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Paint by Aimee Blue

Chapter 1

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Glancing across the cafe over the top of his silver framed spectacles, Sesshoumaru watched curiously as the young girl who had just entered attempted to reach the top shelf behind the cafe’s counter. Such a thing was practically impossible considering her slight size, but she seemed bound and determined nonetheless. 

The woman was drawing in quite a crowd as she stretched up onto her tiptoes futilely, each extension of her hand drawing her slightly closer to the elusive sugar pot she was hankering after but also exposing her flat stomach to the furtive glances of the males in the cafe. Not to mention, her skirt would lift ever so slightly on each stretch, flirting with the tops of her thighs in an enviable manner.


Of course, if he’d really begrudged her for being so distracting he wouldn’t visit the cafe every single day even when it was in season and the tourists flocked to the seaside town. Noise was his pet peeve, but he could endure it as long as she was there.

Her eyes had ensnared him when he’d first laid eyes on her. No one he’d ever met had had blue eyes with such dramatic depth and pull as those eyes she’d used to trap him with. He’d wanted to paint her in that moment, more than he wanted to breathe.

As her fingers skimmed the glass jar and she let out a little moue of distress, Sesshoumaru took another sip of his tea and wondered why she didn’t just keep the sugar on a lower shelf. It was her cafe. The sunshine cafe cheerily named by the owner Higurashi Kagome who thought that simple and fun was best when it came to naming things.

But her patrons didn’t come for the ice-cream or the coffee, they came to see her. From the old ladies who loved to share their gossip with her, the small children who loved to run around her knees as she carried out errands, to the high school boys who loved to try and flirt with her. Possibly the most alluring thing about her had to be the complete obliviousness towards her own appeal that she harboured.

Pushing his long ponytail over his shoulder and sighing, he nearly jumped when the woman replaced his pot of tea with a new one which was piping hot. Golden eyes glanced up at her beaming face, startled.

“Sesshoumaru-san always tosses his hair when he needs a refill,” she told him wisely, tapping the side of her nose as if to tell him it would be their little secret as she winked cheerfully.

Ducking his head forward, he hastily busied himself with the teapot as he sought to hide his blush. Before he’d met Kagome he’d never really blushed at all, but she seemed to bring it out easily. Especially when she smiled at him like that. He was a sucker for her care seeing as he’d never really had anyone try to become close to him in his life; they’d all been scared away by his reticence. As a relatively well known artist he’d been called a genius painter in school and the other kids had avoided him. Yet Kagome drew nearer, seemingly an expert at knowing when he wanted to be left alone and when he wished for her to babble inanely at him.

Sesshoumaru covered his face with a hand as he reflected that her inane babble was actually quite cute. But his favourite thing of all was her blush.

And as she went back to attempting to wrestle the sugar jar from the top shelf, he decided he’d encourage one.

The sharp intake of breath as he leant over her to the jar was intoxicating and he was so close to her that the light strawberry scent of her shampoo was making him dizzy. As he handed it to the flustered woman, he relished the slow and steady blush that dusted her cheekbones.

His greatest masterpiece.


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