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A Woman! by sugar0o who lurks

A Woman!

The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.



She couldn't believe her luck, for all she had done, all she had endured in nearly a year, all the taunts of weakness , the hard training, she had saved her father from war when he was not fit to come, and now by being caught as her self, she had dishonored them all. She was in the Captains tent, he was the son of the Great Dog General Taishou, lord of the West to be, Sesshomaru, she had saved his life not more then a few hours before, and had exposed herself for her faults as a lowly female as well, damning her in the process.

She loved him from afar, had so from the beginning of her time in the General's Army, but there could never be a 'them', and she knew this. The tent was dark and smelled of him, his scent so fresh, and clean against so much blood in the air that it nearly burned her sensitive nose. She was so foolish, foolish to have left home, foolish to have thought she could do this while not getting caught, foolish for falling for him when they could never have a happy ending or anything other then death and blood. That's all she could look forward to now, was death, dishonor, and the crimson heat of blood, she was a taint to everything that was pure in the way of the warrior and yet she had fought much harder, smarter then them all at one point or another.

Her wrists were bound tight above her head, her shoulders nearly ripping in pain as some of her weight was held by her wrists, the rope burning her once fragile pale skin, now it felt rough and worn, her skin so very tan and masculine, she didn't even remember the Kagome before there was only Kengomo. There was a fire, not enough to illuminate the place that she had seen at least twice before, his tent, that now housed her as prisoner, but it was just enough light and heat to warm over deaths hold on the body, even as demons, the cold did eventually seep into your bones.

Her breast were still bound tight with cloth bindings holding the voluptuous mounds back to mask femininity that was Kagome, along with many layers of wrapping around her tapered waist to straighten her curves out. The over all effect allowing her to become the one they had all come to know and respect, Kengomo. Her hair long and raven black, she had always managed to hide from the male population that made up camp, hiding well her long locks in a well primped topknot, now those long raven locks cascaded down her front hiding her pale blue eyes and beautiful face. They traveled to the mountainous edge of the Western domain, and were a day from the front lines, when she was finally caught, keeping her head down she didn't know if it was because it was easier not to hold the weight or if it were shame, at the moment she couldn't dare chose which it was.

Her face down allowed her to hide herself if only just a little, she had always been a peculiar beauty but it had never been like the classic lovelies of the Western court, her jaw line far to rigid, hard and square for the feminine beauty that her mother had given her, her blue eyes too light, piercing, and glacier like her father, eyes that were to cold or perhaps calculating to hold the warmth that most males looked for in a mate. She had never had suitors following her tail around at home, still didn't even, and had never really longed for them.

Being the only daughter of a great warrior Kengomaru for the black inu Clan Higurashi, she was anything but a feminist submissive bitch that most females were, she was loud, brash, vulgar on occasion, too smart for her own good, naive, and many other traits that would probably one day soon get her killed if it did not happen today. She sat on her feet kneeling, her head hung lacked, she knew even though she had proven herself as strong as one of them, even though she had saved them all, including him, that she was to die this day, some small part of her wanted to cry and sob that she would never see her family again, but far too much of her, too much of her that was proud even now would not let her do such things.

Her arms were going numb, the blood not racing up her limbs as she sat there waiting for the end, her legs too were becoming stiff from holding her weight in one spot for so long, she was in rags, barely enough to keep her modesty, and nothing enough to keep the harsh cold of the mountains from licking her skin, letting an exasperated huff leave her body was when he walked in. She could feel his ire from across the tent, bubbling and tangible in the air so thick it could almost be tasted, she didn't want to hold his gaze for she knew she'd be lost in it, weather in despair or palpable lust she was unwilling to give into him in any respects. She had come here to save her father, and if her life was required to do that then so be it, she would walk to this end with her head high, until it was taken from her neck. Snorting in an unladylike manor she heard the little toad come in after him, she paid neither any attention, she was a dead female, this time was her own.

