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Ode to an Imp by Walter205

Odey Odey Oxen Free!

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Images, fleeting and imprecise.

Then, with a startling clarity, Kagome awoke.

She was sitting in a hot spring, naked, a wash towel floating next to her form. It seems that she had dozed off while bathing, probably because of how tired she was. They had just been through an exhausting battle, after all...

With a sigh, she picked up the towel and went back to work again, scrubbing her arm. Then she stopped.

She had heard something. Something on the other side of the springs...

She lifted her head up, very slowly...and spied a pair of wide yellow and black eyes staring at her on the other side. Her own eyes widened as she saw the rest of his features, the green and oddly purple face, and...

Without warning, something very long and very furry, wet furry, churned through the hot springs and wrapped itself around her form. Choking off a cry of surprise, she glanced up, only to see mokomoko's very angry and determined looking face at the end of the mass of fur wrapped around and above her.

"Moko, what are you doing...?" Kagome asked before cutting herself off. She glanced down towards the other end of his form, only to see his tail wrapped around Jaken's neck, lifting him into the air and choking the very life out of him.

"Masterrrrrrr had command ussssss to watcccch overrrrrrr youuu when bathiiiiing," replied the odd sounding voice of the creature.

"Ummm ok, but don't you think you should let go of Jaken now? He is turning purple, even if he was watching me bathe...." Kagome paused for a second as that settled in. Jaken was spying on her while she was taking a bath? Did she turn him on, and how did....eww. Ew EW EWW! "....never mind, choke him harder"

"Asssss youuu command, Lady of the Wesssst," replied Mokomoko. Kagome wondered what he meant by the formal title, as the creature squeezed harder and harder until Jaken popped, and suddenly green slime was raining everywhere and all over her...

Screaming, Kagome awoke from the nightmare. Memories returned to her then, and she regained her true identity. With a soft groan, Sesshomaru awoke next to her, rubbing her stomach softly.

"Mate, was it another nightmare?" asked Sesshomaru softly.

"Yes, it involved Jaken spying on me while I was bathing, and....," Kagome couldn't continue.

"Hush now, go back to sleep," Sesshomaru assured her softly.

"Okay," acquiesced Kagome, drifting back off into oblivion....


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