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Pain to Passion by Sanu Wolff

Chapter 1: Thrown Away

I do not own Inuyasha and co but I do own Ichigo, the Tsukisaiga, and Kagome’s new looks. This is rated M for lemons, rape, blood, violence, and anything else I can throw in. Warning, this is a Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, and Kikyo bashing fanfic so if you like these characters don’t read. Also, this fanfic shall be pretty much bashing and messing with Jaken until the point someone wants me to kill him or he simply runs away your choice!

 Pain to Passion

Chapter 1: Thrown Away 


Warning: Rape is in this chapter and if you don’t want to read this part scroll down until you see the next underlined sentence.


“Wind scar!” Inuyasha shouts as they kill a large oni, not noticing that Shippo had been directly in front of the oni, killing the poor kit. “No Shippo!” Kagome shouts as she and Kilala runs to the dead kit. She tries to revive him but knows it is too late thanks to the wind scar hitting his heart directly. “We’re sorry Kagome that your son is dead now.” Sango says with no emotion in her voice making Kagome look up only to be swatted away by Sango’s boomerang. As she tries to get up Miroku slams his staff against her face, making Kagome collapse. Inuyasha, smirking at the broken miko, stomps her repeatedly in the back then starts kicking her and slashing her with his claws. 

Start Rape Scene



When they finally stop beating her, Kilala is no where to be found and Kikyo is in front of her before slapping her and gives her to Inuyasha and Miroku. The moment she wakes she sees the two guys have tied her to four ropes connected to two large poles that force her body to be raised off the ground. She is naked and the bruises have been healed by the houshi and the undead miko. Her legs are wide apart and her arms are above her head making her form a human X. Miroku pulls a rope connected to the pulleys on the pole, forcing her body backwards. Inuyasha takes his fingers and start fingering her and Miroku handles her breasts roughly while Sango and Kikyo watch. Inuyasha forces his middle finger to enter her urethra, making her cry out as blood gushes from his unwanted entrance, not bothering to be careful with his claws.


Miroku has started biting and sucking and her breasts, making them bleed profusely before undoing his obi and allowing his dick to show, and then he grabs her hair and forces her mouth open and shoves his hard dick into her mouth. “Bite it and I kill you.” Miroku says as he takes a knife and places it at her neck while thrusting in and out of her mouth savagely. Inuyasha, bored with fingering her has undone his own obi and is thrusting twice as savagely as Miroku as he forces himself through her virginity and take her hard. Miroku cums in her forcing her to swallow it before he removes him self and stops Inuyasha before tugging the rope again so that they can pound into her at the same time, Inuyasha taking her pussy while Miroku takes her ass.


When they cum Miroku removes himself before forcing himself to go into her pussy along with Inuyasha’s dick then together with the hanyou they pound into her hard, making her bleed to the point she only remains conscious due to the pain and fact she’s being raped by the two men she thought she could trust. When they finally stop Miroku heals her wounds before they both stick their dicks into her urethra, causing her to scream louder than she has during the time they have been raping her and pounds into her, not caring that they have just made her pussy and her urethra join due to the flesh between them ripping in half, making it easier for both of the rapists to pound into her at the same time. As they cum Inuyasha cusses and has Kikyo come over and force feeds Kagome an herb that makes sure that Kagome doesn’t get pregnant and has a miscarriage if she already is. Miroku heals the sobbing broken miko and gives her back her virginity before the betrayers, except Inuyasha, leaves. Inuyasha cuts her down before throwing her weapons, yellow bag, empty of ramen, and cloths at her feet.



End of Rape scene.



“Wench, we don’t need you anymore! We got Kikyo! She’s always been more powerful than you and that damn runt of yours is dead anyway so there is no remorse! Now get out of my sight before I kill you!” Inutrasha growls as he throws her down by her cloths and walks away with disgust. Kagome quickly puts on her cloths and gathers her belongings and the katana her father had left for her this very morning of her sixteenth birthday and runs as fast as she can into the forest, unknowingly heading west.



End Flashback



As she keeps running west as she had for the last three days since the betrayal of her so called friends she keeps looking back as if she expects them to come after her and attack her again out of spite. As she slows and comes to a stop she gasps to see a large panther that is jet black with red tips, the red coming up to his elbows and knees while only having an inch of red everywhere else, and has a red diamond shape on its forehead approach her and bows its head, its forelock of hair, covering his right eye that is green while his left eye is blue, falling over the red diamond making it hidden from Kagome’s view. “You’re Kilala’s heaven/hell kit aren’t you? I know your mother’s secret but please don’t advance on me suddenly, Inutrasha and the houshi raped me then made sure any physical sign, scent, loss of virginity, and scarring is healed or destroyed.” Kagome says softly as she takes a step back and waits for him to change forms.


He transforms into a seventeen yr old boy that looks like the younger, feline version of Sesshomaru with jet black hair with red tips, the red diamond still present on his forehead, and his long Black Panther tail that is tipped red curled at the tip as it swishes from side to side. He is wearing a black haori and hakama with a red obi while his hair falls freely to his mid back while he wears a black spiked choker on his neck, it acting like a collar. “I have no name Kaa-san said that my true partner would give one to me when I find him or she and you are my true partner like Kaa-san’s true partner is Kohaku but since he is under the control of Naraku she can’t go to him unless she wants Naraku to have more control over him.” He says as he bows to Kagome formally, not noticing Kagome’s blush and the shock across her face.


“Your name will be Ichigo Higurashi since Higurashi is my last name and Ichigo means both guardian and strawberry since your red tips remind me of the color of strawberries.” Kagome says as she laughs at Ichigo as he sweatdrops at the strawberry thing. “Could you turn around I’m going to change into the cloths I was given to wear since tonight is the full moon. You’ll be surprised by how similar our tastes are when you see my cloths.” Kagome says with a smirk as Ichigo turns around so she can change.


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