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Drabbles of Love by Synyster Star


Prompt: Aries

Sesshomaru looked over his mate's shoulder. His golden eyes gleaming as he pondered what extactly the blue eyed miko was reading."Hn."

His eyes skimmed the page, his eyebrow raising curiously."What is that?"

"Newspaper." Kagome chimed happily.

"Yes, but... what is that you're reading?" the taiyoukai glared.

"Astrological signs, or also known as horoscopes." Kagome laughed and looked up at the handsome inuyoukai. She noticed his inquisitive look and she giggled more."They're general fortunes, and personalities traits. Its normally done by the guiding constellations, and following the stars and moons in hopes to tell you a good fortune."

"...You're an Aries? That explains alot." he grimace.

word count: 108 (not including the prompt title)


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