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To Be His

Thanks again to my Foxy!!!!

Prompt: Pledge

                A raven haired beauty sat in the middle of a very expensive restaurant. Nervously she looked at her cell phone and saw that the time was past seven. He’s late she thought and nervously wrung her hands before reaching out and grabbing the glass of water in front of her. She took elegant sips, but looked around again waiting for a flash of silver. He’s never late she clenched her fist and worried about his whereabouts. He wants to break up that’s why he’s brought me here. She was jostled out of her musings when a firm hand came to rest on her shoulder. “The meeting went on longer than planned, I did not mean to be late, Kagome,” he muttered as he leaned over her shoulder and kissed her cheek. She blushed red and watched as he went to sit in front of her.

                She smiled at her silver haired god with his fey ears and maroon markings. Looking into his honeyed amber eyes she knew she was lost to him. Knew that whatever his decision was she would either step aside or be at his side; loving him was hard. “Its fine, Sesshoumaru,” with a wave of her hand her nervousness disappeared. Until the waiter reappeared carrying a very expensive wine in his hands. She watched as Sesshoumaru merely nodded his head and the waiter began to pour into the glasses. Her knees began to jerk from under her and she fought to keep her apprehension away. Finally, she just couldn’t take the silence any longer, “I know why you brought me here today, and I just wanted to tell you that these past two years with you have been the most glorious, but I knew I was undeserving of you, and-”

               “Kagome you worry needlessly,” he interrupted and he watched as Kagome’s eyes narrowed; she hated to be interrupted. “If anyone is unworthy it is I who is unworthy of a woman such as you. I did not bring you here to end our relationship. Since you couldn’t wait until dessert I guess I must just get this over with,” Kagome watched as Sesshoumaru began looking through his pockets before he finally found whatever it was he was searching for.

                She watched as he placed a soft black velvet box onto her empty plate. Unsure of how to react, she anxiously took the box and opened it. Inside sat a diamond ring bigger than her pinky with two massive sapphires beside it. She could only gasp and look in wonder at the beautiful jewelry. “Marry me and be my mate,” she heard him say across the table and tears began to leak from her eyes. She began to think of how their relationship first started and then thought could she pledge herself to this youkai? “Yes. Oh yes!” she sprung from her chair and jumped straight into his lap were she slanted her lips over his. He tangled his hands in her hair and all the anxiety from the last month disappeared. He had planned this engagement for months and she was going to be his! All of her would belong to him.

                Suddenly, she removed herself from their passionate kiss, “What about Japan? I thought you had to go back?” she asked.

                “I do, you and Sango will be coming with. Don’t you think it is time to return home, haven’t you been gone long enough? Isn’t it time to leave Hong Kong?” Kagome looked at him and then nodded, it was time. She smiled and began to kiss him once more.




                Several hours later Kagome rushed into her apartment slamming the door and running into her roommate’s room. Jerking the door open and pouncing onto the bed, the other woman woke with a start, “What the fuck, Kagome? Its three a.m.” glaring at Kagome from her lying position.

                Looking over the disheveled woman and smiling unable to contain her happiness any longer she began to talk, “Oh Sango! He proposed! I thought for sure he was going to break it off knowing he had to go back to Japan, but he proposed! Look!” Kagome squealed and Sango merely shoved Kagome off her stomach so she could sit up and inspect her best friend. Kagome had bruises all over her neck, her lips looked swollen and her hair was in disarray. Sango merely shook her head, Kagome looked like a woman who had been ravished, and Sango knew that fact to be true.

                Kagome jerked left arm out so Sango could inspect her engagement ring. Whistling lowly, Sango couldn’t believe the size of it, “Damn girl he’s fucking serious.” A few moments passed and then Sango’s jaw dropped, “Oh my damn! HE’S FUCKING SERIOUS! OH KAGOME! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!” Sango wrapped her arms around Kagome and they both stood up on the bed and began jumping. Unexpectedly, Sango stopped and let go. Kagome landed on the floor with a thump. “Ow,” Kagome muttered as she glared at Sango from the floor. “What about Japan, Kagome? He has to go back,” Sango worried her bottom lip thinking about the future. “We’re going with him,” Kagome stated.


                “No Sango it’s time to go back. It’s been six years, we can’t hide here anymore,” knowing the younger girl was right Sango huffed, but then something else addled her mind. “We’re?” she asked looking into Kagome’s blue eyes for answers. “You are coming too. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a job in no time. Well bedtime, see ya’ at work in a few hours! Night!” Sango shook her head and watched as Kagome sauntered out of her room. Sango stared at her ceiling. Home. They were going back to Japan. Sango pulled the covers up to her chin and rolled onto her side and closed her eyes dreams of the past plagued her.




                Kagome opened the door to her room and quirked an eyebrow at the naked youkai lying on his side. “If my fiancé finds you in here I’ll be in trouble,” she joked. “You left before I was finished with you,” Sesshoumaru muttered. “I had to talk to Sango,” Kagome explained.

                “So I heard,” he confessed, and Kagome shook her head as she began to take the shirt and shorts off that she had put on before leaving Sesshoumaru’s penthouse. Sesshoumaru’s eyes wandered from her pretty face, to the curve of her neck, and ogled her ample breasts slightly hidden by her bra. His eyes trailed lower to her flat stomach and lower to her concealed womanhood behind boy shorts a shiver raced down his spine. His eyes darkened as she began towards the bed. “You are so insatiable, but I have work tomorrow and you have kept me up far too late as it is,” Kagome sleepily told him.

                “We have more to discuss. You will be going back to college in Japan. I have already sent your transcripts and you will resume with your history thesis,” he commanded.

                 “Sesshoumaru, you didn’t have to do this. I was planning on going back. I appreciate this gesture,” she whispered against his lips and laid a quick kiss to his lips. “You deserve to have the best education I can offer, and I have plenty of money to make sure you become a history professor,” he watched her smile and cuddle into him. “You and Sango have a month before we leave,” he breathed across her hair as he held her tight against him, tucking her head under his. “I’m nervous about going home, but I know you’ll be there if I need you,” she admitted.

               “Always,” he reaffirmed and held her tighter. “Good night my sweet,” he kissed her hair and listened to her breathing even out. He couldn’t wait to tell her how much her life would change once in Japan. His hand whispered against her skin and finally lay against her lower belly where his offspring laid inside her womb. She was only a few days along, but he could scent his offspring in her. He couldn’t wait to tell her she was carrying his pup.  A smile tugged at his lips as he nuzzled into the top of her head.


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