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Solitude by Itsumademo


My late and likely poorly done entry for Kirai's Neverending Title Challenge.

The prompt i was assigned: Sesshylicious.

For a writer just beginning to poke holes into the fanfiction world, this was hard. I can’t see Sesshoumaru being a stripper, which is what this word really hinted to me. Seriously, the song bootylicious kept running through my mind 0-o…but obviously with “sesshy” instead of “booty”. However since that simply could not come from my fingers, i came up with something else. It was this.

Please enjoy and review! ^ 3 ^ This is the most graphic work I have ever written so far, so anything would be lovely to hear! ^-^

All characters of InuYasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and i in no way own them or profit from this fiction.


Leaking in from the opened window, the evening breeze slithered across the exposed skin it found, trailing behind it chilled bits of raised pale flesh.

Turning up a regal nose at the very thought of cool air being capable of eliciting shivers across his bare form, Sesshoumaru further allowed his loosened yukata to slump lazily to the floor he sat upon. The youkai lord released a deep sigh, the quick exhale lightly upsetting his freely draping hair as it overflowed to his front due to his slumped pose.

Folded neatly within his lap was the last kimono his beloved had worn before she redressed in that peculiar clothing and made way for her family home, five hundred years forward in time. The idea still confused him, although he kept that fact tucked safely away in his mind.

Her scent pleasantly danced around him as the wind picked it up and tossed it throughout the room the pair generally resided in. Caught in a dizzying maelstrom of her being, his body tremored briefly at the thought of her soft fragile form splayed blissfully beneath his own.

Allowing the deep rumble of a growl to reach his ears, he mentally forced the tantalizing image away, his general calm drifting back over his thoughts. Settled again within the sweetness he was placed, Sesshoumaru reached a decision.

The great youkai lord of the western lands was going to take a bath.

He cast a tall shadow as he drew to his feet with poise, mildly caring about his state of undress two clawed hands pulled tighter the thin obi holding up his partially fallen yukata. Sliding aside the shoji screen, Sesshoumaru moved with a quick pace through the darkened corridors.

Face neutral to the occasional servant he passed, all quite obviously confused and embarrassed about their lord casually walking through the hall covered only by a bit of fabric held at his waist. Inwardly he again yearned for the presence of the miko; her features would have blushed prettily causing a dark smirk to drawn on his lips.

Unintentionally, a small female servant nearly broke down in tears while he had softly chuckled at his thoughts. Furrowing his brow lightly, he sidestepped the feline and turned into the bathing room she had opened for him. The natural hot spring which resided within filled the area with steam that warmly swirled against his skin, briefly alleviating his labored mind. Ignoring the cowering maidservant outside the screen, Sesshoumaru stripped away his yukata and lowered himself into hot waters.

The heat sunk into his very bones as he lay there.

Golden eyes became entranced by the long, ethereal tendrils of silver hair on the rippling surface. His fingers teased the floating pieces thoughtlessly; somehow this usually peaceful time had become…boring? He found instead that he wished to bury his claws in raven locks, run his tongue against smooth pale flesh, ravish plump petal lips….

The sound of a faltering servant fell on his ears, forcing his eyes to refocus on the still silver hairs hanging wet from his limb. Narrowing molten orbs, Sesshoumaru cast the thoughts away trying fervently to ignore the growing length shrouded beneath the steaming water.

Reaching out to the soap, he let his hand hover over the container with his own personal cleanser but instead took hold of the bottle Kagome used when she bathed. No one would dare question him if he happened to smell of a different scent, not if they valued their lives.

A smug grin graced his countenance.

Imitating Kagome’s actions, he eased some of the gel into his open palm, calming instantly at the familiar fragrance. Rubbing his hands together swiftly to work the soap into a lather, he applied the suds to his bare skin.

Massaging toned limbs, moving over to broad chest—gently tweaking a nipple in the process— warm bubbles drifting down the dips and bumps of his well-structured physique as Sesshoumaru worked to cover every inch of his build. Running lathered hands along his firm thighs, he unintentionally brushed the hardening member settled between each limb.

Lids shut as he shivered.

The thick air clung to his dampened skin, now saturated with the usual aroma of the female he so fervently desired. His tongue drew over his bottom lip, moistening the tender appendage as he dreamt of her tantalizing flavor. Clawed fingers gave a hesitant caress along the taut skin of his member, causing a low rumble within his torso.

The warm smiling face crested with shining blue eyes and surrounded by lacy waves of black appeared again in his restless mind. Taunting him with her supple body …just too far from his grasp.

Casting a half lidded glare to the screen, he noted no movement remained in the passage, not a servant about in the early morning darkness. Emitting a dull hiss as his heated palm returned to the throbbing length, he allowed the delicate being he longed for to play seductively in his mind’s eye.

