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The Puppy by Riku Ryuu

Dangerous Feelings Equals Dangerous Thoughts

Hi hi hi! I am so excited to say that this story has over ten thousand reads! It is by far my most read story, also the one with the most chapters, and I am so happy! Thank you all for your support and I hope you continue to read. This chapter is for the Inconvenient Challenge.



A loud knocking at Sesshomaru’s door had him looking up from his Criminal Law textbook. He knew who it was, only one person bothered to knock on his door. Come to think of it, not even UPS people knocked, they always used the doorbell. He idly wondered if he should even get up to answer it. Chances were that it would open before he could reach it…

Sesshomaru sighed and pushed his chair back from his desk. Dolly got up from her position on the ground where she had been napping and let out a big yawn. Sesshomaru absentmindedly reached down and gave the puppy a little pat before straightening and heading out of the room. He didn’t even make it down the stairs before the sound of the front door opening reached his ears. Instead of slam from Kagome’s normal happy hurry, like usual, there was no noise of the door meeting the wall. Sesshomaru frowned at the fact, contemplating the chances of some crazy thief coming to his house. As his neighborhood was well protected and had constant patrols, he figured the probability was low. It was probably Kagome, but that made more questions come to mind.

Worried now, Sesshomaru hurried down the last few steps and through the hallway to greet his girlfriend. He was unprepared to find her face lined with tears and big blurry eyes looking at him like the world had ended. He quickly scanned her body, looking for any hints of an accident that could have happened. Her blue jacket and jeans showed signs of being well worn, but there was no indication that something had happened to the wearer. Looking up, Sesshomaru noticed that Kagome’s hair was rather messy, but it looked more as if it had not been brushed that day than being messed in trouble. Her pale face was clear of make-up and there were no scratches or bruises. Her bottom lip trembled and her sapphire eyes filled up with moister. Sesshomaru thought she looked like a little lost puppy.

 A slight opening of his arms was all the encouragement she needed to run to him and start crying into his chest. His arms held her close and she suddenly felt so frail, as if a gentle wind could blow her apart. Sesshomaru ran his hand down her silky hair, smoothing it back into order while giving him something to touch without worry of it breaking. He scowled at the sound of her sobs and wished that he could somehow make them stop. He didn’t like them, not one bit and he would be happy if he never again saw Kagome in this state again. Whoever had caused the vibrant woman in his arms such sadness was going to regret it dearly.

He gave her a few minutes to just cry, hoping that the tears would slow and the sobs would disappear. No such luck. The tears continued to fall and he felt the fabric of his shirt soak through but he did not focus on the fact, instead he wanted to find out what has so wrong that his always cheerful Kagome was cheerless.

“What is wrong?” He asked, leaning back from her slightly so that he could see her face, hoping that the question would not send her into worse hysterics. Thankfully her sobs slowed, but she refused to look up at him so he was forced use his hand to tilt her face up. He stared into her big sad eyes and felt something that felt dangerously like to his heart jump. He refused to think that it might just be his heart, thinking of how inconvenient it would be.

“Tell me.”

Kagome gave a watery laugh.

“You can’t tell me what to do.” She said with a weak smile. Sesshomaru’s scowl did not change.

“I do if you come to me crying.”

Kagome shook her head and hid her face against his chest. A little whimper came from their feet and Sesshomaru glanced down to see that Dolly had a very strange expression of what seemed to be confusion. Her head was tilted to the side slightly and her big blue eyes watched the couple.

“The paperwork fell through.”

Sesshomaru almost didn’t hear her muffled voice, but once he deciphered the words he was left in his own form of confusion.

“Paperwork?” He distantly remembered her talking about paperwork, but the conversation had taken place long before. “For your new home, correct?”

Kagome gave a nod against his chest then leaned back.

“I don’t know what I’ll do! I’m expected out of my apartment in a week and no matter how much I looked there was nothing else! I can’t even more into the school’s dorms because I can’t afford it.” She got out before breaking into more sobs and burrowing back into his chest.

The thing in Sesshomaru reacted to her unhappiness and it forced him to speak words he never thought he would say.

“Move in with me.”


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