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Of All the Colors by SunsetMiko


I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does.

Written for Ebony_Silks Week 50 Drabble - Pink Theme

"Pink? Your favorite color is pink?" Kagome asked, fighting not to laugh in his face. She hadn't expected him to answer her at all, let alone choose the girliest color there was. "For Kami's sake, why?"

"The blue of your eyes is like the ocean," he said, leaning in to rest his forehead against hers, one hand tangling in her hair. "The black of your hair is darker than the darkest night."

He ran the fingers of his other hand along her arm, leaving goose bumps behind. "The soft golden glow of your skin is as if you were kissed by the sun." In seconds Kagome found herself topless, her shirt and bra now on the floor, not that she minded.

His claws trailed from her shoulder to one pale breast. "The milky white of the skin that never sees the light of day reminds me that you are mine."

He leaned down and pulled a pretty pink nipple between his lips, giving it a few teasing flicks with his tongue while his hand wandered to her bare thigh and up under her skirt. His fingers traced her folds through her thin panties and he smirked. "Of all the colors I find in you, my sweet miko, I must say that pink..." his fingers slipped under silk and found just what he was looking for. Kagome groaned when he pulled away far too soon and watched him savor the flavor of her arousal. " is by far the most delicious."


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