to Dokuga and this is the first story that I am posting here. I have had this mulling around in my head for a bit now. I can't guarantee a solid update schedule, but I will try to update when I have the time. I hope that you guys will understand and respect this. I think I managed to get all of the spelling and grammar fixed before I uploaded this. If I missed something let me know. As of right now this story is rated M. It is an Action/Romance. If anything changes than I will update it accordingly.

You can find more of my stories on Konekotsukino and Serenity_ithil). Without further ado, please enjoy.

Last Edited on 2/18/11for a continuity error

Chapter 1: Fates Just Can't Let Things Be

    Darkness surrounded her as she was continually subjected to the whims of the demons who had placed her in her current state. They tortured her with images of what could have been and what could be if she made what they considered to be the right choice. They coaxed her, trying to sway her into making the wish that would ultimately seal her fate and the fate of everyone else. She whimpered and shook her head as for a brief moment she heard the voice of someone very close to her. The demons shifted and tightened their hold on her mind. They would not allow this interloper to get through to her. Whispering their continued promise of a normal life her will was beginning to weaken. She opened her mouth as if to speak, before pausing as she once again heard the voice. This time it was louder and the demons could not hold him back any longer.

    “Kagome!,” shouted a white haired young man as he slashed through one of the demons. One of the dog ears atop his head twitched as he listened for a response. His red robe of the fire rat rustled in the non-existent wind as the demons seemed to close in even tighter around him.

    “We have already told you that it is useless Hanyou,” the many voices said as one, “the priestess cannot hear you!”

    “And I told you to shut it!,” he shouted at the demons in rage while swinging the great fang that was his sword. “Kagome! Don't listen to them!” In the darkness she could hear him. His voice seemed to give her strength and renew her resolve. Her hair began to sway slightly as if there were a wind in the void she was in, and a faint pink glow began to form around her body. Her eyes snapped open with no warning and you could see the fire of her spirit burning in her eyes.

    “I won't listen to you anymore!” she shouted as she let her aura flair out for a moment before closing her eyes and reigning her aura in. She let her emotions calm as she opened her eyes again. A faint smile graced her lips. “I know what I am going to wish for,” she said. It seemed as if in that moment everything stopped. The demons stilled as the blackness around her disappeared and now she could see them all. She could see Inuyasha not to far away from her, his eyes blazing with his anger at the demons, and his own rambunctious spirit that she so loved. The smile on her lips widened for a moment as her eyes met his. Time continued to stand still as they looked in each others eyes, but the moment was broken as she turned her attention to the demons surrounding them. Inuyasha eyes widened as he realized what she was about to do. “I wish,” she started as a whisper, “ Shikon No Tama! I wish for you to disappear forever!”

    “No!” came the collective cry from the demons surrounding them, as they began to disappear. There came a flash of light from above them as the jewel began to crack. They could see where her arrow had pierced it. Inuyasha rushed to Kagome taking her in his arms. He held her tight as the light seemed to become brighter encasing them.

    “Inu-” she began only to be cut off as he suddenly disappeared. She was alone once again. She didn't like being alone. She whimpered as she hugged herself. “Inuyasha” she whispered as tears began to collect in her eyes.

    “Do not cry little one,” came the soft lilting cry of multiple voices. She blinked looking around, but she didn't see anyone, only the nearly blinding light still surrounded her. “Your journey is not over yet little one, but do not fear for you shall not be alone,” came the soft voices once again. She was surrounded by a soothing warmth.

    “W-who are you?” she asked, “Where are you?”

    “Do not fear,” the voices repeated, before she was plunged once more into complete darkness. This time she was not afraid of the dark as she closed her eyes. The soothing warmth continued to surround her. Were her eyes open and were she to focus on what was around her, she would have seen the mixing aura's surrounding her. Her eyes were still closed as she was surrounded by what seemed like stars and small galaxies. The feeling of warmth began to fade as well as the feeling of floating in air, as she began to descend into the myriad of lights. Her eyes cracked open a sliver to take in the site.

    “The well?” she questioned in a near silent whisper as her eyes opened a little more. However the calming peace that she had been feeling faded as a pain she had never felt before invaded her entire body. It felt as if her whole body was on fire, from head to toe, all the way down to the marrow of her bones. The auras that had been swirling around her body were now entering her body merging with her own pure energy.

