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In The Elevator by sweetest angel

Part 1

Hello everyone! Here the first part of my short story "in the elevator"

Thanks to Kiyota for your fabulous work in beta-ing this one.

AND Thanks to RyuuMahou for her completing corrections. Hope you will like it! :)

Disclaimer : I know, I know, I don't own InuYasha... Hey, but you neither ! lol


[color=#000080][size=4]IN THE ELEVATOR, part 1[/size] [/color]


"Dring, Dring, Dring" cried an alarm clock.

Kagome turned over after throwing the creation of pure evil onto the floor, nuzzling her face back into her pillow. Yes, you could say that Kagome wasn't really a morning person and her poor alarm often paid the price for her bad moods.

A knock sounded from the door.

"Honey, wake up."

Kagome's only answer was a groan and then silence. The person at the door sighed. Opening the door quietly, a middle aged woman walked in. She came towards the bed where her daughter had almost fallen back into a deep sleep. She lightly shook her shoulder.

"Kagome, dear, wake up," she said gently.

"Mhm...Five more minutes, Mom," Kagome mumbled. Mrs. Higurashi sighed again.

"You have to get up now, Hun. Don't forget that you have your interview this afternoon," Mrs. Higurashi reminded her daughter.

That caught Kagome's attention. She pulled her head out from under her sheets and looked at her mother, remembering the dreaded interview. Mrs. Higurashi smiled down reassuringly at her daughter.

"Don't worry dear, you'll be fine," Her mother said softly, trying to reassure her.

"But what if I'm not good enough? What if I stand there without being able to open my mouth because I..."

A finger placed over Kagome's lips silenced her. "Shh honey. You will be fine."

"But..." Kagome began again.

"No buts Kagome! You worked really hard and you obtained your degree with the felicitation of your professors. I know you are having some difficulties speaking in front of people you don't know, but I have faith in you. You will be fine. Okay?" Mrs. Higurashi asked with a smile.

"Okay Mama," Kagome relented with a sigh.

"Good. Now get up, take a good bath or shower if you prefer. I have to go to work myself. Your brother has already left for school. See you tonight hun," Mrs. Higurashi said with a smile, leaning down kissing Kagome on the forehead before walking out of the room.

"Hai," Kagome replied to her mother's retreating form. With eyes still a little sleepy, Kagome thought about her day, feeling really anxious about her appointment. It was her first one since she had received her degree. Her aunt, or rather, the person that was as close to an aunt as she could get, Kaede worked at this place. She was the one who had told Kagome that the office was looking for a personal assistant for the CEO. It was one of the biggest buildings in the city and one of the most important companies in the country. 'I have a right to be nervous...right?' Kagome thought to herself.

Crawling from her comfortable and warm bed, she headed for the bathroom. She ran the warm water, adding vanilla oil into it as an afterthought. While she waited for the tub to fill, she undressed and stood before the mirror.

She looked at herself and had to admit that she was not an ugly girl. She had quite a nice form and was filled out in all the right places, but she considered herself to be ordinary and nothing special; not plain, just normal. If she didn't see anything special in herself, so how was she supposed to be confident?

When she spoke in front of people she felt as if she was being judged by them. She knew that she had the degree necessary for this position. During her college years, she had to do some internship time at a company and though she had been shy at first and had some difficulties, her employer had been very happy with her in the end. They had even gone as far as to tell her if she hadn't found something else by the year's end, she would be welcome to come back. That company had been tiny compared to the one Kaede worked for, but if she had nowhere else, she had to have something to return too.

When the tub filled with the sweet scented water, Kagome climbed in, trying to relax. After an hour of soaking, the water had become cold, telling Kagome it was time to get out. She put her bath gown on and went back into her bedroom. Going through her closet, Kagome began to look for what she was going to wear. Anxiety hit her hard when she realized she couldn't find anything good enough in her eyes. She was getting desperate and jumped when the door bell choose that moment to ring throughout the house.

Kagome walked over to her window and looked out, but failed to see who it was. She wasn't worried, though, when she heard someone climbing the stairs up to her bedroom. The door opened to reveal her best friend. Sango looked at her friend, her hands on her hips with that look on her face that made Kagome blush from embarrassment and answer the slightly older woman sheepishly.

