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Liar, Liar by Synyster Star

Liar, Liar

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Word count: 1984


Liar, Liar

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Her heart pounded in her chest. It was so loud she had hoped the man lying next to her couldn't hear it. How she managed to keep her breathing steady was a complete mystery to her. She felt disgusting. How did it end up like it was? How did she go from being so in love to barely even a whisper of what she used to feel? Four Years, three of those she was trapped in the time she was born, and one year of being newly wed to the man she came back for. How did things get so messed up?

Tears threatened to gather in her pale blue orbs. Her heart raced as she began to tremble. Guilt was a powerful word. It was an even more powerful emotion, a feeling, something chemically imbalanced in her brain that made her feel this way. Her conscience was plaguing her every move, her every thought for the past six months.

How did it get so fucked up?

Why did she let it get as far as she did?

"Kagome, are you okay? Did you have another nightmare?" A soft and tired voice came to her ear, the familiar warm breath against her neck. She closed her eyes as she felt the trickling of salty tears falling down her cheek. When did she start crying? Everything was so messed up. Another lie, one she sought comfort in, in the nights where she couldn't sleep and her inner voice caught up with her.

"Yes, another nightmare... you died, Naraku killed you over and over." She whispered, her words shaking as her body trembled more. A sob hitched in her throat. How could she stand herself sleeping next to him? How could he stand her? Did he know? Could he smell through her lies? She was not okay, she was terrible. Horrible; Liar; Monster.

"Don't worry, he can't get to us anymore Kagome. Naraku's dead, we killed him together." He soothed.

More tears slid down her pale cheeks. Together. The word stung, she didn't want to be together anymore. She didn't care for him like that anymore. She was worse than the Kikyo she ever thought her up to be. She was worse than Naraku. When did she become the villain? How could she let herself get to that point? Would people look at her differently if they knew? Would Miroku, Sango, Kaede, or even her own kit feel differently toward her if they knew what she has done? What she is continuously doing?

How was she a miko still? Why did she hold such holy powers still when she felt so dirty?

"I know, but the nightmares still haunt me. He still haunts me." It wasn't a complete lie. Her life was a living nightmare; she was living a lie. The nightmares he thought were about Naraku were the only lie. Her little white lies were now a downward spiral of hell, and internal mayhem. Chaos."I need a bath. I need to think." Kagome said and sat up, clutching her husband's yukata to her chest.

"Do you want me to come with you?" He offered.

"No, I need to think by myself. I just... I need to meditate." Kagome reassured, kissing him sweetly.

"All right..." He sighed and kissed his lover back.

Kagome stood, walking toward the mouth of the hut.


She paused, looking back over her shoulder at her faithful husband."Yes?"

"I love you,"

Kagome swallowed the lump in her throat and forced a bright smile to her lips."I love you too, Inuyasha."

Another lie. How many more would keep on piling up in her life? She was used to making up for her time when she was traveling back and forth between two entirely different eras. But now? She was creating lies for self preservation of a entirely new reason, and her sanity was not the one in question. Well, at least for now. The guilt would change that over time. She was doing exactly what he had done with Kikyo. All those times he had slipped off to his dead lover, she was now returning the deed. Only instead of a dead lover, it was the very person he was beginning to build a bridge over a long history of troubled water; his brother.

She left the hut. The growing seed of evil building in her stomach. Her internal alarm clock telling her to hurry up, or she would be late. Oh how fate was cruel. The webs that she had weaved were so tangled, and she had trapped herself within them. She was too far gone. Her feet carried her down the all too familiar path toward the hot springs. She couldn't feel him, but she knew he was there. He hid his scent, and his aura.

He was hiding from the village, and from his half-brother. But she knew he was there. He was always there; waiting for her.

She came upon the hot spring, dropping the sleeping kimono to the ground. The cool spring air caressing her skin, creating goose bumps along her flesh. His golden eyes sweeped across her being."You had laid with him," his bartone voice sent chills down her spine.

"He's my husband..."

"But he is not your mate,"

"He will be." Kagome countered.

"You do not want that." he pressed on.

"No," her voice hitched in her throat.

His claws grazed down her her cheek."You have shed tears,"

"I feel guilty," She admitted.

"Do you wish this Sesshomaru to stop his advances?" The Taiyoukai asked.

"No," She answered truthfully.

That was the end of their conversation. It was the same every night for the past six months. Every time she had made love to Inuyasha she had forced him to wait even longer for their mating. The mark that would grace her neck, and bound herself to him for the rest of her natural life.

