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Spilled Coffee Bean's by ~CherrySakuras~

Don't cry over spilled milk

Spilled Coffee Bean's



Kagome is a working at her fathers cafe which happens to be a well known cafe in Tokyo. She's attending her last year at Tokyo U to get herself into the fashion industry for clothes design. One day while rushing to finish her shift she ends up spilling coffee on someone who ends up being her replacement art teacher for the year. Really hope you enjoy, and please review I would love to have some feedback it always makes me feel happy to know how someone felt about my story.


I do not own, I do not own, and crying because I do not own. :)

Really hope you enjoy. Also the south park t-shirt Kagome's puts on for school is from a TV show which is amazingly funny. {I don’t own by the way.}





Don't cry over spilled milk



Heya kags, how are ya?” Kagome's best friend asked as a busy Kagome was fixing her order before she even walked in the door .


Its ok Sango, way too busy tho, hold on a minuet I’m almost done with yours, I just ran out of whip cream.” Kagomes said and ran to the back to grab a new bottle from the refrigerator.


She returned and placed some of the bottles cream in each of the 4 cups. Sango grabbed 3 red coffee straws from the cup on the counter.


You are such a life saver every morning. My boss's would have my head along with Miroku.” Sango grabbed the plastic coffee holder and handed Kagome 30.


I'll see ya tonight?” Sango asked as Kagome handed her, her change.


Heck yea Sango I cant wait to see the movie, bye.” They both giggled and waved good bye to each other. Kagome smiled and watched Sango leave, she glanced up at the clock above the door and her heart stopped.


Oh my god. Dad its 11 I gotta go pronto!” Kagome's dad ran up front from the back room. “Okay hurry up and get to school, I’ll hold down the fort till you get back. Oh crap, hun can you take this cup to that hot stud right there?”


Kagome looked to where the dad was pointing to and nod her head while taking the cup from him and rushing to bring the cup to the customer. She was almost at the couch he was sitting at but tripped on her own shoe after trying to dodge someone who was in her way. The coffee cup went flying from the small plate it was resting on and fell on the man's leg and fell again to the floor with a crash. Kagome looked up from the floor almost afraid to see the person looking at her. Her eyes widen and she inwardly cursed herself for her stupidity as the man amazingly did not freak out on her right away. “I am so sorry, are you alright?” She asked while picking up the broken pieces of the once coffee cup. The man stood and glared at her with red eye's.


'Oh Shit! He's a Demon?' Kagome's mind screamed at her as she looked up at him.


Have you any clue what hot coffee feels like when spilled on you?” The man looked down at her with rage clearly rising in his eyes and body. “I'm so sorry please forgive me, I tripped and it ended up falling on you. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you sir?”


Kagome felt like she was going to throw up. This whole thing was going way to fast in her head, and it was way to early for this. Was she going to die? “Forget about it. I will be back in half an hour expecting a new cup of coffee to go, is that understood?”


He asked looking at her and her dad who was now next to her. “Yes sir, we are so sorry about this, I promise your coffee will be on the house and ready when you get back here.” Kagome heard her dad say in the most not scared shitless voice he could. She never did this before. She never had a mistake this big happen. Was it because today was the day she would have married Koga if he didn’t cheat on her? Maybe it was. . . Her eyes felt wet, was she crying?


There is no need to cry. Humans and demons alike all have a bad day.” With that said the man left. Kagome felt a little happy he didn’t say anything about suing them penniless, and also because he wasn’t too mad. Kagome stood up and noticed all the people in the shop looking her way, she sighed and looked at the door again glancing at the clock. Damn, she was going to be late for art class, and on her first day back.



When Kagome got home she changed as fast as she could into some fitting worn out blue/gray jeans that she really liked on herself and a orange enjoi skater shirt with two pandas getting it on. She pulled on her old black boots that looked like combat boots but where not entirely leather and was kinda fuzzy inside. She put her waist long hair in a high ponytail which was still surprisingly dead straight after being in a low bun all morning. She gave herself one last look over and noticed her black roots were coming out, but it made her hair look great. She had the main color of her hair a medium to dark purple with pumk bangs.


Her dad loved how it showed her artistic side along with making her blue eyes stand out. She put some light black eyeliner on and some lip gloss on her lips. Her makeup was almost nonexistent but totally noticeable, but hay she has no one to impress but herself. Kagome walked to her closet and pulled on her black zip up NANA hoody she got at an anime convention three years ago.


