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Revenge is Hot by Monique


[color=#000080]A/N: First fanfic, hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Sesshomaru nor Inuyasha belong to me

[size=2]"That's it! I'm sick and tired of him! No more!" Shouted an angry raven haired girl, she stood about 5'7 tall, deep and dark chocolate brown eyes, pinkish pouty lips, ivory skin, and a long elegant neck. Below the neck underneath a dark blue halter top were perky breasts, a flat stomach, a firm butt hugged by dark blue jeans, and long legs. She was curved and toned in all the right places. This young beauty's name is none other than Kagome Higurashi.

Kagome's anger was held against her long time boyfriend Inuyasha Tashio. They were going out for two years until she caught him at a night club groping her own cousin Kikyou. 'Wait till I get my hands on him! He'll wish he regret it.' She was still fuming in rage when she reached the Tashio mansion. When Inuyasha had first brought her here in the beginning of their relationship she had been in awe. It was huge! Outside in the front yard held healthy green grass and a small graceful koi pond held in the center of the entire place. Trees upon trees surrounded the outside perimeter area around the mansion. When stepping inside the residence the floor was covered in marble tile. Ancient paintings covered walls along with tapestries of the Inu family. She had known they were all demons and didn't care what they were as long as she got along with them, which earned her respect from Inuyasha's father. However he also has an older half-brother that aren't entirely on friendly terms with each other.

The Tashio's were known for their riches, silver hair, and their deep amber-gold eyes that caught any female's attention by. 'They sure caught my attention all right.' Kagome thought in disdain for a certain puppy-eared demon. She let out a huge sigh and rang the door bell, waiting till someone answered the door. Imagine her surprise when Sesshomaru, elder half-brother answered the door. 'Well that's new...isn't he usually at the office?' the question rang through her ears. The Tashio's being rich from the company that Inu Tashio owns. Several in fact, they were held in a couple of other countries.

"Um...hello Inuyasha home?" asked an apprehensive Kagome. For some strange reason she always felt judged and intimidated when under the gaze of this particular demon. He made her feel so tiny and yet full of passion that she had never experienced.

He merely raised one eyebrow as if to mock her then answered her question. "The half-breed has not returned as of yet..." He gave a pause, as if debating something in his head then quickly turned his attention to Kagome and continued. "You can come in to wait for your baka of a boyfriend if you so choose to. You know where the family room is."

Kagome just silently nodded her head in acceptance then stepped inside to wait in the family room. Sesshomaru passed by her to reach the kitchen doors off to the right where you can see the dining room and table that's big enough to hold at least 50 guests.

'Hmm, I wonder if Inuyasha has been seeing Kikyou all this time since we've been dating. He did seem distant for a while now.' Kagome got up to also head to the kitchen for a glass of water. When entering she noticed Sesshomaru sitting by a counter table next to the sink drinking a cup of his usual coffee. He ignored her as she did him. Ever since she started dating Inuyasha and introduced her to his family she noticed how aloof and cold Sesshomaru is in the presence of others. But she knew better then to think he cared for no one.

"Hey, Sesshomaru, I'm going to go wait in Inuyasha's room." With that she headed to the stairs that lead up to her current boyfriend's room. She went ahead inside glancing around. 'He always did favor the color red.' She thought dryly. His walls were painted in a very bright red, his sheets and bedding as well. There were many shades of red everywhere. She saw the picture of her and Inuyasha on his desk. She then saw what looked like a letter propped up against the far left corner of his bedroom. Curious she went towards it and picked it up.

She noticed a feminine scent on the letter. It smelt like roses. Curiosity gripped her more and more by the second till finally she gave up and quickly read the contents of the letter. Her eyes grew wide and anger flushed her body with rage she has never felt before. The letter read:

Dear Inu-Baby,

Hello sexy. Oh baby how I missed you...those long nights where your caresses keep me awake. Come back to me. I made a mistake leaving you for Naraku. I know you want me back just as I want you. Leave my cousin, she is not worthy of you. She could never give you what I can. I dream of you night and think of you at day. Don't you remember the good times we had, the times where you left Kagome to come to me? Well, she is no problem, knowing Ms. Little Virgin, she is nothing more than a prude who cannot sate your desires or lust. Only I am woman enough to give you these things. If you feel the way I do then come meet me at 'Howling Club.' She never has to know if you still wish to keep her, I'm all for the thrill.