His full lips crashed against her's heatedly as they began their assult on their bodies. He knew her every crevice, her every spot that made her toes curl in pleasure. It was just the same on how she knew his body. She knew the spots that pulled a soft whimper from the back of his throat that would soon be followed by a feral growl. He would take her over and over then, and she would be holding back screams of pleasure to keep from alerting her husband.

It was another lie after another. She was a liar, but when she was with the Western Lord she didn't care because she loved him. Kagome wasn't certain about alot of things with the youkai lord, but her feelings for him were undeniable. The butterflies she got in her stomach when he touched her. The way his would be intimidating gaze made the fire in the pit of her stomach burn just a little brighter. The only thing she wished she knew was if he cared for her like she did for him. He was possessive that much was certain. Every time she had sex with Inuyasha she could see that it bothered him.

At first, it didn't. Nothing seemed to faze him, but the more she had been with him she was able to read him a bit better."Sesshomaru," She moaned his named, her lips brushed against his. Her nails dug into his chest. He had made it easier for their nightly excursions by ridding himself of his armor as he arrived. Her hands found themselves untying his obi, peeling back his haori and let her fingers grave the softness of his pale, hard chest. His fangs nipped a long her bottom lip, dragging the piece of flesh between his teeth. Another moan escaped her lips, her body shook with delight as his fingertips traced lines down the swells of her breasts.

"Leave the hanyou." Sesshomaru ordered softly, his tongue flicking against her earlobe.

"I can't." Kagome closed her eyes, another moan building in her chest. She sucked in a breath as she felt his claws dig into her skin.

"Leave him." He growled.

"I can't, Sesshomaru." Kagome frowned, pulling away from the Taiyoukai. The mood was dying, and he was causing it. The guilt that had been long forgotten came fluttering back.

"Why can you not leave him? You do not want for him sexually anymore!" He hissed.

Kagome's eyes widened, she had never heard Sesshomaru talk so much especially about this.

"He's my husband Sesshomaru, I can't just leave him. I can't do that."

"So, you are nothing as you say you are then. If you wish to feel less guilt for your betrayal of your husband then leave him. You are hurting him more by staying with him!" The Taiyoukai snapped.

"Why? It's not like you care! You don't care for anything, or anyone!" Kagome glared her anger spiking unimaginably. Why was he pushing this? Why was he making her feel worse than she already was? What was his fucking problem?

"You do not know this Sesshomaru, onna! You do not know how this one feels, or if this one cares for anything! You will learn your fucking place whore!" he roared.

Anger pulsed through her veins, her eyes narrowed dangerously, and her power crackled and spiraled around her skin."I am not a whore!" she yelled. Kagome raised her hand, and struck the tall man with as much force as she could muster. Her palm connected with his cheek with a loud impact.

To say Sesshomaru was stunned was an understatement, but his moment of shock had quickly faded. A deep scarlet bled into the white's of his eyes."You dare strike this Sesshomaru?!"

He grabbed her hand with a bruising grip, and threw her to the ground. He pinned her to the earth, her hand over her head, his body towered over her's. He let out another growl, the sickening sounds of his bones breaking and reforming into almost a muzzle. His fangs lengthening within his mouth as he barred his teeth.

"You called me a fucking whore you asshole!" Kagome shouted at him, writhing beneath his tall form. Her free hand pushing against his chest.

"You will leave the bastard, you are mine!"

Kagome's eyes widened at his admission. His? She was his?

"Your's..." she said with hesitance in her eyes.

"This Sesshomaru will not be a toy."

His grip lessened on her hand, and she stared at his face, deep into his eyes searching for what she was hoping was there."I love you..." Kagome initiated. The Taiyoukai said nothing, but his kiss was enough for her. It was filled with passion, need, want, lust, and what she truly believed to be love. Her hand moved from his chest, reaching up and cupped his cheek in her hand. She wrapped her legs around his waist, griding her hips into his. She could feel his erection within his hakama and the warmth gathered between her thighs once more. She slid her wrist free from his fingers, pulling it down and entwined their fingers. It was a scene of intimacy beyond what she could ever achieve with her husband. It was something she wanted to share with the man she loved. Only Sesshomaru could give her this fire now.

Their moment had not gone unnoticed. A lone tear slid down the intruder's cheek as he watched the scene play out before him. He pivoted on his bare heel, his head hung, and his shoulders sagged as he made his way back to the hut he had made for his wife. He was living in a lie. He knew it, but he loved her. Even with the evidence displayed right before his eyes, he turned the other cheek. After all, it was the least he could do for the pain he had put her through. Inuyasha was a fool, indeed.


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