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Devil Next Door by Beautifully Wicked

Devil Next Door

Prompt: Screen

Kagome watched the screen in front of her as she typed away. Hacking was Kagome’s specialty and right now she was hacking into Inu-Yasha’s brothers’ computer. Stupid would be the correct term if Sesshoumaru ever found out about her hacking into his prized custom built computer, but Inu-Yasha asked, and she was bored. Deciding it would be fun she began to infiltrate his coding. With a smile she continued on. Finally she had gotten through all of his defenses and now she would see what was in Sesshoumaru’s hard drive. Excitement filtered through her senses and she giggled to herself.

Prompt: Squeeze

She should have been watching her surroundings, but in her glee she didn’t notice when her bedroom window opened and someone squeezed through.  He sighed and shook his head as he looked at her. He went up behind her and was thoroughly impressed at how far she had gotten. “Kagome, how many times must I remind you that if I find you anywhere near my drives I would have your head, yet here you are surfing through my hard drive.” Kagome jumped, and slowly turned around, only to come face to face with Sesshoumaru, “I’m sorry?” she mumbled with a small smile.

Prompt: March

Sesshoumaru smirked, “You’re sorry? Oh little girl you will be sorry.” Kagome shivered at his tone, but stood up and stared him right in the eye.  “Whatcha gonna do about it, Fluffy?” he snarled at her, showing his fangs in order to scare her, but she stood her ground. “Bitch, you don’t want to know,” he remarked. She smirked, “You have no idea how to get back at me. I’m a poor defenseless girl, and you’re a big mean Youkai. I have the power this time.” He watched as she marched up to him and kicked him.  

Prompt: Growth

Time froze until Kagome’s eyes widened at what she’d done. They’re eyes met. Kagome’s wide and Sesshoumaru’s narrowed. Kagome ran.  He smirked, and went for the window. Watching how Kagome had made it outside and running towards his home. Silly little girl she would not reach his father in time. He crawled through the window and leapt forming his cloud and flying at high speed. He entered through the balcony upon his arrival home and smirked not finding her scent. Until, “Sesshoumaru!” he saw his father’s head in his vision and swore his fathers’ head had a growth spurt.  

Prompt: Aware

Kagome smirked from her position beside his father, and then her face melted into sadness, and tears sprang to her eyes as his father looked to her. “He’s… he’s so mean to me, and I try and be nice to him, but… he hates me!” she wailed. Sesshoumaru growled in agitation, “She hacked into my computer,” Sesshoumaru sneered.  Kagome’s face went from teary-eyed, to rage, and suddenly a smile. “Inu-Yasha made me,” she responded.  Sesshoumaru was impressed with the way she could bend his father, but Touga had to remain aware of the situation. That girl was the devil!


“Kagome, tell me the truth, why did you hack into Sesshoumaru’s computer?” Toga asked as he touched her shoulder. He had ushered them into his office, after stopping the growing fight, and was going to make them work it out if it killed him. “Inu-Yasha came over and told me he didn’t finish his homework and asked if I could hack into Sesshoumaru’s computer so he could get the answers,” Kagome answered with a smile. “So Inu-Yasha bated you?” Toga asked, “Yep,” she answered. Sesshoumaru got up from his chair in search for a naughty hanyou.  Kagome smiled in triumph.

Prompt: Pink

Toga knew that going after Sesshoumaru was a bad idea, so instead he waited for the inevitable fight that was about to happen. A crash sounded through the house and Toga sighed as he walked out of his office and up the stairs to make sure that Inu-Yasha was still breathing. Kagome giggled at his expression, but then straightened out her features at the stern glare she received.  “Do you see what ruckus you bring into my house, why can’t you be like all the other girls and flaunt yourself to my sons?” “I don’t like pink,” she explained. “Ah, no wonder.”