Love always,

Your Kikyou.

"I can't believe that bastard! How dare him! And that bitch! Humph! I can't believe I gave my virginity to a bastard like that!'" So much into her rage, Kagome failed to notice a presence in the doorway, eyes lit in amusement.

"Do you make it a habit to speak aloud when no one else is around?" Asked an amused Sesshomaru who was smirking at Kagome's blush of embarrassment?

She growled, surprising Sesshomaru. "Of course not, don't be ridiculous Sesshomaru!"

"Hmm...then mind telling me what is it exactly that you're doing?"

"Umm...thinking of ways to kill your brother? He he?" She giggled nervously.

"That's half brother to you girl." Sesshomaru sneered.

"It's Kagome you egoistical jerk!" 'She hmphed,' and stomped out of the room, Sesshomaru following right behind her. They reached the living room together and sat on one of the couches, letting time pass by. The two were actually competing, each waiting for the other to break the silence first. Time ticked slowly.

Sesshomaru knew without a doubt that the girl next to him was bound to talk sooner rather than later. Just as the thought drifted in his head did Kagome choose that time to speak as he predicted.

"Did you...? Never mind, forget it." She let out a small sigh and contemplating whether or not to turn the T.V. on in front of them. Her debating ended though when Sesshomaru spoke.

"Did...I... what?" he questioned.

"Forget it, it's nothing." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes and gently but firmly grabbed her chin and faced her towards him.

"If it was nothing you would not be so worked up." He merely stated looking deep into her brown eyes. Kagome herself could not help but get lost in his eyes as well. She felt she was being drawn into a void and for the first time she could see his into his soul. Being so entranced with each other they failed to notice their faces coming closer, lips almost touching.

They were finally pulled out of their trance and quickly separated away from each other when a door slam echo bounced off the walls. They turned their head to the voice that was cursing loudly thinking no one was around or didn't really care. It ended up being Inuyasha, his hands in his pockets and head hanging low, his bangs covering his eyes enabling him to see his current angry girlfriend or his bastard of a brother.

"Inuyasha." Said person quickly looked up once hearing the cold voice that had no problem sending unwanted shivers down his back and the short hairs on his neck stand straight up. After all these years the half-brothers lived together, Inuyasha never did get use to the icy voice or the stoic demon prince. He then took quick notice of his long time girlfriend intimately close then he would like to his hated half-brother.

"What are you doing here Kagome?" Kagome looked closely at her soon-to-be-ex and could tell he looked suspicious of herself and Sesshomaru. She then looked towards said demon prince, his face passive and void of all emotion accept annoyance towards Inuyasha. Before she could reply when opening her mouth, she closed it with a snap and thought about what she was going to do. Confronting him now would only be letting him off the hook easy, and after what she went through there was no way in hell she was going to let him off the hook without a little bit of revenge. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around.

Doing a little happy victory dance in her head, she congratulated herself on a genius plan and finally after what seemed ages to her but in reality only a few seconds passed by she answered. "I'm here to spend time with my boyfriend of course, but you weren't here yet so Sesshomaru just let me in to wait a bit." Inside Kagome was making gagging noises but in the outside of her appearance all you saw was a bright smile.

Sesshomaru made a double take at the girl, checking to see if she still had her head and he wasn't dreaming. 'What a strange onna. One minute she's ready to spill blood and the next she's all smiley with sunshine's and rainbows. Hmm, perhaps this miko has something up her sleeves. Seems my baka of a half-brother is going to be in a rude awakening.' This thought brought a smirk to his lips. It was about time someone put the baka in his place where he belongs.

"Keh, whatever, I'm going upstairs taking a shower, be down in a little bit. Later we could cuddle up watching a movie." Inuyasha gave Kagome a warm smile as well before heading to the staircase and heading up to his room.