He was in shock though he didn't show it, Kengomo, had been a small male that had presented war papers for the Clan of Higurashi, specifically the son of Kengomaru, a most decorated war veteran that even in Sesshomaru's own very youthful days he had seen welding his swords. Though admittedly he had never known that Kengomaru had a son, and that should have been his first warning but they were at war and needed the sons of the West to aid the General in keeping the lands safe. The pup had been a thorough disappointment at first, and had even been told that he was not meant for war, to leave and go home, yet he had managed to stay, persevere, and had just hours ago saved them all from a sneak attack from the warring North.

His own life had been signed over or should have been to death, and yet here he stood because of Kengomo, because of her. Looking at her now it all made sense, his body had been so un-masculine, his strength weak, and even his scent had always been a bit too sweet, he had looked into those eyes as an equal in arms, and now he would be forced to kill her. He had stood at the door flap the whole time just looking at her, evaluating her, remembering every moment, and making sense of it all.

Finally walking in, he was followed by Jaken, "You see here Lord Sesshomaru, it is true what the physician Jiniji says, she is a woman , a lowly, deceiving, wench. The law says she must die." the arrogant youkai kappa stated haughtily, earning a deep growl from Kagome who was now looking up. Her hair cascaded down her front parting just barley enough to allow her pale blue eyes to illuminate her face.

They were like bright diamonds in the darkness, deep in a hollow way, and soul piercing, they held a fire and light within them that Sesshomaru had never seen in a female before. All of his encounters and he had a few to remember, females had never had such eyes, her eyes had seen things that no delicate female should see be it from tradition, or horrors, she was not like those at home, those who saw him as a title, as a means to gain wealth or power, she had seen him as she had seen all others here. Her mouth had been bound and gagged so she could not speak but her eyes told it all, she was proud, and even this shame she would bare with her head held high.

"Leave, and do not bother coming back Jaken. I will deal with this." His cold tone stated as the toad demon sputtered but began to leave upon seeing his masters cold gaze. Kagome watched the kappa leaving, she was now being left alone with one named, Killing Perfection , and though she doubted he would kill her here, it was only in the thought to keep her blood splatter off of his personal affects. Dismissing Jaken with a glare the taiyoukai called out to the toad before he left the tent that he 'did not want to be disturbed unless they were being attacked,' the toad knew at least enough not to question and left without pause. The captain waited until they were alone to go near her huddled form.

Sesshomaru was a vestige in stalk white, a color that should never be worn by a warmonger of death such as he, but even though he would eventually be coated in blood it would not be his own, and the hatori would remind him of his victories as time went on. His bold blandness in color choice stood out so much against the dark surroundings of the tent, her eyes darted to his face as he moved towards her, he noticed even now that her scent was still off while kneeling down to be face to face with her. Magma like gold shone against tundra-like ice, and her narrow eyes widened just a bit, her only give away that she was intimidated in this moment, it wasn't that she wanted to die, she just wanted to do it without fear. He searched her eyes for some reason, some answer to why she would do this, why she would hand her life over so easily without a fight, he needed to know. Grasping her pointed chin to force her face to look to his own he was in awe of what he saw, the inu demon was by far a beautiful demon in human form, their vestige often giving them godly imagery, he was not prepared for the sight of her dark angelic form.

Her lips were tanned from being in the sun training, full and slightly pink from the cold, a bit chapped from the bite of winter around her, her jaw was sharp but not so much that it would be a hindrance to her beauty. Last there were those eyes, he knew he could get lost in those understanding, compassionate, hard and somehow soft eyes, he watched impassively as her breath began to speed, alerting him that she was effected by his closeness, scanning down her exposed body, he could see her bare shoulders, and neck muscles, so taught and begging to be lavished.

What was left of her clothing was nothing but rags, she was breathtakingly tragic for her situation, in all his life he had never seen one such as she, there were far more beautiful females in the world, and yet not one he had ever been introduced to or ever met would have done what she had done. He could see her jaw flex as she clenched her fangs deeply into the gag, her glare a force to be reckoned with, he knew she would be a hellcat in everything she ever did, she was a challenge, and he adored challenges. Her glacial gaze shifted as he slowly began pacing, she was like a huntress waiting to be pounced, there were no illusions in her mind, even with her natural talents, and what she had been taught her, she was no match for this male, she was the sacrificial prey to this predator, and no one would say a word for his punishment, he was within his rights to do anything to her for her crime.

