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Killing In The Name Of God And Hellsing by ~CherrySakuras~

Welcome To The Hellsing Organization

I do not own anyone or any of these animes (just the box sets) so dont sue me, im too poor for that lol.  Also this fanfic might have some ayashi no ceres moments on Kagome's part.Enjoy



Ch 1/Welcome To The Hellsing Organization


“Sir Integra the two vampire you have requested has arrived from japan. I showed them there rooms so they could get settled in. When would you like them up here?” Walter asked while putting down a cup of tea next to her cigar box. “Thank you Walter.” She said as she lifted the tea to her mouth.. After taking a taste she placed it back on the desk. “Let them rest for today, I would like them up here in my office after they wake up tonight.” She said lighting a cigar. “That will be all Walter.” Walter bowed. “Yes Sir Integra.” He then left her to to work and thoughts.


~~That Night~~

Kagome and Sesshoumaru aka the new comers stood at Sir Integra's desk waiting for her to get out of a meeting. As they stood there they gave each other a look over, only seeing each other for the first time now. Kagome had on Black pants with dark gray faded areas and red stitching that stood out, her shirt was a tube top and was a dark purple with a red moon in the middle. She had black combat boots with lime green laces that said 'I <3 zombies', her hair was a little bast her butt but was in a medium pony tail. She had black eyeliner on that when to her eye lids instead of eyeshadow and she was pale but had naturally pinkish cheeks. Sesshoumaru had on Black jeans as well but they were more gray and faded in areas, his shirt was a dark red shirt that faded to a blood red as it went down. His hair was the same length as Kagome's but he had his in a low pony tail his shoes were the same as hers but they had plain black laces unlike her zombie ones.


“So do you think she'll be a nice master to us?” Kagome asked looking up at Sesshoumaru. “Don t waist your time with petty thoughts. She is our master. She will treat us as she wishes.” Sesshoumaru said not even looking at her, but at the window which held the night coming as the sun set in the horizon. Kagome signed and looked down at her shoes and started tapping them together. Sesshoumaru glared at her and she stopped noticing his glare. “ You don’t have to glare. . . I would have stopped if you asked.” Sesshoumaru ignored her and kept looking straight. “Do you know how long we will be under the Hellsing's order and care?” She asked looking back at the window. “It is not for us to decide. Now stop asking questions woman and wait quietly.” Kagome glared at him and yelled. “My name is Kagome, you will do well to remember that.” Sesshoumau's eyes glowed red from there normal gold and he glared at her as she looked down not wanting anyone to see her eyes she closed them. “It will do you good to shut your mouth when in my presents. Woman.” He then turned to the window and calmed himself as his eyes went to there gold again. Kagome's brights purple eyes opened and stayed purple as they glowing pink then they stopped glowing as she tried to clam herself.


The door opened and they turned and bowed when they saw there new master. “Welcome to the Hellsing organization, I trust you both know I am your master and what that means? They both stood and nod.”Good.” She said then gestured with her hand for them to sit in the 2 of the 3 seats that was placed in front of her desk. They sat a seat apart and waited for her to sit in her seat behind the desk. When she was seated she looked up at them. Kagome knew looking her master in the eye was wise but she was afraid of what she would say so she kept her head down focusing on her lap. “Now I know you both are like no ordinary vampires, Sesshoumaru you are a dog demon pure blooded vampire which explains your golden eyes, but Kagome they said you were . . . defected. Why is it they say or think you are defected?” Kagome eyes closed and she felt a lump in her thought start to form. “I am a pure blood vampire.” There was a long pause before she continued. “But master Integra.” She knew she had to tell her. She was her master she must not lie or keep silent when asked. “I also have pure celestial blood in me.” Kagome looked up with her purple-pinkish eyes that glowed a whitish pinkish color. Sir Integra saw she was about to cry, but was holding it back. Sesshoumaru's eyes grew wide, and he looked to Kagome, to see the truth. Oh how that girl must of suffered with hate and pain. “I see.” Sir Integra looked away and to her cigar box wishing she didn’t leave her lighter in her room. “There is nothing defected about you Kagome. I can understand why you hesitate. No one would ever believe your a child that god and the devil made together. Both creating something so powerful yet forbidden. Working together. It sounds crazy. Non the less you are not an abomination, you are my servant and I am your master, and I see you as any other vampire, and you are to see yourself this way as well. Is that understood?” Kagome looked up in complete shock.”Yes master Integra.” She said with a smile.”Good, I want you two to meet Alucard and Seres Victoria later they will be your superiors and when I’m not around you are to listen to them. My word is law but I will be as fair as I am with my other vampire servants. You may go now and meet them they are waiting for you in the main room.” Kagome and sesshoumaru stood and bowed, then left the room.