    The pain ebbed for only a moment as her decent through the time stream began to slow, but soon returned almost ten fold. She could feel something within her beginning to change. This new feeling made her skin crawl as the waves of pain intensified. A scream ripped from her throat as her body curled inwards slightly. Her aura began to pulse around her, no longer was it the soft pink it had been. Now it was a multitude of colors as the aura's from before continued to merge with her, becoming one. There came cracking sounds as her bones popped in and out of place,shifting, growing and changing. Her nails began to rip as claws replaced them and her gums bled as fangs replaced her human teeth. Her hair grew in length and smoothed out, still holding a slight wave to it and her ears lengthened into pointed tips. Her tailbone also began to lengthen into a long slender yet at the same time fluffy black tail. Her cloths seemed to dissolve as what was left of the aura's that hadn't merged with her began to form new clothing for her.

   In place of her old school uniform, a kimono began to form. The under layers varying from white to light shades of blue. The outer layer of the kimono was black with silvery white sakura petals dancing along the sleeves and down the front. On the back of the kimono was a silver white sakura tree with petals around it. Her obi was ice blue with darker blue sakura petals and vines etched into it. Her feet were adorned with tabi socks and sandals. Finally the last if the energy faded as her aura's pulse slowed and the color settled for a mixture of pink and white. The pain faded until it became an almost dull ache as her consciousness faded. Finally the time stream came to an end in a flash of bright light as her body was gently deposited to the ground just under the shelter of a few low hanging tree's in the clearing of a forest. The glow of her aura receded as her body settled.

    Hours later she began to stir from the realms of unconsciousness. She groaned in pain as she felt the ache in her body, an echo to the pain she had felt not long ago. Her joints were stiff and popped as she moved into a sitting position. She doubled over groaning again as the sounds and scents of things around her assaulted her senses. Everything was magnified, sounds hurt her ears, light hurt her eyes, and she could practically taste the water in the air. She leaned back against one of the tree's not daring to move as she tried to become accustomed to her heightened senses. Briefly she wondered what in the world was happening to her before she decided not to think about it till everything didn't hurt so much.

    Over the course of the next thirty minutes or so she continually opened her eyes for brief intervals to try and get accustomed to the light. Blocking out as much sound and smells as she could she was eventually able to still her mind, however it was not enough to prevent the headache she was now sporting. Finally she was able to keep her eyes open though everything was still overly bright. She found now instead of a loud clamber of sounds it had dulled down to a more normal level and she was able to pick out individual sounds as well as hear more and further than she ever could. However the scents of things around her were still very over whelming as she found her nose to be more sensitive than her eyes or ears.

    Finally being able to see she took stock of what physical changes she could see without looking in a mirror. Her eyes widened as she took in her new attire finally noticing the texture of the clothing was soft as silk but as durable as Inuyasha's fire rat fur. She looked at her now clawed finger tips and ran her tongue over her now pointed teeth. Reaching up with her left hand she ran her fingers along her left ear finding the tip to be pointed instead of rounded. Placing her hand back down to her side she felt something soft brush against her fingertips. She looked down to see what it was and saw a curled mass of black fur. Her eyes, if possible, got wider as she reached her hand to the mass of fur and touched it. She realized that she could feel herself touching it.

    “I have a tail!” she exclaimed as she then pulled it to make sure it was real. Yelping in pain she smoothed the fur of her now affirmed tail out. Her brow furrowed as she went deep in thought for a moment. “I'm a demon?” It came out as a small whisper. How could this be possible? She was a human priestess not a demon, yet here she sat a full blooded demon. She looked around her trying to figure out where she was, none of her surroundings were familiar. Placing her hands on the trunk of the tree she had been resting on she began to pull herself up onto her feet. Her legs shook as they supported her weight and she almost fell back down. Holding on to the tree she waited for a moment for her legs to become more steady. Once she was sure her legs could support her she took a tentative step away from the tree. Finding herself slightly more confident she took a few more steps. Her muscles where naturally still sore however she was glad that she could still walk.

    Sitting back down she closed her eyes and began to sort through the scents and sounds in the air. She wanted badly to see what other changes had occurred that she could see without a reflective surface. Her eyes opened in triumph when she had finally located a source of water not far from her. She stood once again and turned to the north east, where she could hear the running water. She began to walk in that direction, only to stop when she realized her tail was dragging the ground. Having no other choice she took it and drapped it over her shoulder in the way she had seen Sesshomaru drap what she had thought was his pelt. She adjusted it until she felt comfortable with it there and then began to walk once more, choosing to take it slow and easy, lest she find that her new body couldn't handle the exertion of just walking. After about 10 minutes of walking and crawling through the underbrush she came out of the tree's right next to a river.