As she ran down to the living room of her and her dad's house she grabbed her gray/green messenger bag and slung it over her head to rest on her shoulder. She gave her cat Buyo and her husky Hachi kisses on there head between there ears, and ran out the door.


She ran to her black Hyundai Elantra and started the car hoping it would not be so cold to ice up the roads. As her car warmed up she looked at her new school schedule she just got that morning in the mail.


'Hmm, so I have Inuyasha for my fashion design104 again and I have this Sesshoumaru guy for art104. Then I can study at the library with Naraku again ugh, I hate that the library is the only place I can concentrate. Okay, so I just have one new teacher since Yura is on maternity leave because of her back problems.' She put the paper back in her bag and turned the heater on to see if it was warmed up enough. Satisfied with the noise it was making she sped the best she could without getting a cops attention to the collage hoping to make it to class only ten minuets late.



As she opened the door to her art class she noted never to rush out of work again. It only left her late or later . “Your late miss Higurashi.” Her teacher said stating the obvious to her, but when he looked at her from the dropped his pen on his desk and and his eyes opened a bit.


Hmm, just get to your seat.” Kagome was frozen, she didn’t even know if she was breathing. He glared at her and she knew he was loosing patients with her. This guy was the same man she spilled coffee on in the shop.


'Holy crap I spilled coffee on my new teacher. Holly crap!' She went on and on mentally kicking and cursing herself off while grabbing the seat directly across from him in the huge circle with canvases and chairs facing the middle of the class that had a circle platform for some to stand on and pose. He stared at all the people in his class and walked up to the white board. He wrote 'Sesshomaru' across it in big letters and walked to edge of the circle to the teachers canvas.


My name is Sesshomaru, and for this year I will be replacing your original teacher's classes. I was an art teacher here 4 and a half years ago so I know only three of you. Kagura, Kanna, and Shippo. As you all know we will be learning art. Body language, shadows and a lot more including advanced back grounds, and every month there will be a test with a human subject. Who ever gets a C as a grade for the monthly test will be given more advanced projects to do and when it comes testing time again, you will have to get an B+ or - at the least or you will get more projects. If you do not show up for a test then the next day you do show up, you will have to draw me unless I can find someone for you to draw. If for some reason any of you get a B more then 3 times then I will kick you out of my class. You are not here to play as I'm sure you all know and understand.” He looked around the class making sure everyone was listening to him, and understanding that he would kick them out if needed.


That said let's begin with a simple placement test, you are to draw a place and person in your canvas. You wont be judged for your art, I will even draw something. I would like to see all of your work and find the strength and the weakness and then we can work on them. Think of a something to draw and wright down what it is your drawing and your name next to it on the board. This should take till the end of class so there is no rush.”


Sesshomaru walked to the white board and wrote the word pond on the board right next to where his name was. Kagome walked up and put forest/lake under his and put her name down. She always loved a forest and a lake.


When it got close to the end of class everyone was done but Kagome and some guy to the left 3 chairs from her. She was almost done when Sesshomaru said it was time to give them in. She finished up just before the whole class was out the door.


Noticing the guy who drawing just as slow was also cleaning up so she cleaned up faster so she didn’t have to be alone with her teacher. She was taking her time drawing because it wasn’t a rush art it was a picture that was going to show the best she had in her. When she was done packing up she already noticed the guy leaving the room, and leaving her alone with Sesshoumaru. She quickly but carefully approached him and handed him her canvas and walked away.


Where are you going clumsy girl? We need to talk about this morning.” She stopped mid walk and shivered. She quickly thought of something she could do to get out of this but nothing came to mind She stood in front of the classroom door as he walked to her.


Listen I’m sorry. It really was a bad mistake on my part to rush but I didn’t want to be late to this class.” She said.


Hmm, well I see that now.” He leaned over and looked her straight in the eyes.


You should not be so clumsy it could get you killed” He smiled proud of the fear he made her feel at that moment. She looked at him in fear but then glared at him. Kagome felt like she had to stop being nice to get it through to him that she WAS indeed sorry, and it wasn’t her fault.



It was not done on purpose. So don't even think about threatening me, I said I was sorry. Now let me out!” Sesshoumaru's eyes widen, and he smiled.