"Hi Sango," Kagome said sheepishly. Sango shook her head.

"You don't know what to wear do you?" She asked. Kagome shook her head.

"I swear, you are a twenty three year old woman and you can't even pick out your own clothing? You're hopeless Kagome!" Sango remarked with grin. Kagome pouted at her friend which made Sango give in despite the fact that she was trying to make Kagome more independent. Sango sighed. "What would you do without me?"

"Mhm...crawl back into my bed and die of shame?" Kagome offered. Sango couldn't help but to laugh at her friend.

"Probably," She agreed through her laughter. Kagome soon joined her in her laughter. Sango advised her to wear her nice black suit, which was comprised of a black skirt and blazer, and a white blouse to go underneath. She also suggested for her to wear her comfortable black court shoes. Once Kagome was done dressing, she offered to help her with her hair and makeup.

Kagome rarely did her hair any other way besides a ponytail or hanging free around her shoulders and she wore next to no makeup. It just wasn't her style. Then again, Sango knew Kagome didn't need it either. Sango knew that Kagome didn't like eyes on her, though she didn't really understand it.

Kagome wasn't ugly or plain, quite the opposite really. Kagome was quite petite, had beautiful legs which she almost never showed off since she didn't like skirts. Her skin was silky and creamy and her long shiny black hair was something all women would be jealous of. The best feature that Kagome possessed, however, were the deep blue eyes she possessed, which was rare in this part of the World. Sango had to admit at times she was jealous of Kagome's beauty. They quickly ate a salad then Sango left Kagome in front of the office building for her interview.





It was morning. A tall silver haired man entered the tall and well known business building. On his passage, all the people stopped working, bowing low to him with 'Good Morning Mr. Takahashi' all the way to his office. They were all afraid of the powerful cold man walking before them. The men, for the most part, were terrified of him, the women were too, but they also looked at him with lust in their eyes. The appeal of the dangerous type caused their lustful looks. It disgusted him, though at the same time he could not blame them. He was a living God among the lesser beings. He had to acknowledge the fact that one or two passed between his sheets when needed. He may have been a God but he was a man first. He passed his secretary, Kaede.

"Messages?" he asked.

"Hai Sesshoumaru-sama. One from your brother," she began. A growl rose in the back of his throat. Kaede was unperturbed and continued, "Besides the usual obscenities, he wanted to know when you would send his paycheck."

"That brat didn't last one day and succeed to make me almost loose one of my most important associates and he's asking to be paid?" Sesshoumaru snorted.

"One message from your Father," she said clearing her throat as though he hadn't interrupted her. "He wanted to make you understand that this is a family company that was created by him and so he wishes that his two sons work together. He wants you to give Inuyasha-sama a second chance. Give him a call," Kaede said.

Sesshoumaru didn't open his mouth but his jaw was clenched so tight that is was almost painful. Any tighter he would have broken his teeth. His fangs almost broke the skin on the inside of his bottom lip. He took a deep breath before he spoke.

"Anything else?" he almost growled.

"Hai. Miss Yura called you twice already but didn't leave any messages." Kaede remarked. He did growl this time in sheer annoyance. He could tell that it was going to be a long day and it had only begun. He started to walk towards his office but the old woman's voice stopped him.

"My Lord?" she asked. He turned back, not saying anything to her. "You have the interviews for your personal assistant job today," she finished. He nodded, turning back to his office.

"Your niece applied did she not?" He asked.

"Hai Sesshoumaru-sama. She just graduated from University. She is very gifted even though she is a bit shy. You will see her this afternoon," Kaede said.

"I will see her, but be aware that I will not favor her because she is your niece," he answered with his stoic voice.

"I understand fully Sesshoumaru-sama. I didn't expect you to and neither does she. She would not accept the job if that was the only reason you provided it to her," Kaede told him. He nodded again walking into his office.


Some hours pass.

The afternoon.


A woman entered the building wearing an outfit much too short for her. She wore a lot of makeup along with a very pungent perfume. She walked with confidence towards the office of the CEO like she owned the place, but she was stopped by Kaede.

"I'm sorry Miss, but you can't enter right now. Sesshoumaru-sama is with an appointment," she said.

