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Right Place, Best. Time. Ever. by Sp@ceMonkey

ch. 1

Right Place, Best. Time. Ever. 



He awoke in the middle of the time for sleep to a familiar tightening in his abdomen, matched as always with the sinking sensation of pre-meditated failure.


Mate! Must mate....


Inwardly the youkai snarled. This again? The useless instinctual drive that had haunted him for so long was back? The push to mate was something both he and Inuyasha had been dealing with for a few decades now and every year it came, like clockwork, to haunt his every waking moment. 


As per the usual torture the desire to mate, to find a strong female and have a nice litter of pups before the next year dawned, only doubled as he sought to contain it; this year would be no different with the pain, the sleepless nights... same old same old.


Sesshomaru could begin his usual painful denials the human snuggled in his grasp squirmed a bit, bathing him in her sweet, clear scent. 


Or was it?


Inside him Sesshomaru’s beast went berserk.


Mate Mate Mate...


No...  That small denial was a knife in the gut for the youkai prince. More pain? When the cure was right there


Every year since Sesshomaru could remember he’d lived in pain. Either it was the pain of denying his body the release of his true form or it was denial or it was something like this-- the constant repressing of strange, unexplainable urges, each time like a knife to the gut. A vague sensation in the back of Sesshomaru’s mind told him that there should be someone else, someone bigger and stronger who would explain these things to him, but his sire’s presence was no more than a ghostly hole in Sesshomaru’s life. 


A mere human is too weak to... 


Before he could finish his argument Kagome rolled over and blinked up at him with sleepy cobalt eyes. “Sesshomaru? What’s wrong? You’re shaking...”


He whined in the darkness like a kicked puppy. Why did she have to awaken? This one will have to struggle against those eyes as well... And they were phenomenally tempting, those sky-blue orbs, peering up at him in innocent curiosity.


Must not...  But it was too late. Without the consent of his brain Sesshomaru’s single hand had pinned the girl more securely to him and his nose was nudging her chin up, snuffling at the skin beneath her jaw. 


The warm sensation of his tongue followed by sharp fangs on the skin of her neck killed every thought left in Kagome’s head. “What are you doing!?” For a half-second the girl was afraid of her companion but he didn’t move, didn’t try to hurt her or go any farther than the skin of her neck, and she slowly relaxed.


“Se-- Sesshomaru?” A low keening cut the night air and Kagome frowned. 

“Are you ok?” Stupid question. She could feel his corded back trembling with his sudden pain. 


He nipped her again in response, his fangs dragging languidly up the column of her neck, his tongue swirling over the artery pounding there below the skin. “O-Oh... Sesshomaru!” Her heard thudded a rapid staccato against her ribs as he pressed her to him and grazed his lips along her jaw, testing the waters. 


It was a good thing they were lying down; Kagome’s legs were as useless as overcooked noodles, trapped between his. 


“Oh oh...” His hands slid up her sides, testing, teasing. 


Ha. This one does desire the human!


The human is very soft...


Take her...


It was tempting. Beyond tempting, it was... but Sesshomaru was no longer at all aware of what he was doing; his eyes were, though hidden by the darkness, completely red once more. The overwhelming desire to satisfy desires that had been piling up for several decades was almost suffocating.  


Kagome gasped as he pawed at her kimono with renewed urgency, pulling the collar further down her shoulder, exposing a pale expanse of defined collarbone to the youkai’s hungry eyes. 


Such a gentle creature... 


And she was gentle indeed, his human. She clawed at his back as he attacked her newly-exposed collar with lips, teeth and tongue but Sesshomaru could hardly feel her bendable human nails on his skin. 


In fact, the soft scratches and her gentle moans and half-articulated words served only to drive him further into madness. His lips closed gently over her small collarbone and she tangled her hands his silver hair. “Sesshomaru...” his abdomen tightened painfully at the desire in her voice. “Hnn..”  


The kimono seemed to sink lower on it own, his only hand tangled in the thin fabric. His mouth migrated lower as well, like birds following a warm front. The soft swells of her chest were just barely visible in the darkness and for the first time the youkai wished for some light, if just to see a little bit more of her... 


It was then that Sesshomaru caught a whiff of the only thing that could have possibly stopped him at that moment.


Her fear.


The youkai abruptly froze, his mouth hovering over hers. He would never take a female who did not want him; he could never... 


Her chest heaved between them and his poorly-constructed will nearly crumbled again. The human is so very soft... 




The youkai pushed her away with a groan, pulling the ratty kimono once again over perfect pale skin, hiding away the red circles he’d put there, marking the girl as his own to take as he chose. She shook under his hands, unsettling him; this one let things go too far. The girl is frightened. 


Someday she will not be so scared. His beast growled, more than happy to take Kagome, human or no. The beast was, as animals often are, numb to the human’s feelings on the issue of being taken by a youkai; it saw only it’s own desires. 


Never.  Sesshomaru vowed, nuzzling the velvet skin of her cheek despite himself.


His beast rumbled. Famous last words.



This is an alternative situation for the most recent chapter of Sons, entitled “Realizations”. Hope you enjoyed. 


Now on to the next part of Sons! 


I would not be good at lemons. This is why I don’t write them. Sorry to disappoint you, if I just disappointed you. I didn’t mean to, I promise


Just in case you were wondering, the title is a play on the phrase “he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”  Or, in this case, “She was at the right place at the right time.” 


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