    Without thinking about the consequences she ran over to the clear running water and dropped to her knee's. He breaths came in short puff's as nervousness took over her. It seemed to last forever to her as she slowly inched herself closer to the water until she was leaning down over the water. Tendril's of her hair fell over her shoulders to trail in the swift but gentle current as she held her eyes closed. Although she wanted to see what she looked like she was scared at the same time. She was scared that if she saw, then that would mean that it wasn't a dream and that she was a demon and in a place and possibly different time that was didn’t know.

    Time seemed to stand still ass he slowly opened her eyes and looked upon her reflection for the first time since waking. Here eyes widened as she took in the changes. She still looked the same for the most part except for the green stripe that now adorned either cheek. The same green colored the lids of her eyes, which she noticed as she focused more on them were also a different color. The difference wasn't by much but it was still noticeable to her. The iris's of her eyes which had once been a soft greyish blue, were still the same with the exception of the ring of yellow amber around the now slightly slitted pupils of her eyes. She sat there staring at her reflection for quite some time before a smell invaded her senses. She stood as the scent continued to wrap around her and took notice of the darkening sky. Her brow furrowed in concentration as she took a few more whiffs of the scent before her head snapped in the direction it as coming from. It was the smell of burning wood.

    Without a second thought to what might happen to her she took off in the direction the smell was coming from. She jumped over fallen tree and ducked under low lying branches as she continued to follow the smell. Soon the cries of fighting men and fleeing women reached her ears and the smell of blood began to mix with the smell of burning wood. The sky grew darker as she finally broke through the line of tree's by a small lakeside. The object of the smells became evident as men lay dying or dead all around. Those who weren't dead were shouting order's to evacuate. Once more without though she ran into the burning building, something was driving her forward, there was something that she had to do here.

    She ran through the hall's and along the walkways until she came to a room that smelled strongly of blood and other fluids. From within she could here a commotion. The roar from the fire prevented her from hearing what was being said but she knew that whatever was happening in there was important. She heard the muffled footsteps of someone running, accompanied by the tell tale sound of a sword being unsheathed. Above her the ceiling and wooden beams groaned in protest as the fire continued to eat away at them. As she head metal clash she ran into the room without a care to her own safety. She was running purely on instinct now as she rushed forward, knocking the dark haired human out of the way. She rammed into the other male with all of the force of a bullet train. The male was caught off guard and offered no resistance as she forcefully pushed him out of the building.

    They crashed into the grass just as the roof of the room gave way. Coughing she stood and all but dragged the male along the ground until they reached a hill slope. There it seemed as though all the energy left her and she collapsed to the ground in a fit of coughs. The scent of burning wood and flesh still pervaded her scene of smell as she slowly came back to her right of mind. As her coughing fit died she turned her head to face the male whom she had saved. Her eyes widening as she looked upon the male who was now sitting and staring at her in shock. She could tell who he was even with his clothing slight torn and bloody and being covered in the ash and soot from the fire. His silver hair was tied back in a high ponytail, leaving the features of his face free for examination. Banged of sliver covered his forehead but did nothing to hide the two amber orbs which looked upon her with shock. A jagged purple stripe adorned each cheek. He wore a white kimono which was covered by armor. His shoulders were adorned spiked armor pieces and bracers covered his wrists.

    She panted, trying to catch her breath as she stared at him. Even when a woman emerged from the tree line, she didn't move. His eyes hardened slightly as he looked at her a warning clear to see there. He turned his attention to the woman who stood at the edge of the forest. In her arms she carried a bundle of cloth from which crying could be heard. The fur of the fire rat covered her head, shoulders and back. He gave her a look that told her to stay were she was as he turned his attention back to the female inu before him.

    “Who are you?” He asked in a tone that broke no room for lies. Kagome sat back taking in a few more deep breaths as she righted herself and faced the inu lord.

    “My name is Kagome,” she spoke softly her throat dry from the heat of the fire.

    “Tell me Kagome,” he began, “How is it that you were in this compound? Why did you save my life?” Kagome looked at him, biting her lip as she thought of how to word what she needed to say. Taking a deep breath she opened her mouth and responded to him truthfully.

    “I do not know how I got here my lord,” she began, “nor whom I was saving. I smelled the burning wood and blood and something seemed to compel me forward. It was almost as if I had no control over my actions.” The male listened intently to her explanation finding confusion laced in her scent and words as she spoke of why she saved him. He realized that she must have been running on pure instinct when she saved his life, however he did not understand why she seemed so confused about it.