'Our bitch is testing us? After we let her go so easily this morning. Let us show her how much power we can have over her if we wanted to.' His beast raged within him. He hated that his beast was raging in him for her, but who was he to say anything she was aroused when she first saw him and he had to say he felt the same way. Those beautiful light velvet eyes where too much to not notice the first time but they were just so surprising every time he saw them.


Fine, but there is something you must do for me.” She looked at him curiously.


And what might that be?” He smiled.


How about a date without coffee involved?” She looked away, thinking it over. Almost tempted she said.


You're my teacher I don't think that's allowed Sesshoumaru, besides why would you want a date with me, the person who kind of ruined your morning.” He smirked and leaned against the door.



Because you owe me a drink.” She blushed, and looked straight at him, almost thinking it over.


Well then its a date. Meet me after school at you're cafe.” He said this without her response and then he was gone, out the door, and her mouth hanging open. She didn’t even say yes, that jerk. What had she gotten herself into this time, dammit.




Should I change or just go in my school clothes?” She said twirling for her dad. He smiled and shook his head.


You are just fine hun, plus hes just a teacher, maybe he just wants to show you hes not mad. But if he totally wants you . . . Yay!” Her dad cheered.


Her dad smiled lovingly and walked to the back to get something. She leaned on the counter wishing she had a mind reading sorta thing, so she knew what was wrong with her damn teacher. Yes he was hot, but why the hell would he want a date, and all this happening on the day her and Koga were going to get married too.


That thought alone made her tears fall hard, and she covered her face with her hands, almost ashamed of thinking about what should have bin, even if it did happen 1 year and 1 month ago, and yes she had counted.


This should make you feel better. Kagome? Are you ok hunny?” Her dad asked while setting down a cup of green tea he made for her. She stopped her tears and rubbed them away.


Yea I’m fine, Just thinking about Koga.” Her dad kicked into killing machine dad mode and said sternly. “Don't even waist your breath or tears sweetie, he is nothing now, you deserve better then him, and maybe this teacher is your chance. Like Aki was mine.” He said while rubbing her back.


Yea but Aki is one of the good guys. When will I get one and how do I know if its real or if he's real?” Her father smiled and turned her around to face him. He bent down and kissed her forehead, and gave her a big hug.


Hunny there are so many good guys its just you haven’t found any of them yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this guy, okay?”


She nodded her head and sat on the stool next to the TV. “Hey did you hear that new club is opening in two weeks daddy?” Her dad nod.


Yea. Aki and I are already on the list to get in with the group.” Kagome laughed knowing it would end badly for the club with them in there.


The group was always her dad his boyfriend their best friend Tsukasa from collage, his wife Tsukushi who was always talking about something interesting or totally cool, Mika who Kagome's dad met at a bar and helped her with her guy problems, and Kyoya her dad's co workers from his high school days. They were all friends and all close. They all were opposites and going in different directions in life but still were as close as anything like friends should be.


So hows Sango?” Kagome smiled and was about to say fine but shot up off of her stool.


Oh no, Sango.” She ran to the back room and heard her dad laughing since he knew about her plans to meet Sango that night. When Sango answered she told her everything and Sango laughed and told her it was fine and that she would just watch a movie with Miroku, and for Kagome to have fun.


Are you sure Sango?” Kagome asked still on the phone.


Its ok, you need this especially today. Go have fun, tomorrow is your day off we will watch a movie then ok, call me when you wake up. Bye bye.” Kagome was happy with her friends understanding and with a quick bye she ended the call.


You know now that you are dating again I was wondering if you would be ignoring all of us now.” Her dad said as she walked back to her stool and sat down.


You know I would never do anything like that, and I'm not dating again, its just one date to make up for what I did this morning dad.”


Her dad chuckled, and walked to open the door for who ever was knocking. “Is that him?” She asked getting a little nervous. “Yep it is.” He opened the door and let Sesshoumaru in. They talked for a bit, getting to know each other while Kagome when to the girls room to fix herself up a bit.


Okay Kagome, we can do this. Lets go out there, have fun, and maybe even forget all about Koga.” She walked out after having a pep talk to herself in the mirror and was out the door with Sesshoumaru in no time repeating the same thing she said in the bathroom again and again.



That’s all for this chapter, Enjoy guys review and let me know. Like I said I love feedback and I love knowing how other people feel about my work. Also if you see anything that needs to be fixed let me know and I will do my best to fix it. This was edited today 10/26/2015. iv been editing alot of my storys and prob will continue them and add a new fanfiction very soon. 


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