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Who I Used to Be by Siren

Unadulterated Pain

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Inuyasha nor do I make money writing these fics. The only profit I make is joy.

A/N: Encouragement throughout this fic is highly appreciated!

Kagome’s life changes drastically when a large white dog appears on her school campus; what’s worse no one can see it but her! Mysteries about her mundane life begin to unravel when she sets off on a journey of self discovery, romance, and mystery.



There are some things about my life that I wish I could change. If I did that maybe, just maybe, I could be someone entirely different and new…”

Kagome had to refrain from stabbing her eyes out with her fork. It is nearly two o’clock in the afternoon and she was spending such a beautiful day underneath a beautiful tree with a bowl of her favorite fruits reading such a horrible book. The title wasn’t worth mentioning, neither was the woman who wanted to change who she was to be just like the girls she went to school with. It was both farfetched and unrealistic. If only she could kill the author.

Reading the horrible book wasn’t the problem though. It was the fact that she could relate to the young woman who is not worth mentioning! The resemblance was uncanny and it hurt. It was like all of the negative thoughts about herself that she ever had, had come back in the form of this book to slap her in the face; well at least bore her to death. She put the book down beside her in favor of stabbing at a grape instead. Feeling the warmth on her legs made her feel drowsy and a bit tired. Warm days usually did.

“Hey, Kagome, you’ve been here the whole time?”

Kagome looked to her left and squint her eyes. A blur from the distance slowly began to come clear as he jogged toward her. It’s Bankotsu, the bane of her existence, the most arrogant man she has ever encountered, verbatim. Quickly, but not suspiciously, she grabbed her book and held it up to her face and placed another piece of fruit in her mouth; joy another grape!

“Bankotsu, what a pleasure-” Her voice remained level.

Bankotsu took her curt smile as an invitation and sat in front of her with his arms wrapped around his knees. He gave her his best smile that she utterly ignored.  

“So, did you choose the place and time yet?”

She looked at him with confusion the grapes making her cheeks expand. He chuckled lightly. He understood the question in her eyes.

“The place and time for our date of course, or did you forget?”

Kagome was in the midst of swallowing; when he laid that bomb on her she began to choke. She reached for her water bottle and began to chug the contents down.

“I did not agree to any date.”

Her eyes were wild with uncertainty and distress. He chuckled again. Kagome really, really disliked that guy.

“I am sure one day soon you will.” It was then that a Justin Beiber song reached her ears. Bankotsu dropped his head and quickly reached to silence the cause of his indignity. Kagome cheered in her head and thanked whoever it is upstairs that blessed her so.

“Well I have to get going now; I will talk to you later.”

Kagome watched as he left. He kicked at the grass in frustration which made her very, very pleased.

She was about to return to her reading when the ground began to shake. She was so startled her book and fruits were tossed a good distance away. It seemed as if it was going on for minutes as she curled herself into a ball and prayed that everything would be alright. When the harsh vibrations settled she looked around frantically. Everyone who had been walking about seemed unaffected by what she could only assume was an earthquake. The thought baffled her.

She has experienced an earthquake before but never of that magnitude. She could hear the rumble of the ground as it cracked even the moaning of the tree she sat beneath. She was afraid the ground would fall beneath her! There is no way no one felt such a thing and go about their day without concern and there was no way she could have imagined it. The hair behind her neck is still standing on edge.

The longer she looked at her surroundings the more she became concerned. Not a thing was out of place. Not a tree, not a building, not the activities of those around her, nor the ground. Just as she was about to forget what she thought had happened her heart jumped in her chest. It was so strong her breathing became shallow. It was as if her heart was literally beating in the middle of her chest.

An earsplitting howl reverberated from the depths of her soul, rendering her paralyzed. The agonizing sound split her apart, there was so little that she could do to quell the sensations that racked her body in that moment. There was just so much pain! As if pulled by a magnet she was ripped from her position on the ground. She was weaving through her campus’ corridors and many alleyways; finally her journey ended at the edge of the woods. Her heart gave another thud urging her forward.

“This… This is not happening!”

She took one step forward. Her heart gave her a painful thud. The next step she took earned her another one. Before she knew it she was sprinting in several directions. In the back of her mind she thought about not being able to find her way back out but as soon as she thought it, it disappeared. All she kept thinking about was making it in time.

‘Make it in time for what?’

In front of her a clearing appeared and in it was a large white dog. Her eyes widened and she stopped short taking in the site of what lie before her. The dog was at least the size of a three story house! Its eyes are so red and the jagged magenta marks on its face were frightening. It howled in pain; realization of where the pain she felt hit her like a ton of bricks. The sound once again forced her to her knees; she clutched her chest as the pain she felt was fiercer. She could not help cry out from it. The dog snapped its attention in her direction. Once the pain lessened she looked up with teary eyes. Her head began to hurt as if a nail was being hammered to the center of her head and her stomach weakened with nausea. Forcing to stand she walked closer to the dog while staying under the canopy of trees. Did no one see this massive creature enter the clearing? Was she dreaming all of this? If so it didn’t feel like it.

As she circled the creature from the line of trees still hidden from view she noticed that there are three sharp weapons exiting its abdomen. When she faced his front she finally realized that the weapons that protruded from one side of its body was coming from a demon across the clearing. The upper half of the demon is a man while the lower half of its body is that of a spider; it was the tentacles from its hands that caused the dog such pain. A thick black cloud encircled the tentacles and worked its way into the wound it created.

Kagomes heart began to pound wildly as the adrenaline rushed through her veins.

‘This is not real, this cannot be happening to me.’ She thought weakly. Her body was breaking out in a cold sweat and her vision was beciming slightly blurry.

All there is, is pain; fierce, unadulterated pain. It is obvious that she walked in on some kind of battle that was beyond her comprehension. The pain was too much for her to take thus she succumbed to the darkness that claimed her with welcoming arms.


 I wonder how this tale will unfold. Encouragement throughout this fic is highly appreciated! :3


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