He was pacing his mind in two places, his more conscious which was often forethought said to kill her, to be done with it, and clean her dirty traitorous blood off his claws. But the baser, back-thought said that he had been long without female companionship, he was within his rights to do with her as he pleased, even if she was the daughter of a noblemen, and a officer in his fathers army, this creature was his now. Deciding that he could do both, his pacing stopped, he noticed her eyes had as well, inwardly he smirked as he scented her slight fear, and sorrow, he couldn't lie to himself, though stupid, it was an honorable idea to save your sire when you knew that war would only lead to his death, but her father was a warrior and prepared to give his life, blood, and soul for the West. It was just as dishonorable to take that right from him, he wondered if he had a daughter or a sister how would he feel about such ideas, as he had none he really couldn't empathize with her, and yet she was so much more then any other female he was aware of. There was just something about her that captivated him, or maybe it was just that his bed had been cold as of late, shrugging the idea away he made to remove his armor.

Pulling his blades from his hip he laid them down not far but not too close so she would get no ideas of flight, watching him as he untied his vibrant yellow sash, he carelessly threw it somewhere, where it would remain unseen. The heavily metal slid off his form with ease, and though she averted her eyes she couldn't help but look at his form, she had been enamored with the captain for some time, and yet, she had kept her distance, no matter how much she tried to mask her scent she had to allow some of it out so that the other demons wouldn't be suspicious. But maybe that had been her undoing, her scent no matter how she attempted to change it was very alluring, she had been told, laced with power, and innocence, not to mention several floral scents, it was anything but the clean masculine aromatic scent that usually made up any inu male. His hatori was rumpled from the armor, and soon it too was removed leaving only a strikingly handsome male inuyoukai in only pristine white hakamas and boots, which were removed in the next moment.

Her scent he had noticed was changing from fear, and sorrow, to just fear, excitement, and slight bits of arousal, he felt smug male pride knowing that just the sight of him could get her heart beating so fast, as well as her scent spiking so lovely. Though her breast were bound, he could see her chest heaving as she took in his sight, walking so that he was right in front of her, kneeling so he could look into her eyes, he was amused to see the anger there, her scent didn't lie, she feared him, she was excited, she was aroused by the sight of him and yet her eyes held unbridled anger, because he couldn't help himself he smirked, breaking her would be the greatest thing he had done in some time. He stood only to take his hakamas off before kneeling again and pulling her body down and out, while cutting the rope that held her arms up, her writs still bound but no longer hanging, hurt. She could feel the biting sting of her blood rushing towards her numb fingertips as the life giving liquid worked fast to get her feeling again, she didn't know what to expect really, and was on high alert.

Now that he could see her, her body was indeed a beautiful thing to see, yes he had seen others before, but they were the pampered bitches of court that he had rut out of boredom, and had only been looking for release. Not that he was looking for more then that now, but her body was far from those of the ladies of court, there was no meat to those females, nothing toned to hold on to as this thick hipped female below him had. He picked her up quickly and threw her over his shoulder haphazardly like a sack of dead weight, and was amused to hear her muffled indignant growls and whines as she beat on his back with surprising power.

Throwing her down just as messily on his pallet of furs, for he had no futon to deal with, her hair had been tossed and fanned out around her like a black hallow, her bright cold eyes looking up at him in anger, crossing the room with a quickness, he grabbed a spear that had been in the corner of the tent, and came back to her. Thrusting the spear towards her face she screamed into the gag, but sighed in relief when the spear missed her person. Her relief was short lived though, as she felt his hands on her hips pulling her down taught she realized what he had done.

The pole had been for her bound wrists, her hands still held by the rope could not be pulled down as her body was spread taught for his gaze. Her angry eyes found his person quickly as her brows drew together in indignity, before widening as his long clawed fingers worked down her body revealing her to his gaze. Growling as she heard the fabric shredding because of him she felt the cool sting of air hit her body, her nipples hardened quickly, painfully even, throwing her head back just a bit in shock, she bit down into the gag hard, a low dangerous growl emitting from her throat promising death, to which the Captain replied with a dark chuckle.