His large hand circled the base of the shaft then grasped sudden and tight, constricting a portion of the swift blood flow, the pinkish hue increasing as he held it. With the opposite limb he looped his thumb and forefinger over the swollen appendage, adopting an agonizingly slow pace with the moistened digits.

Dipping back his head, the curve of his strong neck became further exposed as his starlit hair tumbled away from his shoulder. Sensitive flesh twitched pleasantly as he moved, nude form standing in the spring, legs covered mid-thigh by the lapping ripples, cool silver tresses heavily weighed to then rest effortlessly on the surface. Keen senses ignored every drop that shifted down his skin in attempt to join the waters beneath, most evaporating into the feverous air before arriving.

Running through his mind, the damp fingers now caressing his shaft were in fact the red lips of the raven haired beauty, a delicate pink blush on her stretched cheeks. While satisfying, nothing could simulate the way her small tongue would run hot trails against him, or how cleverly she could bring him to his knees as she sucked and swirled, occasionally dragging her fine white teeth along the flesh. The mere thought made him quake, muscle sliding over muscle as the tremor cascaded throughout his generally controlled form, the needy throb of his genitals sent a low growl from his lungs.

Releasing both hands, an unmeant snarl escaped him as the denied blood rushed into the appendage, the painful hardening forced him to arch his back, pale chest gleaming softly in the moonlight that bathed him.

A dark smirk pulled at his lips, Kagome spread willing and labored below him painted into his thoughts, in the haze of the humid room he was almost certain he could scent her arousal, the addictive musk that was hers alone. Back bent forward now, muscle and tendon stretched as he breathed deeply; then lightly, slowly he wound his hand around the tip of his member. The wet limb eased down until he pushed against the base, kneading his taut sack against himself. Behind his eyes, the glistening figure moaned for him.

Pulling up again to the end, then dragging back down somewhat faster, he continued the repetitive motion, every so often tugging or twisting, swirling his palm over the shaft. Soon the speed was intense and quick, crimson seeping into the whites of his eyes as he pumped. Powerful toned arm not once tiring as he moved, his opposite limb exploring his own form at will. Blues eyes memorized every inch of his body, slender fingers mapping out as she went; he remembered her actions perfectly. Cautious claws tracing the chiseled abs of his torso, brushing past erect nipples, trailing down to the sinew dip of his butt and thigh, moving over to gently massage his ass—all the while stroking his member.

The deep pleasure flooded his abdomen, his lengthened member twitching in anticipation. Eliciting a deep possessive growl—one he stifled as best as one on the verge of orgasm could possibly do—as his body climaxed, bliss shaking his limbs as he stood.

Still nebulous in the after effects, the demon noted he had used the majority of the soap to satisfy his urges rather than appropriately bathe. Filling his already worked palm another time with the sweet cleanser, he returned to covering with it, scrubbing mindlessly at the skin while his mind was off somewhere else.

Finally he retrieved a larger portion and began to work on his heavy mane, the silken strands tenderly cared for, rubbed and brushed with the fruity soap. When his nose informed him not a speck of dirt remained, he lowered into the hot water allowing the surface to close in only to burst forth a few minutes later. Sesshoumaru contently ran his fingers through the glistening silver, face softened by the comforting scent.

Wishing to forget his activities, he drew from the spring and wiped down his wet body. Perfect hair already ridding itself of water droplets he carelessly dressed again in the navy yukata, tying his obi poorly in his hurry to leave and return to the room he earlier occupied.

Pushing the waterfall of locks over his shoulder to rest commonly on his back, stoic face reset and eyes clean once more, the lord stepped into the silent corridor, all senses prepped for any and all discrepancies that may try to appear. He would not tolerate eavesdropping. Or gossip. Or the impossible possibility of his embarrassment.

Making his destination, he swept into the room easily, not a soul alive at the dreadfully early hour.

Returning to sit where he had prior to his bathing, he found in the minutes passing that he still yearned for the female deeply. Eyeing the jade comb resting inanimately on the table before him, his thoughts wondered into the memories of when Kagome would sit him down after a bath and gently brush his hair. Fingers looping through, combing every bit with care and affection, her features soft and content to charitably work in silence.

Coming out of the peaceable reverie, his mind registered that he had begun stringing the comb through his nearly dried tresses, unconsciously wishing to imitate the sweet atmosphere she brought with her existence.

Frustration marring his features, he ceased running the comb in the silver cascade and instead unfolded to stand. His powerful silhouette appeared on the ground while he lithely moved to the futon, grand and snugly covered in thick linen and a few of what Kagome called “pillows” at its head. Exhaling a lonesome sigh, he resigned himself to well needed sleep.  A finely tipped ear lied upon the cotton filled bundle; narrow molten orbs slid shut while the youkai lord of the west permitted the heaviness of slumber and solitude to rest within his limbs.

Perhaps she would return in the morning? Perhaps.


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