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Love Unlimited by LovelyMistress

Caught in the act

Caught in the act

    "LaLa" = talking

     'LaLa' = thoughts

   Disclaimer: My very first fan fiction, I sadly do not own Inuyasha and company.

Kagome's POV

After the initial shock of seeing my husband of 9 years in bed with another woman I began to think it was time for me to move on. The night started out like this..........

    It was 6 pm in the evening as I sat in the doctor's office and awaited the results of my blood test. I knew for some reason that I was pregnant with my husband's child, we always wanted children. But because of what I do for a living I had to take special pills every two months just so I wouldn't get pregnant and my scent would be covered. I am the world's deadliest miko assassin as I was trained from the time I could walk to kill rouge and warlord youkai's, be it hanyou or full demon. As I sat on the table and waited for the doctor to come back with the results I knew Sesshoumaru would be overjoyed at the news. I looked down at my stomach and lifted my shirt as i saw my baby bump I caressed it lovingly and thought about what my baby or babies would look like. I smiled at the thought then i heard the door open and Doctor Tanaka walked in the room smiling.

     He said "Hello Mrs.Tashio I have the results of your blood test right here and congratulations you’re pregnant". When Dr. Tanaka said those last three words my heart skipped a beat for a minute as I went into t state of shock, I couldn’t believe that i was right my husband and I are going to have a baby. I was in so much shock and awe that I almost didn't hear the doctor say "Mrs Tashio I need you to lay down so I can do the ultrasound".

I lay back as he asked”Can you please lift your shirt?"


"Now the gel will be a bit cold"

     As Dr.Tanaka squeezed the gel on my stomach it was really cold but once he started to move the wand around it warmed up a bit and he turned on the ultrasound monitor. "AL rite let’s see what’s in here, shall we? Do you see that figure right there?” asked Dr.Tanaka. I looked at the screen and nodded my head saying "Yes I see".

"Well Mrs.Tashio that’s your baby"

"Oh my god"

"From the looks of it the fetus is a full demon and ....."

       The doctor stopped talking for a minute then said," It looks like it has a twin and from the looks of it this one is full demon to". I gasped then smiled as a tear came down my face, I knew Sesshoumaru would be ecstatic at the news.

"Would you like to hear the heartbeat’s Mrs.Tashio?"

"Yes, yes I would"

 He turned on the sound and it sounded beautiful, it sounded like galloping horses going through a field.

    'I know if Sesshoumaru was here right now he would probably kill the doctor but i can see the smile on his face when he hears this', I thought. I looked at that the doctor and asked him," Ummm Dr. Tanaka can I get pictures of the babies?"

"Sure Mrs.Tashio, just give me two minutes ok"


   Tanaka typed a few things on the monitor then handed me a paper towel and stepped out of the room. I wiped the gel off my stomach and threw it in the garbage then pulled my shirt down and waited for the doctor to come back with the pictures. Just as he said two minutes later Tanaka walked in the room with the two prints but also a DVD. He handed all three to me and said," I know since your husband missed the ultrasound he may want to hear he heartbeat to". I nodded and thanked him for the DVD then asked, “Where do I go to make another appointment?".

  Dr.Tanaka pointed then said," Go to the front desk and the nurse will help you and also here take these prenatal pills and these pamphlets on inuyoukai pregnancy". I thanked the doctor again for everything then before I opened the door I turned and asked," Dr.Tanaka how far long is a Full demon pregnancy for inuyoukai's?"

"Its 7 months"

"Ok arigato Dr.Tanaka"

     I left the room and headed for the front desk smiling all the way knowing my Sesshoumaru was going to be excited. After getting my next appointment I went downstairs and got in my midnight blue Escalade and drove off to the mansion. As I was driving I got the feeling that something was not as it was supposed to be, little did I know I was right.

   As I drove in the front driveway I saw another car parked in front of our mansion, I started to get suspicious as I got out of the car but left the keys in the ignition just in case i needed to make an escape. I opened the the front door quietly and cloaked my scent and aura. Leading up to the stairs in front of me were a woman's and Sesshoumaru's clothes going up the steps. I went up the stairs slowly and quietly being careful not to make any noise. Halfway up the stairs I heard sounds coming from the master bedroom, something wasn't right I had to investigate.

     As I crept closer and closer to the master bedroom the grunts and sighs I figured out got louder and louder. I feared the worst as I lightly pushed open the door and there was my husband Sesshoumaru and Kikyo slapping skins. Tears started cascading down my face as Kikyo saw me first and alerted my husband with her scream. Sesshoumaru looked up at me with a horrified look on his face and stopped what he was doing as he smelled salt in the air. He jumped off of her still all sweaty from his previous activity with the horror struck look on his face. Just then my whole world crashed down upon me as I heard him attempt to speak to me. "Baby, koi, sweetheart, this is not what it looks like Kagome," pleaded Sesshoumaru.

     I shook my head as he walked towards me slowly with his hand out reaching for me while clutching the bed sheet to his waist. I gave him the coldest look of indifference and sent a blue energy ball at him then turned and ran downstairs glad that I got a head start. But just as I reached the front steps of the mansion he grabbed my right arm and pleaded “Kagome come back, koi please forgive me". Then he turned me around and kissed me passionately but I never responded back to his kiss, my hands glowed blue with my miko energy and I roughly pushed him from me into the front doors and dashed to my car.

     I got in the car and ignited the engine and locked the doors just as he was running to my car as he was trying to break open the door I pulled off zooming out of the driveway and rite through the iron gates. When I got far away from the mansion I pulled my Escalade over to the side of the road and took out my cell phone then dialled my twin sister Fatima up.

    "Hey sis how are you?" I said but knowing her she heard the sadness in my voice and immediately asked, "What happened? What did he do?” I laughed dryly and lied saying," Nothing happened". But Fatima wasn't having it and I said, "I can't tell you out I don’t know whose watching. I'll come to your apartment." As soon as I got off the phone with her I started driving to her apartment and got the feeling i was being watched. It started to rain.  


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