Sesshomaru was amazed, most demoness had rather small breasts, unless they were nursing young, her breasts were round, soft and yet hard in a pleasurable way, they fanned out with gravity and yet stood on their own accord, at attention for his personal gaze. Her skin was a motley of color, her supply breast to his shock and slight delight were pale in color, from having not seen the sun as her extremities had, her neck, face, and forearms were tanned in comparison, which even this was odd for a demon, he had not known of any inu to be able to tan but she was. The striking contrasts of her skin made her dusky brown nipples seem dark in comparison to the rest of her pale vestige, taking her in again she really would be a beautiful female to have at ones side, he thought, her near pale skin tone with her stark raven hair was so polar and contrite, her icy eyes would give her a washed over look, but her dark onyx locks would pull together attention to her face.

He ran the tip of his finger over her toned stomach, marveling as the muscles contracted to his barely there touch, a feat he had never seen before in a female. The same finger tortuously slowly made its way up her body, he had not failed to notice that her eyes held his person while he had assaulted her body with touch. Tracing the soft swell under her breast he listened as her breath hitched, and she breathed deeply into her nose, her scent of anger and arousal spiking as he did so.

Her pert nipple called his to his attention, he wanted to suckle from her, like a starved pup, and yet he held himself at bay, tracing the aggressive nub, with his claw, watching as the tiniest blips of blood began to surface in the wake of his slight torture. It was painful to her, she would admit, that such a tender spot should not be assaulted as such, but if she were honest with herself she would say that there was something unworldly about having her breast played with and paid homage to as such. She wanted to claw his eyes out, to kill him in the bloodiest way, but the feelings, physically that he stirred within her were making her simply want him, wanting him to take her, fuck her, and have her screaming to the heavens that he himself was Kami.

Wrapped in her musing she did not seem to notice that his clawed finger had found its way south to a small nest of tuft like black velvet, her breath nearly stopped as that devilish finger attacked her clit. She nearly cried out as his large callous sword hand massaged and cupped her sex while that devilish finger began to work at her. For a being as old as she was it was alarming even to herself that she had yet to rut, knowing this as she did she knew he would not stop until he had her, used her, and disposed of her.

Sesshomaru had not expected to feel the small barrier preventing him access to her deep heated core, shock was something she seemed to be able to instill in him with ease, as he knew demons did not age like that of a human for her to look this age, like a twenty year old human she would have to be at least two hundred years, maybe three depending on her linage, and yet she was untouched, unmarred by sexual conquest. He would have her, and he would be the only one, it didn't even take a moment to know this would be the outcome, he would not let any other take what was his, ever.

This assumption should have alerted him that he needed to stop, that is was possible for him even with his perfection, would not be able to control himself and yet the idea of owning her being was enough to allow all thoughts to pass without judgment. No matter how she tried to will the pleasure away, how much she wanted to think that she didn't want this, she was not one to lie to herself, and as much as she wanted to she could not hold in the throaty moan that climbed from her.

Her pale eyes had close in angry bliss, and yet they shot open as she felt his heat shift from the pelt and a weight settled between her thighs. Looking at him in confusion her brows bunched together for a moment before she felt him enter her, squishing her eyes tightly together her teeth grinding at the invasion, the intrusion was ridiculously painful, there was no guarding her body from being stretched by his girthy member, no way to buck his heavy weight off of her, and no way to piece together the thin membrane that made her innocent, the very thing that now made her his in every way by the laws of the land and the ancient laws of the inu.

He was hurting her, in the year that she had been here she had yet to cry, and in these few moments he had already gotten her tears, tears of anger, pain, sorrow, all of them, not even her pride could save her from this, and if she did walk away her head would never be so high as it had once been before. Sesshomaru was in heaven, he would call her tight unused sheath heaven, and would gladly fight to call her core home for his member. He had only given her enough prompting and probing so that his entrance to her would not be dry, she was not ready by any other means, but the pleasure he felt allowed him not to care, the scent of her tears was another matter.