Kagome knew Inuyasha better then he knew himself because she knew for a fact that watching a movie was far from his mind. But she would play along for now just to get her revenge.

"Tell me miko, what do you have in store for the idiot? I should think by now that you would have surely strangled him by now, yet you have not. You seem to be full of surprises young onna. Care to explain to this Sesshomaru what is in that human head of yours?" He just raised an eyebrow in questioned.

"I could to make things easier, but maybe I should just let you guess, hmm?" She giggled and headed towards the kitchen to get a glass of water for her parched throat all of a sudden. It wasn't easy standing next to a full blood demon that had the body of a sex-god. She was surprised at her own strength all these years for if it was any other female they would have jumped his bones on the spot, no questions asked.

"You would dare keep this Sesshomaru guessing?" Kagome jumped at the sound of the husky voice that suddenly appeared behind her. She shivered at the warm breath caressing on her skin. Heat started to pool in her stomach, her skin flushed, and Sesshomaru smirked when he smelt the beginning of her arousal. His male ego pride swelled more at the thought that he was the one to bring up her emotions in such a manner and no other. He detested the thought that any other male would dare to touch what belongs to him. Sure the miko did not know of his plans at the moment but soon she would be screaming his name in pure pleasure that not even Inuyasha can compare.

"Umm...maybe?" She giggled nervously. 'Crap! What do I do?! Wait, just got to play it cool, that's all. At least I think so. Or at least hope so, lord knows how hard it is to keep a females hormones around that body of his.' Without warning Sesshomaru twirled Kagome around and crashed his lips against hers. Just as quickly as his lips descended on hers it was gone just as fast, leaving an utterly confused and aroused Kagome. Her confusion soon turned to anger. 'Why that bastard!' Kagome then thought of another idea, turning the frown on her lips into a smirk. 'Why not just kill two birds with one stone?' she thought mischievously. Wrapping up her laid out plan she too headed upstairs except making a beeline to Inuyasha's room.

Before she could even knock on his door to enter is voice reached her ears. 'Is he on the phone?' Kagome gently but quietly leaned her ear on the door to listen better. Hearing only part of the conversation got her mad as hell. 'Oooh! You are so going down Inuyasha!' With that she went straight towards Sesshomaru's room. Inuyasha's conversation had consisted of the following:

A.) "Kagome has no idea that I'm going to leave her for you Kikyou."

B.) "She is a dumb bitch anyways; she only gave herself to me once." And lastly her favorite:

C.) "Ha ha, or I could just have her tag along on a threesome, eh? It has been a fantasy of mine."


Sesshomaru was sprawled gracefully on his bed sighing deeply. A smirk appeared on his soft lips, then forming into a grin, fangs poking out beneath. Ah! The sweet aroma of the little miko's arousal had made him want to quiver in need making his control slip easily. His beast had been ready to take her right then and there and him agreeing but he had more self-control then that so he refrained from taking her and marking her as his. Ever since the day Inuyasha had brought her to be introduced to the family she had always been an enigma to him. And now she became an obsession to his every thought, and frankly, he didn't give a rat's ass about it. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

He then sighed yet again and thought about all the recent and past events which led him in the situation he was in. Sesshomaru too had wanted to extract revenge on the hanyou for doing what he did to Kagome. Anyone could see that Kikyou was practically a slut with all the men she had taken in her bed but Kagome had only gave herself to one man and stayed loyal, even till this day. He was a bit disappointed though that it was Inuyasha and not himself that took her virginity. He was brought back to reality when his door was forcefully opened. And there standing was the miko who occupied his thoughts and his no longer cold heart since she herself had melted it without her notice.

He raised an eyebrow in questioned to her presence in his only sanctuary from the outside world. "Is there something you wish to speak about miko?" Not hearing a sound from her he continued. "If not then leave, I am in need of a shower." He got up and was heading towards his bathroom door bit stopped in the middle of the room, his face showing shock at the miko's question.


Kagome had opened Sesshomaru's door with more force than necessary, mentally wincing she brought her focus towards the stoic ice prince. He turned his heated gaze in her direction then asked her a questioned but it only went through one ear and out the other. She couldn't help but marvel at the demon with a god's body, any woman would be insane to not appreciate the being before her. His next statement though rang in her head; '...I am need of a shower.' She then grinned mischievously her brown eyes sparkling.

