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The Island by ~CherrySakuras~

Chapter 1

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“How about this? We can both scream as loud as we can, and see if it attract attention from one of those islands over there?” Kagome said totally determined this time about her amazing new idea, while standing and pointing to the islands across from the one they were on.

“ . . .” Was her response.

Sesshoumaru suddenly stood, with a cold but determined face and flew away on his famous cloud. After a minuets you could hear a loud bang. Kagome's eyes were wide when she saw a very pissed off and black looking sesshoumaru. He landed in the water and started cleaning the black spots from his body with rage vibrating off of him.

“Are you okay sesshoumaru?” She asked, almost afraid of his response.

“ . . . “ Was her response.

Kagome huffed and fell back on the tree she was resting on before. It had bin 3 hours, and he was still trying to get out by going through the barrier. Once he even took his sword out and started slashing at the barrier, or what ever it was keeping them on the island, he did that for almost an hour.

“Do you think if we both went to the end of the barrier, we would be able to work together to break it?”

“ . . .” Was her response.

Kagome rolled her eyes and walked away. She needed to get food in her. Maybe he didn’t need food, but she did, she was human damit. After her food adventure and no luck, since the animals were damn fast at running away she gave up and went to the edge of the island where Sesshoumaru was.

“Will you ever answer me, Sesshoumaru, we need to get out and get to our groups.” She said standing in front of him.

“ . . .” Was her response.

“Your irritating.” She said and sat against the tree again. This was getting annoying for both of them. One minuet Sesshoumaru, and Inuyasha was fighting, and the next there stuck on an island, alone, bored, hungry. The worse part of it was she felt like she knew this place, its looks to familiar to her. Kagome covered her face with her hands and let frustrated tears fall from her eyes, she just wanted to go home, and pretend this crap didn’t happen today of all days.

“This Sesshoumaru blames you.” Sesshoumaru finally said, almost scaring the shit out of Kagome since he was silent for so long.

“Are! You! Kidding me?! Were both stuck here, its not my fault or yours, This just happened. Don't go blaming people, or pointing fingers when it happened to you and me! Didn’t your mama ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all? Now if you excuse me I’m going to go drown myself to death, and not deal with you or this damn island.”

Kagome stormed her way to the ocean. Her feet felt cold and then her knees, her hips, her chest, and lastly with one big breath she dunked her head in and waited for blissful death, or an idea on how to get out of there. Felling a body next to her, she surfaced, and looked around to see Sesshoumaru standing next to her.

“Its best if you tried to kill yourself in the morning.” Was all he said as he walked hack to land. Confused, Kagome followed him and sat down on a picnic blanket that was in her new black messenger bag her mom got her 

~~Else Where~~

“Shippo stop looking and shaking that thing Kagome got you, we need to find her, and Sesshoumaru. I bet that basterd took her and is torturing her for the jewel shards right now.” Inuyasha said as he jumped down from his tree. They had bin looking fr 5 hours now, and there had bin just no luck.

“But its so pretty. Look at all the sand and trees.” Shippo said as he held the glass object in his hand.

“Oh, hey look there are people in it Shippo!” Sango said amazed.

“Is that Sesshoumaru?” Miroku said eying the weird globe.

~~Kagome and Sesshoumaru~~

“Do you hear voices?” Kagome asked getting up and looking around. Sesshoumaru nod and flew away to go check it out. She got a little scared that it seemed like the voices were coming from the sky.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”Kagome screamed and fell backwards.

“What is it human.” Sesshoumaru asked in a pissed off tone. His ears were still ringing from her annoying scream. Kagome just pointed up to the sky. He followed her gaze and what he saw scared the ever living shit out of him.

“Where in my beach globe I have Shippo.” She yelled. Still looking at Shippo's huge face. Sesshoumaru was out of words, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

~~With the group~~

“I think one of them screamed, could it really be them?” Sango asked Miroku, as the entire group leaned into the globe.

“Lets break it, and get them out of there.” Inuyasha said and stood straight. Shippo's eyes went wide and started to cry.

“Its the only way to get them out Shippo.” Miroku said, as he took the globe out of Shippo's hands, but Shippo grabbed its other end and so began the tugging war.

~With Kagome and Sesshoumaru~~ 

Everything was shaking, they tried to hold on to the tree but fell and rolled back and forth, with Kagome screaming words Sesshoumaru never thought to hear her say. When it all stopped she was on top of him.

“This is nuts.” She said as layed her head down on his shoulder trying to breath, as he was. Before they knew it there was a huge glass shattering noise, and they were on the forest floor next to Kagome's group.

“You broke it.” Shippo wined, and started to cry.

“Yea but Kagome's back now see.” Sango said. With those words the whole group cheered minus Kagome, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. After that they found that maybe stuff from her time must have a reaction to the well, and became magical since it made a way for Kagome to come and go it seemed the right thing to think. So she never brought gifts from her time again, just to be safe.

“Mama, did that really happen.” A small little boy asked, as his mother layed him and is sister down after there story time.

“Yes it did, and because of that you two are here.” The mother said smiling down at her children. She kissed them good night and left there room.

“Are you sure it was ok to tell them that story?” Sesshoumaru asked Kagome as she layed next to him in there bed.

“It wasn’t too bad was it?” Kagome asked now resting on her side cuddling to Sesshoumaru's chest.

“Well I guess not.”He said, and fell asleep.




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