Something in him snapped as her scent spiked around them, and within the fear, the anger, her tears, the sorrow, and arousal was a new scent, the scent of her heat. Some random moment of his life had passed in his brain as he began to rock himself into her deep wet welcoming tight core, it was a voice of his passed, a teacher once telling him that it was unwise to take a virgin inu, for she would go into an instant heat, her body preparing to be pupped , and yet even now, remembering it, as the whites of his eyes began to bleed red and his pace quickened.

His eyes began to bleed red as his pace began to get faster, pulling her legs up to wrap around his thin waist, Sesshomaru began to pound into her. Kagome lay beneath him writhing in painful pleasure, her body excited and happy to have such attentions, loving it, and the heat and feelings he was making her have were incredible. She didn't know when she stopped being angry enough to be upset about being raped, really her will didn't matter and some small part of Kagome knew that, her life was his to do with as he pleased, and if taking her like this pleased him, she had no say so.

Her options were few, she could enjoy it, which she really did, or she could fight, and probably end up hurt before he killed her, dying a rapped virgin was not what she wanted, so with that in mind she gave into the heat, gave into the wanton feeling he invoked in her, gave in to him and submitted. Lifting her chin to him her eyes still closed, her throat lay exposed to him, as she gave a whine with a particularly pleasing thrust. Sesshomaru was shocked, he hadn't expected this but did really enjoy it, he was not going to mark her, he told himself but he could not resist biting into her neck, this angel could not result in a mating mark as it were so there was no harm in going to the extreme.

His fangs sank into her neck just barely missing her major blood vessels, her pulse dangerously close to his fangs excited him so, and was oh so tantalizing to his beast, if his eyes were not red already they were certainly crimson now. She moaned as he did, the deep reverberation shaking his fangs a bit as he held on to her, and began to force his pumps harder, his little bitch getting wetter and smelling more delicious by the moment. The sound of his body slapping hard into her was taught in the air, the pregnant stench of they arousal, slight odor of their sweat, her sorrow gone but now the air laced with the scent of her blood.

Her eyes slowly opened, heavily lidded lust filled eyes saw nothing really, through her dark lashes it would be hard to tell her piercing blue eyes those polar icy blues, were now dark with lust. The whites of her eyes were tinting crimson as well, her beast wanting, needing to be apart of what was happening to her, with little care, for she had rarely chained her beast in before coming to this camp, the wild thing within her had been pacing for a year, and Kagome could not deny her this, her possible last moment of freedom.

Sesshomaru slowed as he smelt the heady change in her scent, his crimson eyes looked down to her own, which were closed at the moment, her lush long lashes fluttered for a moment before they opened, where his own eyes were crimson and teal, her once baby blues were now white. He stared fully at her realizing that she had let her beast out, Her throaty whine like moan and the shift of her hips up into his own hard member forced him to begin again, her eyes open and watching him every moment, only shutting which his harder longer, deeper more filling thrusts. He watched as he changed pace, and took joy in the pleasure her body gave him. He was pleased to see the anger gone and replaced with her desire, her want for him, yet, if he knew her correctly, the anger would be back as soon as she woke from what ever sex induced spell she was under at the moment, he decided then he didn't care. She could be his damn pet for all he was concerned he would have her as his.

Kagome's hips rose high and slapped into him as he came in hard, the extra thrust and power making it hard to keep from climaxing, he growled his disapproval at her action, but with a whine leveling another whine she did it again. Her own growl of pleasure met his ears, and he began to truly fuck her, his hard thrust coming faster and faster, she'd cry out his name had she not been gagged. As it was his garbled name could be heard as he took her with speed, her body crying to him when her lips could not.

She whined wanting more, needing it, and he was too happy to comply, never before had he had such a tight hot, wet rut. Pulling out and earning a pissed off snarl from the tiny being below him he pulled her to her side left side, while angling himself again, he pulled her right leg to rest on his shoulder as he pushed in quickly and began his fast hard deep pace again. He was able to go deeper now, enough so for Kagome to throw her head back and moan in delight at the heat rushed to her spine, as blood flowed to her lower regions, making her feel everything.