"Mind if I join you?" She saw him stop from his destination, shock written clearly on his face.

"Come again miko?" He had regained his composure and seemed calm on the outside but on the inside he was fighting his beast for control who wanted out. He didn't quite understand the girl. Just earlier she was angry at him and now she wants to assist him with his bathing. He was very tempted to take her up on the offer but still weary.

"Clearly you heard what came out of my mouth Sesshomaru or is old age catching up to you? *Sigh* and here I thought you could satisfy any female in need. I guess Inuyasha was right about your...lack...of skill in bed, such a shame." Kagome made it a point to look him up and down and shake her head from side to side in a 'no' manner. When she looked back at the regal demon her mind jumped in glee for he was falling straight to her trap she set up for him.

Sesshomaru was angry at the blow directed to his male pride and his male ego. 'I do not know how to please a female?! How dare her! I'll show her, before this day is over she will be screaming my name till her voice is hoarse and she can no longer walk much less stand. No other male would be able to please her, not that they'll be given the chance anyways for the miko belongs to me and no one else.' He thought possessively, letting a dangerous smirk grace his features, eyes darkening in lust.

Kagome seeing this silently gulped, thinking twice over her perfect laid out plans that was now going down the drains for she had a feeling that things weren't going to go the way she would want them but now laid in Sesshomaru's hands graced in claws.

Kagome then wasn't prepared meeting the wall against harshly against her back nor the crashing but passi0nately lips on her own. She closed her eyes and opened her lips slightly to allow Sesshomaru entrance. He took it eagerly letting his Inu tongue probe against her slightly making her moan. He then nipped her bottom lip trailing down her neck. His right hand came up to grope her left breast while his left grabbed her buttocks to push her upwards making her wrap her long legs around is narrow but muscular waist.

"Mmm....wait...ah....Sesshou...maru...I needed to take....a shower." Sesshomaru was swelling in male pride for causing the female before him panting like a conniving bitch in heat.

"Hn." Using his demonic speed he had them both disposed of their clothes and standing in front of the shower doors. He then turned it on to a temperature that pleased him before grabbing Kagome and emerging in the shower making the warn water cares their skin. He stared lustfully at the body that only she possessed and growled in displeasure at her when she tried to hide herself from his view.

"There is no need to hide little miko. You are a sight to behold and I will worship it all night." This brought tears of joy to Kagome's eyes and this pleased Sesshomaru. The without warning Kagome grabbed a hold of his neck and crashed her lips on his, both battling for dominance. Sesshomaru ended up winning.

Again he placed her against the wall and she wrapped herself on his waist. Kagome held on to his neck and ran her hands through his silver locks, water running down his back. He trailed his right hand her skin reaching a certain spot that had her gasping in pleasure and him smirking in male pride.

He then carefully inserted two fingers in her tight sheath being mindful of his claws then started to thrust them in and out repeatedly. She left his lips in favor of moaning while his mouth latched on to her left breast her nipple standing erect. It wasn't the only thing that was erect for Sesshomaru felt himself harden every time Kagome let out a pant or a moan. His manhood slightly rubbed against her warmth.

Kagome's thoughts were running wild. 'My kami he is huge! Is it even going to fit?!'

Sesshomaru suddenly chuckled. As if reading her thoughts he answered. "Don't worry; I will make sure it fits." He let out a groan when the scent of her arousal hit him forcefully.

"Oh the things you do to this Sesshomaru Kagome." With an all new urgency he latched on the other breast nipping on her nipple and thrusting faster making her orgasm and her juices coating his fingers.

"Aaahhh!! Sesshomaru!! Please!" He didn't stop his thrusting but kept on going.

"Please what Ka-go-me?" Sesshomaru knew what she wanted but he wanted her to voice them aloud. His eyes were tinting red and he was losing his control fast, his beast reaching the surface. Oh how he wanted to just thrust into her with reckless abandon but he would wait till he hears what he's been waiting for.