"I'm sure he won't mind," the woman said trying to continue on her way only to be stopped again.

"I'm sorry to insist Miss Yura." Kaede spoke again. Yura's eyes flashed with hate at the old woman.

"Look you old hag, if I want to see him, you cannot stop me," she growled. At that moment the door of the office opened.


In the office, a few minutes ago


Sesshoumaru read and studied the information of this new candidate before him. It was the forth today; all had been more discouraging and unworthy of this job.

"Miss Onigumo." Sesshoumaru began.

"Kagura," she corrected flashing her pearly smile.

"Miss Onigumo," He insisted looking right at her. "You don't have the degree necessary. Why do you consider yourself qualified to be my personal assistant?" he asked. His voice was so cold and smooth that it sent shivers down her back. It wasn't fear, however, that made her shiver. She locked her ruby eyes with his golden ones smirking.

"I have worked with my brother for the last three years in his company and I think I'm the right person for this job. Besides," she leaned towards him giving him an ample view of her cleavage. "I'm sure I will be exactly what you want and need for the job, among other things," she finished. She resumed her first position, satisfied when she saw the eyes of Sesshoumaru travel south from her face.

"What are you implying Miss Onigumo?" he asked.

"Mhm, I don't know. What do you want to understand?" She asked. He snorted changing the subject.

"Why do you not work for your brother anymore?" he asked. Something flashed in her eyes before she answered, but it didn't go unseen by the demon lord before her.

"Personal reasons," she all but snarled out. "To be free of him," she added the second part in a whisper.

"And why would I want to help you be free of Naraku, Miss Onigumo?" he inquired narrowing his eyes at her. When she was about to answer him he raised a hand to stop her.

"I don't care about your reasons. I will not help you," he told her.


"You do not correspond to the post. I do not need a whore. I need an assistant," he answered much colder than before. Her jaw almost fell to the ground from the shock of his statement.

"What?" she asked with shock.

"You understand me perfectly, Miss. Onigumo. So please remove yourself from my office or I will have security do it for you," he answered. She got to herself really prepared to give him a piece of her mind but was one again cut off by his raised hand.

"Do not think I didn't see your little play, but it will not help you obtain this job. Maybe in another company, but not here," he bit out harshly. "I think this interview is over." He got up and walked to the door. She turned to look at him, still no believing her ears. He didn't fall into the palm of her hand like all of the other men before him. What had she done wrong? His hand was on the door jerking it open.

"Have a good day Miss Onigumo," he said. She closed her open mouth, glaring darkly at him. He simply glared back as she huffed before leaving.


He rubbed his temples. This day had been a nightmare and his headache was killing him. He had been on the phone for two hours with his associate and client, trying to make up for the insults his brother had caused. After paperwork, he had interviewed four women, all of them were full of themselves, assuming that because they offered him a jump into their panties he would give them the job. How could his day become worse?

It got worse. The evidence was in the door frame.

"Sesshou-kun," sang an utterly revolting voice that was almost too disgusting to his ears. He growled.

"Yura. What are you doing here?" His voice didn't hide his disgust and annoyance from her.

"What? Don't I have the right to see my boyfriend?" she asked pouting thinking she was pretty. Sesshoumaru shuddered.

"You are not my girlfriend Yura," he said closing his jaw as tightly as possible so not to insult her, but found that it was becoming more and more difficult. She was the daughter of one of his associates so he had to keep himself under control or to at least try.

"Oh, but Sesshou-kun..." she whined, jumping onto him and throwing her arms around his neck. He almost gagged at her horribly strong scent. He pushed her away none too gently. The bitch had crossed the line of his patience.

"Do not touch me wench. Remove yourself from this building before I call security," he snapped at her, the last thread of his patience broken.

"What?!" she shrieked.

"Good bye Yura," he growled. He walked from his office passing in front of Kaede.

"I have to leave for a few minutes. I will return," he growled.

"Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama," Kaede said shaking her head. She could see from her place Yura frozen in the door frame. The old woman chuckled, seeing Yura's shocked face turn into anger. It was going to be a long day for Sesshoumaru-sama. Kaede only hoped he would return.


There you go. End of the part 1. Hope you like it. Review review review, thanks. Until then,

Sweetest Angel


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