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the girl and the boy by ~Juggalette4Lyfe420~

the girl and the boy

The Girl

Undiscribable feelings

Untouchable soul

Until I met you

It was love at first site

What could I say

What should i do

Your eyes

Looked so bright

In the morning light

The Boy

Unnoticed by you

I watch your hair

As it falls

Cascading down your back

Like a dark waterfall

Your eyes


Looked hazed

I wonder why you're so dazed

Then you turn

As if to runaway

My heart almost breaks

Until I'm told

I'll be seeing

You again.....

Thanks to my friend

I saw you again

How beautiful you look tonight

Standing in the moonlight

Your dress and eyes glowing

Almost like magic

Next to you

Your sister runs

A hug given to me

As i let her go....

I smile at you

Then taking your hand

Taking you from the curb

Arms circling around you

Then I relized

It was love

At first site

Then I couldnt breathe

Smiling to myself I knew

They were wrong

The Girl

Your arms around me

Feel your strength around me

Feeling your warmth

You're perfect

Why can't i breathe

And so it seems it isnt just me

I guess i'm just surprised

That there is such a thing

As love at first sight


i was told it was not real

for to fall on sight

was foolish and not possible

but now i know

they were wrong

for now i have found my one true love


it was at first sight

The Girl

I feel so warm

My soul has found its match

Now i'm complete

Now i'm yours and you are mine

The Boy

Completely yous

yet i dont mind

for as i'm yours, you are equally mine

No one shall have you

For you are mine






From now on

No matter what

We will always be

Always and Forever Endlessly

Always and Forever

And past then

Kagome is the girl

Sesshomaru is the boy

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