His claws dug into her releasing trace amounts of his venomous poisons into her as he held her in place. The new angle had her moaning louder then before, and he was sure when he finally positioned her into receiving she wouldn't be able to stop her moans for the world. By whatever gods delight, someone had flushed her body all over, her nipples were still painfully hard as they forcefully bounced with her body. Kagome didn't know what was happening to her body, but her beast was all too happy to let it happen, the muscles surrounding him, she could feel were beginning to quicker hard, it nearly hurt, but it felt too good. A low whine escaped her, as she breathed in deep and roared her released into her gag, her body stiffening a bit as pleasure rippled deliciously all over her, but what was most amazing was that Sesshomaru had reached out and cut her binds.

With her wrist free and Kagome herself too distracted to know what was going on at the moment, she was pulled to her hands and knees, her body still shivering in the after effect as he entered her from behind. Pressing his weight over her back, and cupping her body with his own Sesshomaru slung his arm under her arm and grabbed her shoulder, while the other one dug deeper into her hip.

The force of his thrust now was unrelenting, hard, nearly painful but coupled with her orgasm, Sesshomaru was lost in pleasure, her first climax was amazing, and only fueled his need to fuck her more senseless then she was already. His beast purred in delight at the female they were sharing, before her full heat scent hit him hard, losing what little control and capability he had to control himself his beast took over. She was still climaxing with his every thrust, had been for a little while now, and he adored the feeling of her tight walls clamping and unclasping upon him, no other had ever done so for so long, he couldn't stop his own climax from coming as he thrust hard into her, which was painful for her.

Spending himself within her his fangs thrust into her neck, causing her aura to flare wildly with full force, he hadn't been expecting it, but without thinking his flared to make her own submit to him. The dance of their burning auras lasted moments as he continued to thrust with wild abandonment into her, her aura slowly lulling into a peace with his own as they finally died out together. Giving his last bit, he began to feel dizzy as the blood rushed from his body to his member swelling it tightly within his tiny mate, as they both fell into unconsciousness. His weight pulled her to the side and down before they hit the pelt both slightly unaware of their predicament.


It had been the middle of the day before when he had begun to take her, the middle of the night when they passed out, and with morning came the runner from the front lines. The young kitsune, had news for the Captain from the General, and had been told to deliver it to the young Captain's hands alone. The kappa had tried to stop the young kit, but Shippo would have none of that, standing his ground the young runner had gained Jaken's ire. Jaken had been displeased with the female, he wanted her dead, he didn't want her to have the night with the captain, and he had no idea what his captain had been thinking taking the filthy girl, she deserved death. The young kitsune was perfect to take his irritation out on, he, adviser to Lord Sesshomaru could not allow the kit to deal with his lord, but the stupid fox wouldn't give him the scroll. He was livid, before long he began berating the young fox, any and all names under the sun, his voice loud and shrill, he didn't bother to keep himself quiet this early morning as he harped.

Sesshomaru was snuggled happily into the warmth next to, and on him, he hadn't slept so peacefully in a very long time. As his conscious woke before sliding his eyes open, he could scent sex in the air, blood, lingering arousal, had that been all he wouldn't have thought much about it, but the warmth next to him and the content purr like growl woke him up in full, if that hadn't Jaken would have. The incessant shrill tone in the Kappa's voice could be considered hell, so annoyed to be pulled rudely from his peaceful rest was he that he got up without much thought to his lack of clothing and rushed for the flap of the tent.

Jaken never saw it coming, but before the tiny kappa knew what was happening he was flying over camp, he could hear soldiers joking that, 'frogs flew, hell must be frozen over.' Landing in an undignified heap he quickly passed out, Sesshomaru smirked a bit, almost nothing was better then sating his aggression on the kappa. But his smirk fell when he noticed the fox, "Message." he stated waiting for the scroll which was promptly thrust into his hand, the fox didn't move, he was to wait for a return reply and head back with a quickness that only a sly being as him self possessed.

Sesshomaru was pleased and yet livid at the same time, his father had sent word that they were needed, which pleased him because he was getting bored waiting to do battle, but the news had said that the North had pushed closer towards the Western borders. Turning on his heel he went into his tent scribbled a reply and went back out still standing as nude as the day he was born, Shippo nodded before taking off back to the front lines.

