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The Ties that Bind by inali


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The Ties that Bind: Prologue

A good reporter was always on the search for the next big scoop-- the more sensational, the better. Nishimura Sesshoumaru, however, never expected his next big break to fall into his lap... literally. 

He'd been at his usual Friday night haunt, the Criminal Investigations Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Division's main branch.  The quiet clack of keyboards, the ringing of phones and the hushed conversations of the main lobby's front desk a steady background to the sterile and nondescript area as he waited for his contact to greet him.  Granted, he was doing little more than trolling for a story; chatting up his inside sources to fish out some useful leads.  It was as he was sitting on a bench in the lobby, debating the merits of stepping out into the December chill for another cigarette, when she rounded a corner.

At first glance, she was nothing to catch the eye; just the typical twenty-something office girl with a mousy disposition.  Even the conversation, largely dominated by the detective in her company, was generic and patently courteous in his conveyed disinterest.  By all rights she appeared to be just some easily panicked twenty-something trying to create something out of nothing. Perhaps, even as a bid for attention or a cheap thrill to her otherwise dull life ruled by the endless routine of the cubicle jungle in some faceless corporation.  Sesshoumaru had seen the type before, some bored little shrew looking for some gossip worthy of the water coolers her type seemed to migrate toward like gazelles to a savannah water hole. 

"Detective Hayashi, I know how this sounds, but please, just look into it..."  The young woman implored in a soft-spoken, yet urgent tone.

"Of course, Miss, we take all claims and tips with the utmost seriousness.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated."  The middle-aged, balding detective dismissed with a slight bow.

"I--" The girl started gearing up for what Sesshoumaru could tell was, now even more secure in his belief, a second wind over some overblown triviality only to cut herself off, coming to a complete halt.  Freezing completely in place, her entire posture growing rigid suddenly and for no apparent cause.  Something which struck the reporter as mildly curious and effectively capturing his own full attention.

"Miss?"  The detective asked politely, stopping to glance at the strange young woman.  After receiving no response from the suddenly dazed girl, he repeated "Miss?  Are you alright?"

The young woman's only response was a widening of the eyes and a hysterical whimper while staring straight ahead.  "No... please..."  She muttered, shrinking back.

Sesshoumaru glanced down the hallway to try to identify what it was that had the girl in a sudden panic, only to find more sets of confused eyes trained on the strange young woman as the lobby fell silent.  Police detectives and clerks alike stopping in whatever mindless tasks they were engaged in to focus in on the petite creature and her strange fit.

"No!"  She shrieked, her head whipping to the side with enough force to send strands of ebony hair flying to cover her face.  The girl staggered back a few steps almost drunkenly before catching her balance on unsteady legs.  "Don't!  Leave me alone!"  She screamed, curling in on herself.  "Mama!  MAMA!"

She then dashed forward as though trying to escape something only she could see, only to be jerked back by an unseen force soliciting another panicked scream from the woman.  Her arm yanking backward at an awkward angle, actually lifting her to her toes as she backpedaled. "Help me!  Mama!  Help!"  She sobbed out hysterically, struggling against invisible arms.  Only to wrench herself free before her head snapped in another bout of shocking force, this time spinning her about face before losing her footing and falling forward. 

It was in that moment, that Sesshoumaru finally got a good look at the heart-shaped face of the young woman, as her dark eyes rolled into the back of her head, blood trickling from her nose and lip as fresh bruises blossomed on her cheek and jaw.  Then said face was buried in his lap as the girl slumped bonelessly against him  then onto the floor in an unceremonious heap, dark hair completely obscuring her features as she lay still on the cold tile unconscious.

Glancing up from the strange girl and the stranger scene, Sesshoumaru swallowed thickly, as intense amber eyes fixated on the equally shocked and pale detective.  "Excuse me?  But what just happened?"  He inquired the detective-- Hayashi, he believed she had called him.

"I--" Hayashi startled snapping his gaze to Sesshoumaru and seeing the young reporter for the first time.  "I don't know."  He admitted in a hollow tone, as his brow knitted together in consternation.  "I just don't know."

Well, Sesshoumaru thought with an intrigued resignation, looks like that cigarette was out. 


A/N:  Editted this and changed it to a prologue.  Following chapters will be longer.  Not sure how regular I will be with updating, won't lie on that.  This story WILL be a dark one, with themes that can be considered potentially disturbing to young, impressionable readers; hence the rating. 

As always, constructive criticisms and feedback is welcome, though I'm rather spacey about writing back.  Especially if it pertains to upcoming plot points; I like keeping those close to my chest. ;P


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