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Quirks and Quarks by Kayka

Weather Arm

Disclaimer: I’m not currently in ownership of the Inuyasha franchise… or the HHGTTG franchise… or any franchise, actually. 

A/N: I’ve had an idea for a drabble series I’ve had rattling around for a while. Drabbles will be written if and when I have inspiration and/or for contest entries. Currently, the rating is due to occasional language only.

Just to clarify, this story is set in the canon universe… obviously divergent, and we won’t be seeing many of our canon characters for a while.

Vaguely inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. I’ve never read about Sesshoumaru and Kagome being shot off into space, so here’s my attempt at being a unique snowflake. For the Lulz. Mostly mine.

Episode 1: Weather Arm


“I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.”

-Douglas Adams


“Uh-oh… It slipped.”

A niggling feeling, somewhere in the vicinity of his left elbow, warned Sesshoumaru that he had suffered this exact statement, from this exact girl, before. With a longsuffering sigh unbefitting of his station, Sesshoumaru queried, “What unwitting blunder have you committed this time, miko?”

Eager to absolve herself, Kagome commenced her tirade of, “We would not be in this situation if you hadn’t asked for my assistance in examining this screaming metal death trap,” which seamlessly melded into, “are you even listening, you insensitive jerk.”

Sesshoumaru ignored her blusterings in light of an alarming, rapidly increasing whir. The girl shrieked, upheaved by the suddenly shaky conveyance. In an indisputably chivalrous move, he caught the flailing female and settled into a crouch close to the floor. The machine rapidly evened out, allowing Sesshoumaru to graciously dump the abruptly catatonic female.

Striding to the nearest window, Sesshoumaru’s chest constricted upon the dawning realization of what his eyes beheld.

They had flown into the heavens. They had passed the moon. The Earth was rapidly dwindling in stature, silhouetted in front of the majesty of what could only be the sun. To borrow from his half-brother’s lexicon, they were royally fucked.


Written for Dokuga_contest’s weekly perfection drabble contest 108.

Prompt: Chest

Word Count: 200


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