Prompt: Care

Kagome gasped at the audacity of the elder youkai, “Have you no shame?!” Toga smirked and responded, “What do you care?” Kagome giggled as they went up the stairs. “So big bad youkai, how are you gonna stop them this time?” Toga thought on that for a moment before he looked towards Kagome and with a feral grin concocted a way that he didn’t have to do anything at all. They were infront of Inu-Yasha’s door in moments when he put a hand on Kagome’s back and gently opened the door, “I will not be breaking them up; you will.”

Prompt: Survive

She gasped as the door was shut behind her and two youkai were fighting in front of her. How was she to survive this situation? Oh if only she hadn’t been tempted with taking a peek into Sesshoumaru’s hard drive. “If your head wasn’t always stuck up your ass and you would fucking help me every once in a while I wouldn’t have to bribe anyone!” Inu-Yasha screamed. Sesshoumaru seethed, “If you would get off your ass and not be so slothful I may have taken pity on you.” And with that comment Inu-Yasha’s face turned red. “Why you-” “ENOUGH!”

Prompt: Diagnosis

Kagome could no longer stand their bickering so she had come up with her own diagnosis, she would threaten the both of them. “Inu-Yasha if you do not apologize for your actions against your brother I will accidentally tell Yura that you cheated on her. As for you, Sesshoumaru, I saw what you had in your hard drive I know all your secrets. So both of you are not to fight and actually play nice for a week. And that’s all I’m asking for. Sesshoumaru, you will help Inu-Yasha. Inu-Yasha you will not provoke Sesshoumaru, got it.”

Prompt: Ribbon

“And if we do not?” Sesshoumaru snarled. “I will purify the both of you, and, of course, reveal your secrets to the world.” She smiled slyly and began to walk away proudly as she opened the door to the bedroom. She began to make her way back down the steps. “Kagome! Good show! Although, I had no idea you got so far into Sesshoumaru’s computer. What did you find hiding within that thing?” Kagome hummed to herself as she saw the blue ribbon holding Toga’s hair back undoing the bow as she walked by, “Not a damn thing; I lied.”

Prompt:  Treatment

Kagome sauntered out of the living room and towards the door, and Toga could not believe the gall of that girl. Some days she was the sweetest thing and some days she was pure destruction, but he loved her nonetheless. The treatment she received as a child had left her scarred, but not jaded. Kagome was kind to everyone, even if she didn’t seem too fond of another. Toga was proud that the girl was fearless. He smirked as Sesshoumaru began to come down the steps. “Are you going to heed her warning Sesshoumaru?” Toga asked. “Absolutely not.” Sesshoumaru responded.

Prompt: Symptom

“I find that quite hard to believe as your symptoms are clear for anyone to see.” Sesshoumaru looked at his father with a frown, “Symptoms?”

“Oh yes,” he watched his father nod.

“Of?” Sesshoumaru waited for his father to elaborate.

“Oh come now! Don’t act as if you don’t know your infatuated, my son, in our adorable neighbor,” Toga smiled.

Sesshoumaru looked repulsed, “I would never give that devil woman a chance.” Toga chuckled, “Then why my son are you staring outside at her house?” Sesshoumaru’s brows wrinkled, “Hn.”Toga laughed harder. Sesshoumaru growled; he was not infatuated with that devil!

Prompt: Inflamed

Once Toga had left the living room, still snickering, Sesshoumaru found that his mind drifted towards their devil neighbor. She was a demon from Hell, yet he knew she was also an angel. She could be the sweetest person, and she was inflamed with life. Kagome would do anything for anyone, and that’s why he liked her. As emotionally stunted as he was, he could appreciate the fact that not all in the world was horrible. Kagome had filled this house with laughter and jokes, and fun. Sesshoumaru hadn’t seen his father smile since Inu-Yasha’s mother had died.

Prompt: Support.

Yet, here was this girl who had come into their house with her bright smile and giving spirit. She had brought his father joy again, and for that he was grateful to her. She was wonderful he could admit that, and while she had to help support her family she didn’t see it as a hindrance. Kagome was amazing, and secretly he thought her beautiful. She made his life Hell every so often, but she was usually a wonderful person, and a great friend.  He thought his father preposterous for thinking that he was infatuated with Kagome.

Ten years later they married.


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