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Lion and the Rabbit by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Fancy Meeting You Here

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: Sesshoumaru/Kagome


: In response to MoxyMikki's 'Sesshoumaru Submits Challenge'! Sesshoumaru and Kagome reunite in the oddest of places and it turns out their sexual appetites run together quite nicely.

Lion and the Rabbit


x . . . . x

She opened her eyes at the song ended and stared straight up into shocked, aroused, confused, golden eyes that rivaled the intensity of the sun.

She gaped as she looked at the man- youkai and blinked.


For once, Sesshoumaru Taisho, had absolutely nothing to say as golden met cerulean in a clash. For a moment, he had though he was dreaming when the minx that had been dancing on the dance floor had used his real name. He hadn't used his real name in almost two hundred years yet this small, slip of a girl did. He glanced down at the female, and swallowed thickly, after all, there was no way in all the seven hells that this was Kagome.

There was no way this was the miko from five hundred years prior dressed in all black and blue, wearing a collar, at a BDSM club.

It just wasn't possible.

And he refused to believe it.

True, ningen were more open minded and flamboyant then they had been in the past but this was a little outlandish even for the miko that had helped slay Naraku. She had been nothing more then innocent school girl before! There was no possible way that the miko could have leaped from hard headed school girl to seductive succubus [at least that is what she looked like swaying her hips seductively]! Yet as he looked down at the face that stared up at with such shock and confusion, he couldn't help but notice that it was in fact her even though she had aged from child to woman.

And what a woman she had become.

The corset pushed her much fuller breasts then he remembered higher up on her chest, pressing them together. It hugged her curves and showed the right amount of flesh. The skirt was tiny, the fishnet erotic, and the heals put a whore to shame. Sesshoumaru knew he was very much howling on the inside and - was he drooling? He didn't think so but he brought an elegant hand to touch his lips, to check of course, and then played it off as though he were caressing his lips in shock at seeing the miko in the club. Her cerulean eyes were still as lovely as he remembered but less... innocent. In fact, they now held a much darker knowledge that she didn't know before and he wondered vaguely if it had anything to do with her being in this club.

He hoped it was part of the reason she was in this club.

While Sesshoumaru was currently lost in his thoughts, Kagome was drowning in her own.

The taiyoukai hadn't changed much in the years she had hadn't seen him... well, the clothes changed but it was a welcome sight.

His silver hair, though she was mourning terribly, was cut short, like every day males, and styled almost to perfection, bangs slightly covering his eyes but parting where the crescent moon would have been on his forehead. His eyes were still a cool gold though they were far more expressive then they had been in the past. His traditional markings were hidden by either make-up [though she found the idea of Sesshoumaru wearing make-up hilarious] or by magic, she wasn't sure. Her eyes roved along his body, taking in the fishnet, turtle-neck shirt, short sleeved shirt, the tight leather pants that laced up the front. His shoes were boots that reached just below his knees, also leather that laced up the front. The collar along his neck mirrored her's with several additions and she arched an ebony brow in question.

Was it possible that the tai-youkai from her past was an even bigger freak then she was?

And he was in fact just that!

There was an additional 'Ts' to his collar along with 'G'.

She almost choked.

Not only did he like Toys but he apparently liked women as well as men! (G meaning 'gay')

There was no fucking way in hell that this was Sesshoumaru and nothing could convince her otherwise!


Not even when he called her by something that truly existed only in legends now and days.


Not even when he called her name when she hadn't told him it yet.

"I guess I lived to era." he murmured with an almost far off look in his eyes.

And most certainly not when he confirmed he was in fact Sesshoumaru with his talk of living through to her era! Nope, most definately not him!

This sure as hell wasn't Sessh - aw hell, who was she kidding?

"Hey, Sesshoumaru." she greeted casually, a smile on her face. "Fancy meeting you here, hm?" she asked though there was a bright blush on her cheeks.

Amusement flowed though the youkai rather then apprehension as a smirk curled his lips upward, "Yes, fancy meeting you here."

"Umm... out of curiosity, why are you here?"

Sesshoumaru chuckled as he looked down at the miko, his mind working quickly, assessing the situation.

Here was the woman that haunted him for almost five hundred years, in a BDSM club no less. It was almost the perfect twist of fate. His dilemma was fixed. He found her, though accidentally, by looks of her collar, she liked the same things he did, which he thought would be an issue seeing as this was Kagome and there was no way in hell she would like to be tied up (but by the look of things like she did). She was obviously here looking for a partner tonight and so was he. Tonight couldn't have been more perfect if he had orchestrated it himself.

He silently praised the Gods and leaned close, his hot breath caressing her ear, "I'm here for the very same reason you are, miko, care to play with me this evening?" he murmured seductively.

Cerulean eyes blinked slowly as she processed what was being asked of and yet her brain had not yet understood the question.

After all, this was Sesshoumaru, and he was asking for her to play this evening?

Once her mind had finally processed his request, she was bombarded with images and possibilities that could happen that night.

For some reason, she always thought that if she met any of her youkai friends in the future it would have been a casual bump in the middle of the street, or maybe a random meeting in the park! She had envisioned seeing them in her college, disguised as a teacher, imagined that they might even be a customer at the diner she worked part time at, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that it would be Sesshoumaru to find her in a club of sin like the the one they were currently in.

So she did what any girl her age would do.

She fainted.


Kagome groaned as she groggily began to wake from the most frightening dream she had ever had. It was a dream that had involved her and Sesshoumaru actually bumping into one another at the 'Lion and the Rabbit'. She began to giggle at the simple absurdity of it all. She slowly began to adjust and lift her right hand so that she could wipe the grogginess from her eyes but paused when her hand lifted only an inch or so off the bed. The sleepiness faded in an instant and Kagome looked at her hands and feet noticing that she was tied down to a four poster bed with white sheets.

The room she was in was painted blood red and the black lamps on each side of the bed provided little lighting. From what she could see, whips, floggers, paddles, restraints, gloves, etc. lined the walls.

Kagome whimpered.

This could not be happening!

Had she been kidnapped?

Was it an ex-lover come to play with her and he wanted to have a rape fantasy?

The possibilities were endless, that was for sure.

She looked up at the restraints that were binding her hands and attempted to free herself.

From the corner shadows, two golden eyes blinked at the faintly struggling miko.

She was looking opposite where he was standing and so he moved silently, his hand coming to hold her head and keep from her turning to look at him, his hand covering her mouth.

"Shhh, miko." he murmured softly in her ear, watching her body stiffen at the sudden touch. "No need to struggle. I'll be topping you tonight."

He heard her scream against his hand in both slight fear and indignation.

It was music to his ears.




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