    Even now her movements were slightly clumsy and he took notice of how she almost seemed to twitch at every sound. She was like a pup who had yet to learn how to process the sights and sounds around her, as well as how to control her baser instincts. This confused him though he hid it quickly. Her words were honest and he truly was grateful for her rescuing him. As he took in her shaking form he came to a decision. Kagome was beginning to worry as she watched him watch her. He didn't say anything after she spoke and she almost feared the worse.

    “I thank you, Kagome,” he said effectively getting her attention, “for saving my life. I owe you a life debt. I will repay this debt by taking you into my home. You shall become a member of the house of the west.” Her eyes widened in disbelief as she took in what he said. “Furthermore,” he continued, “I will teach you the ways of the inu, which you seem not to know though you are inu yourself. You will explain this to me at a later date when we are clean and in safer quarter.”

    He stood then and held out his hand to her. She hesitantly placed her hand in his, allowing him to lift her into a standing position. He led her up the hillside towards the treeline were the woman holding the babe was waiting for him. She took the this time to take in the feature's she hadn't noticed before. The woman was dressed in a pink sleeping kimono with a purple sash tying it shut. Her long raven hair was mostly hidden under the robe of the fire rat fur. Brown eyes watched her warily as she clutched her baby closer. When they reached the woman the Inu released her and took the woman in his arm's examining her and the baby, making sure they were uninjured. The woman whispered something, but Kagome was too exhausted to head what and the inu replied to her. They turned towards Kagome then and the inu spoke then.

    “I realize I have been somewhat rude,” he said, “I have yet to introduce myself, though I am sure you will understand. I am Touga, formerly the lord of the Western Lands and Inutaisho. This is Izayoi my human mate, and our pup Inuyasha.” Kagome had already known whom they were, though she was still reeling from the shock of it all she smiled a small but warming smile and introduced herself to them.

    “While I have told you my name I have not formally introduced myself,” she began, “My name is Kagome Higurashi, it is a pleasure to meet you all, though I wish it had been under different circumstances.” Her voice cracked half way through her introduction as her throat was still dry from the fire and ash. She coughed lightly into her Kimono sleeve. Izayoi's brow furrowed in concern as she looked to Touga.

    “We should find some fresh water, My lord,” She said, “She need's drink and we could all use a bit of freshening.” Touga nodded and turned to Kagome while wrapping his harm around Izayoi's waist.

    “Come here pup,” he said holding out his other hand for Kagome to take, “I will take us to a source of water away from this.”

    Kagome looked at him then back towards the flaming building. Black smoke billowed around it and wind carried the ash everywhere. Looking back to the inu lord she took his hand and allowed him to pull her to him. Within moments a cloud of youki had formed at their feet and they were lifting off. Exhaustion was finally setting in as whatever adrenaline that was left in her system finally left. She sagged against the lord slightly as the days events finally took their toll. Touga looked down at her when he felt her lean into him more and took in her tired features. He decided that when they landed they would not move until morning. Izayoi was exhausted from birthing, dying and being brought back to life. He could tell that Kagome was tired from something other than just saving his life, though he would not inquire until she was ready to tell him her story. He himself was still recovering for the wounds he had acquired in his fight against the dragon Ryukotsusei.

    The flight only lasted a couple of minutes, but to Kagome it felt like a life time. She felt them begin to descend into a clearing that housed a moderate sized stream. As they touched down she felt Touga release her and she stumbled slightly before regaining her footing. She walked forward and knelt by the stream, looking down into the water she could see her reflection. Even in the dark everything was as clear as if it were day. She was covered in ash and soot.

    Pulling up the sleeves of her Kimono she dunked her hands into the cold water just as Izayoi knelt next to the river and dipped a small cloth into the water. The sound of metal clanking together met her ears as Touga began to remove his armor. She washed her hands free of the ash and soot and then washed her face, before cupping her hands and bringing the water to her lips. She knew there was nothing she could do for her hair or for the fur of her hair at this point in time. Touga knelt on the other side of Izayoi taking Inuyasha and the cloth from her hands so that she could wash up. In a few minutes They were all as clean as they were going to get without fully submerging themselves into the water. Touga handed Inuyasha back to Izayoi and stood up then, turning to them with a serious look on his face.

