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The Sweet Science by RosieB

Cut Man

A/N: For the 'Congeal' theme on Dokuga's LJ comm - 200 words, no more no less. Originally posted on December 13, 2010. This won second place!

A 'cut man' cleans up a fighter's wounds between rounds.


Cut Man

Kagome stood at her refrigerator, surveying the contents with a frown. "Well, at least I have fresh milk for some coffee," she said. She pulled a small container out. "Unless you want some of... um, this."

Sesshoumaru glanced up. "I do not think congealed mass of unidentifiable food will improve my health," he muttered.

"Point taken." She dumped it into the trash. "I'll order some Indian take-out right after I get you an ice pack."

"You do not need to play my nursemaid. If you believe that this is my first concussion, you are mistaken."

She sent him a sharp look. "You're staying," she said, "because you won't take care of yourself. And you have to realize that someone is out to get you. The only thing I can figure is that someone tampered your tag. You never would have lost that fight on a normal night."

"Of course not." Sesshoumaru leaned forward, studying her. "But how is a computer programmer supposed to provide me with any protection?"

Kagome looked down at her feet and shrugged. "That's probably the last thing I should be trying to do," she said. She took a steadying breath. "But I'm going to try anyway."



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