As they walked Sesshoumaru watched Kagome, looking at her eyes which turned to the normal bright purple. He thought they fit her perfectly. “Do you think I am a abomination, Sesshoumaru?” She asked and looked at him meeting his eyes for the first time. He felt like he was drowning and stopped walking. Kagome saw this and stopped as well. He felt like he was sinking deeper and deeper into them They were bright purple with a pink ring in the middle of the purple making out the symbol of the celestial maiden, marking her a celestial maiden, that was truly damned. He was so amazed by her eyes he never seen anything like it. It just kept pulling him in. They then started to turned red and the ring symbol was now black, it was just so beautiful. Sesshoumaru pulled himself to see her looking at him scared. He didn’t even notice himself grabbing her and pushing her to the wall and there lips almost meeting. “You are NOT an abomination, Kagome.” He then kept walking off. “Oh.” Kagome's said while watching him walk ahead, her heart was pounding so fast she couldn’t feel anything else but her heart beating. “Hurry, we must not keep them waiting Kagome.” Her eyes widen not going back to there purple form. Did he just say her name? Oh well, she thought as she ran to catch up with him.


~~15 Minuets before that With Alucard and Seres Victoria~~


“Master, what do you think they will be like?” Seres asked her master as she sat on the sofa next to where he was standing. “We shall wait and see police-girl.” He said looking out a window at the front gates. Seres huffed and got up to stand next to him. “Why must you insist on calling me that nickname master, its bin 7 years since I have bin a 'police-girl'.” Seres said while looking out the window at the same gate. Alucard started laughing. “You never change. Seres Victoria.” She just rolled her eyes at his comment and moaned in defeat. “Where did you go for 5 years master. Why did you leave anyways?” Alucard put his hand on her head and looked down at her from the corner of his eye to see she was not joking or being playful. He smiled and looked back at the gate watching the humans doing there jobs. “I was doing as I wished for once, and planing.” He turned and went to were the sofa was and sat. “What were you planning for master, and why didn’t you tell me anything you just up and left.” Alucard smiled once again and looked her in the eyes. “I was planing for your release. Seres Victoria.” Seres eyes grew wide. “But master, what about the fact that you and I have to.” He cut her off. “It will be a very . . . Interesting event. I’m sure you would agree. But I’m sure we can work that out.” Seres was shocked. How could he want to . . . . Bond with her. The only time a vampire would release there slave is when they wanted them as a eternal life partner. She didn’t know this then when he first asked her but now she did. “Master why would you do that with me? I cant let you do that bond with me, don’t you want to wait till you fond someone you love?” Seres asked now sitting next to him. “Oh but I do Seres Victoria, are you that blind?” He asked in a very clam manner never taking his eyes off her. She couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not. “Master, I.” But it was too late they were interrupted when two vampires walked in. They both stood and when Alucard saw Kagome's eyes he laughed loud. “How interesting. You will be fun to watch in action goddess.” Alucard walked up to the goddess as he called her and vanished into his room for a quick nap. “What was that about.” Kagome looked up to sesshoumaru who kept his face the same as before. Cold.

“Right, well you two just ignore his actions. He never really makes any sense most of the time anyways. That was Alucard my master, and I am Seres Victoria, nice to meet you two.” Seres said while walking to them and shaking there hands. “I am Kagome, and this is Sesshoumaru. We cant wait to be under your orders.” Kagome said smiling. Sesshoumaru merely watched them converse about rules and proto-calls and other thinks he already knew. This will be a long night he said while taking a seat. “Hey do you guys want to do some training in the training room tomorrow? Seres asked. “Sure I’m in.” Kagome said. Sesshoumaru just nodded and vanished back to his room having enough of this meeting. “Him too, hmm. Men are weird, at least those two are.” Seres said while getting up. “Hey do you want to do into town to maybe get some cloths and other things with me.” Kagome got up fast. “Would I.” They both laughed and left the mansion not before Seres told Sir Integra through her mind. “Oh did you guys do the blood ties yet?” Kagome shook her head. “We should soon then we would be able to speak to master Integra.” They both knew it was something that had to be done to all vampires in the house hold. It was relevant since the only person who wasn’t a vampire who did need to hear there thought to her was Sir Integra.


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