    “I will find us something to eat,” he said “I want you both to stay here.” They both nodded in understanding. “Kagome I trust that if anything happens you will protect my mate and pup.”

    “Yes sir,” she said quietly not quite having the confidence in herself that he apparently had in her. Touga nodded and in the blink of an eye he was gone. Turning to Izayoi who was wrapping Inuyasha in the Fire rat robe to keep him warm. “I'll gather some wood so we can start a fire,” she said to her, “you rest.” As much as Kagome wanted to rest as well, she knew right now she couldn't. With renewed purpose she set out about the clearing, picking up dry wood. When she was satisfied with the amount of wood she walked over to the log that Izayoi was sitting on. Placing the wood down beside her she cleared away anything that could potentially catch fire and began setting up the wood. She realized once she had the wood arranged that she didn't have anything with which to light it. Sighing she wished that she had her bag with her. As if sensing her distress Izayoi smiled and reached out her hand placing on Kagome's.

    “Hold him for me,” she said softly the smile still lighting her features, “I will start the fire.” Kagome nodded and held out her arms allowing Izayoi to gently place Inuyasha into them. Izayoi stood them and walked back towards the stream looking at the ground. Kagome looked down at the baby in her arms to find to golden yellow eyes staring up at her. As she stared at him, Inuyasha made a cooing noise and giggled, squirming in her arms slightly before settling down. If it weren't for the fact that she was here and he was in her arms she would have a hard time believing this was real. She adjusted her hold on him, rocking him slightly to keep him calm. Izayoi returned a moment later with two flat stones in her hands. Kneeling next to the pile of wood she began to strike them until a spark finally ignited the wood. Fanning the infant flame it began to burn more of the wood catching the other pieces in the process .

    They had a nice moderate sized fire going by the time Touga returned with a small doe, already skinned. Kagome handed Inuyasha back to Izayoi then and walked over to him as he placed the doe down. She gathered up some sticks to place the meat on and then helped him to prepare it for the fire. Cutting up the portions of meat he handed them to her and she stuck them through with the sticks before walking over to the fire. She stuck the end with no meat into the ground leaning the meat close enough to the fire to cook.

    She sat down and just watched the flames as they licked the meat. Her thoughts drifted back to just before she woke in this time. She barely registered the sound of flesh ripping and cloth rustling. Her eye's became unfocused as her thoughts focused on her friends and family who she might never see again. She didn't know how long she sat there but she was brought out of her thoughts by a soft hand lightly shaking her shoulder. She blinked rapidly before looking to her right where Izayoi sat with a concerned look on her face. Inuyasha was not in her arms.

    “Are you alright Kagome-san?” she asked. Kagome smiled weakly and nodded.

    “Yes,” she replied, “I'm sorry I dazed off. Is the meat done?”

    “Yes the meat is done,” Izayoi replied, “I turned it over while you were lost in your thought's.” Izayoi grabbed one of the sticks and held it out to her. Kagome smiled in earnest as she took the meat from Izayoi's grasp.

    “Thank you Izayoi-sama,” Kagome said before she took an experimental nibble.

    “Your welcome Kagome-san,” Izayoi said as she turned back to the fire and retrieved her own meal. Finding that the meat was indeed cooked through, Kagome took another bite. The simply fried meat was delicious to her at this point in time, having not eaten since early in the morning. She began to make quick work of her portion, while trying to remember her manners. After she was finished she through the stick into the fire and turned to see what Touga was doing. He sat not too far away with his back propped against a tree. Inuyasha was cradled in his arms sound asleep. Kagome had this chance to take in the peaceful moment between father and son.

    It hurt, she thought, that the Inuyasha she knew had never had a chance to know his father, but this one would. She knew that she had irrevocably changed the course of time. How this would effect her future she didn't know, but she was now determined that she would live to see her choice through. She would make sure Inuyasha grew to know both his father and his mother. She would live to make sure she saw her family again. She felt a pang in her heart at the thought of her family but she pushed it aside. It was getting later and she had a feeling that if Touga was anything like the son he held in his arms, they would be waking early in the morning.

    With this thought in mind she laid down on her side resting her head on her tail she faced the fire and curled slightly into herself. Closing her eyes she tried to push thoughts of what would happen in the morning from her mind. Though she was uncomfortable, after a few minutes she began to feel the affects of sleep take hold. Vaguely she was aware of movement next to her and the sound of rustling cloth. Soon a blankness covered her mind as she finally drifted off to sleep, her last though was that she hoped it would be a dreamless sleep.

~To be Continued


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