"Sesshomaru...please...I...want you in hurts!!" That was all it took for Sesshomaru to lose all control. With a snarl he thrust himself in her tight sheath stretching her in capacity. Kagome let out a silent scream, both feeling complete for the first time. Again with renewed vigor his thrusts were deep and hard. Kagome kept moaning and panting out for him to go faster and harder. He all willingly complied.

Kagome bounced up and down her juices coating his manhood that mixed with the shower water making it easy to thrust faster. Kagome mewled in pleasure and pain, her dull nails clawing his back to the point of drawing blood, the water washing it down. Kagome thought she was going to go insane if she did not reach completion soon, her stomach twisting to that all familiar feeling making Sesshomaru feel the same way, snarling and nipping. His right hand started tweaking her erect nipple hard enough to draw a yelp of surprise from Kagome but still cause some pleasure.

A hiss of pleasure left Sesshomaru's lips when his climax finally reached him full blast right after Kagome had another orgasm, her tight sheath clenching and milking his throbbing manhood. With a dominant roar his fangs lengthened and he quickly bit down on Kagome's neck marking her as his. After their high came down they let their bodies go lax trying to regain their lost breaths. They then gazed into each other's eyes and Kagome grinned.

"Well! Inuyasha sure as hell was wrong, ne?"

Sesshomaru smirked and softly drew her lips into his.


Meanwhile Inuyasha was walking down the staircase but stopped when he heard moaning and flesh slapping against flesh coming from his half-brothers room.

"What the hell?" He spoke aloud. "Huh, wonder what whore willingly slept with the frigid bastard." He laughed darkly forming a plan to ruin his brother's fun by walking in on him. Inuyasha did not know that he was soon going to regret it.

Without even thinking about the consequences Inuyasha barged in the door smirking all the way. There in front of him he saw Sesshomaru with a towel wrapped around his waist holding a female that was also wrapped but he was not able to her face for Sesshomaru was holding her bridal style her face was hidden in his neck, his silver locks cascading around her form.

"What do you want half-breed?" Sesshomaru was annoyed that his sanctuary was soon letting in the scent of hanyou in.

"Keh just wanted to congratulate the whore for sleeping with you that's all." Inuyasha's smirk fell though, when he heard his brother's vicious growl.

"My mate Inuyasha is no whore. Now leave! My patience is wearing thin the longer your standing there."

Inuyasha gulped silently in fear when he saw feral red eyes glaring at him with pure hatred and intent to kill should he stay there longer than necessary. With this bit of information he ran out the door within a blink of an eye but dropping his cell phone in the process.

Inuyasha had retreated back into his room not once thinking about his supposed girlfriend.

Later that night Inuyasha couldn't even get some sleep since moaning and groaning coming from Sesshomaru's room occupied the silence in the air."SHUT THE HELL UP IN THERE!!!" Inuyasha was pissed and horny as hell. He couldn't even ask Kikyou to come here since she was on a 'family' trip. 'Hmm, I wonder where the hell Kagome is. Maybe she can help me with my problem; she is my girlfriend after all.' Inuyasha got up and headed towards Sesshomaru's room forgetting about the incident earlier, determination clouding his eyes to find Kagome.

Barging in the door again without a knock he suddenly stopped in his tracks at the sight before him. There, bouncing up and down on his hated half-brother was his Kagome, moaning incoherent words and Sesshomaru's hands cupping her bouncing breast.


Kagome was oblivious that there was an audience but Sesshomaru knew all too well who was there watching. He cast a side where glance at Inuyasha. Sesshomaru smirked at Inuyasha's shocked form for he finally realized that it was Kagome that mated Sesshomaru and that she must have found out about Kikyou.

Sesshomaru then saw understanding in his brother's eyes. Kagome was no longer Inuyasha's and that was all Sesshomaru needed from his brother so that there would be no fights. Inuyasha had got what he deserved and he knew that. He then returned his gaze towards his mate watching in predatory gleam as she threw her head back and her fifth orgasm ripped through her, her tight and warm sheathing making Sesshomaru cum as well. 'I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this vixen.' Was his last thought before sleep consumed them both. [/color]


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