Returning into his tent, Sesshomaru noticed the calico skinned beauty with striking raven hair, she was very beautiful, and she had to go, he didn't remember their entire tryst together but he had enjoyed her enough to know that he would not kill her, at least not by his own hand. Her mouth was still gagged and her wrists were red showing how raw they had been yesterday from the rope, her hair disheveled, and her cloths well, they were shredded beyond repair. Pulling out his smallest set of hatori and hakamas, he tossed them towards her and dressed himself, leaving the tent to insure they would be leaving soon. His subordinates, rushed around knowing that Jaken had already set their Captain's ire ablaze early this morning, so they were not shocked to get his gruff barks to ready to leave.

Sesshomaru called his second in command over, Kouga, telling him to fetch Kengomo's horse, sword, and any personal effect she had brought with her. Kouga knew better then to question anything, they had grown up together and he knew that asking questions would just end with him getting an all too healthy beating. Returning with the things asked for, it wasn't much, but it was hers, he couldn't lie he had become friends with Kengomo, whoever this female was, when this was over if he could he would befriend her again, he could find no true fault in wanting to save ones pack, no matter what the cost, it was a good trait to have as alpha. The wolf watched as Sesshomaru went into his tent leaving a slightly melancholy friend in his wake, turning he barked orders to get camp pulled up and packed up.

Sesshomaru walked over to the female, and just looked at her, she was indeed lovely, soft and hard at the same time, she was like an understanding sheath to his warrior sword in more ways the just sexually. He knew that most females would not know what it was like to be a warrior that they would empathize with him, and yet would never truly know, Sesshomaru felt connected to her at least in that since she too would know what he had gone through, would understand how to deal with him, and the emotions he never let show. He wanted to keep her, but the most he could give her now that he had dominated her was her freedom. She had saved his life and he would give her, her own back, with that in mind he woke her none too gentle, and ordered her to dress. Kagome's brows knitted together as she felt dreamland being pulled from her, harshly.

Waking to Sesshomaru gruff "Dress." was not something she really wanted to deal with but she did, her body hurt and she was sore, not to mention she was sure her hair was a mess. Pulling herself up, she didn't notice his leering eyes on her sore body, hatori first, and bending over away from him, giving him a decent view, before hakamas came next, he was a bit disappointed to see her legs vanish in the yards of silk.

As soon as her obi was tied she felt his thick hand grip her upper arm, she had the blankets still in hand as he pulled her out into the harsh light of a new day, thrusting her to the ground before his tent, her sword and horse came in the hands of Kouga, knowing not to pull her head up just yet as she waited for his judgment. It seemed that the camp had paused to see and hear it as well. "A life for a life. My debt to you is paid. Now Leave." there was no emotion in his voice, but she had learned to read his eyes, they told her nothing for once, not taking the gift horse for granted she got up.

Pulling the blanket to her shoulders, Kagome stood and walked over to her steed, thrusting her sword into its sheath on the harness, stroking the beasts, neck it whinnied in pleasure as she took a fleeting look at the male that had given her a life, he was walking away from her his silver hair blowing in the cold mountain morning wind, he was beautiful. She could never forget him, not after everything they shared, it was true that she hadn't wanted it at first, but she had enjoyed it, and she knew she'd compare any other to him always.

Mounting her horse she looked again once more to see him near a cluster of boulders about to stalk off as he had so many other times, it was now or never she thought, "Kagome." she called out as a statement, watching as he paused, his haunting golden orbs locking with her icy blue, she mouthed 'thank you' before rearing her horse and taking off away from them, she hand not waited to see what he would have to say back, she didn't want to remember him as anything cruel. Their time together wasn't exactly pleasant all the time, but there were moments when it was blissful, she smiled a small smile despite herself as she road away.

an* hey folks i decided that i wanted to make this a oneshot, i know some of you were looking forward to more, but i cant in good faith continue it, because it would be a bit sardonic. i dont want to write a long story out of this, because my main goal was to get comfortable writing lemons. sorry to disappoint, maybe i'll add another chapter with small bits of plot as well, but its doubtful. apologies - r0o


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