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Turnabout is Fair Play by Beautifully Wicked

Turnabout is Fair Play

:Turnabout Is Fair Play:




For r0o's 2nd GM challenge. And For Foxy and Rowdy! They both helped on this beautiful creation!




Kagome was a nice person, really, but even she had her breaking point. It came in the form of her boyfriend - or ex-boyfriend - as of today. Of course, it was a bit of a shock when she found out he had been sleeping with her older cousin for six out of the eight months they had been together.

She didn’t think that was fair, and she believed in being fair. So, after she had witnessed this disgusting display, in her dorm room no less, she decided it was only fair to get even.

The small woman strode up to the pool hall where all of their friends hung out. Imagine her surprise and delight to see Sesshoumaru sitting at the table with her friends. A wicked smirk crossed her face; it was, after all, fair. 

As Miroku got up to leave, he saw her, gave her a squeezing hug, and said one word, “Sango,” before he departed. 

Kagome felt sorry for Miroku, she really did.  Miroku was a great guy and was most definitely in love with Sango, but she was a jealous woman, and hated it when he was around other women and that included Kagome.  Even Kagome, despite being Miroku’s best friend since they had started school, was not an exception. They had done everything together and it was so hard to see him hurting and she couldn’t fix it.  But,  of course, she wasn’t going to tell him of this little incident, he had warned her about Inu-Yasha’s track record in the first place.  He’d wring Inu-Yasha’s hanyou neck and maybe even purify him with his inherent holy abilities.

Kagome turned back to the table where her friends, Bankotsuand his gay lover, Jakotsu, were sitting with Sesshoumaru and enjoying a good drink. Her smile returned in earnest. “Hello boys.” Kagome greeted as she sat down.

“Kagome,” Bankotsu said as he raised his drink to her, “How ya been, girl? Haven’t seen ya around lately.” Kagome smiled as Bankotsu put his arm around her shoulders for a hug.

“Oh, nothing, I just have a tiny question to ask Sesshoumaru, would you guys excuse us?” Kagome asked, giving Bankotsu her puppy eyes as he pondered just why she would want to talk to her boyfriend’s brother. “Really, it’s a simple question about a party that’s happening soon,” she reassured him as Bankotsu nodded his head and grabbed Jakotsu, heading off to grab a newly opened pool table.

“There is no event happening at the manor,” Sesshoumaru eyed her inquisitively; she had something up her sleeve and he was curious as to whether he’d like it or not.  Of course, he’d been attracted to her ever since they were introduced and he hated the half-breed more and more for having her at his side. And Inu-Yasha just loved to flaunt her in his face.

Sesshoumaru regarded the smirk on her face - it was sexy as hell, but he wasn’t quite sure what it portended for him. That smirk meant trouble. “Well, I have a little proposition for you, that’s all.” The smirk never left her face as those words left her pretty mouth. She got up and motioned for him to follow, he did as she bid, damn him and his curiosity.

They walked out into the parking lot, him watching her ass in that tiny skirt she was wearing. He continued to watch as she got into his brand new, cherry red Ferrari. “What do you think you are doing?” he asked, looking at her as if she’d lost her mind.

“I promise it’ll be worth your while - get in, I don’t bite… unless you want me to,” she winked. And he groaned; getting into that car with her was only going to bring him trouble, but  damned if he didn’t want to be in there with her.

He started the car and turned to her, “Where to?”

She smiled and replied, “You catch on quick, Inu-Yasha not so much. I need to get some things out of Inu-Yasha’s apartment.” He quirked an eyebrow, but went along with it. She did say she would explain. He backed out of the spot and began driving. They’d only gone a half mile when he felt the unexpected pleasure of her hand on his muscular thigh. “Did you know that Inu-Yasha’s been cheating on me?”

Sesshoumaru was taken aback, but he didn’t know if it was a question or a statement. He decided to answer anyway, “I did not.”

“Apparently, my older cousin and he have been sneaking around behind my back. I don’t find that amusing, at all. So I have decided that since he can cheat, so can I,” she explained as she caressed his thigh. Sesshoumaru couldn’t believe his luck, his idiotic brother had screwed up so severely and amazingly that it had landed Kagome in his paws, quite literally. Lucky bastard indeed.

Kagome smirked as she felt with her other hand how hard he was getting. “Is the status of a Dai-Youkai all in the power or is there more to it?” she asked as she rubbed his dick through his jeans. Sesshoumaru’s eyes rolled back, but a devious smirk spread across his face, “Why don’t you find out?”

“I intend to,” Kagome murmured in is ear, causing his erection to grow harder. He hadn’t known she was that close to him. “I’m going to make you scream my name.” she whispered against his neck as she laid kisses down the expanse of skin.

“This Sesshoumaru does not scream.”

“You will,” she promised as he felt her hands on his belt. He wondered if she was always like this; if so, he might have to keep her.

He saw the light turn yellow and knew he was too far away to make it without running the red light. As they stopped the air in his lungs rushed out  when he felt her hot mouth on the tip of his cock. Both of his hands buried themselves in her hair and his hips jerked upwards.

Apparently she had found what she wanted. “You are ten times bigger than your brother. I wish I’d known that before hand.” He watched as she ran her tongue up his length and swirled around the tip only to have her engulf him once more.  He watched as her head went lower, and felt her take him as deep as her throat would allow.

She used her hands for the rest of him but the sensations made by her tongue and throat were indescribable. He groaned as she made an added a twist with her hand and an extra hard suck at his head was all it took; his hands held her head down as he rode his orgasm out. He looked down at her and watched as she swallowed his seed. “You are full of surprises,” he groaned out as she moved away from him. A resounding honk made him look away from her and began to drive again.

He growled when he felt her hand fondling his cock – again? Oh, again. He felt Kagome’s hot breath on his tip and his body shuddered. This was definitely a great day.


Inu-Yasha watched as Kikyou slept. He began to dress after he had gotten a message from his girl, Kagome, telling him to meet her at his apartment. Twice in one day - he was a lucky guy. He smirked, knowing she’d never find out about his little trysts with her cousin.

He stretched, grabbed his keys and wallet, and left Kikyou’s apartment. He walked towards the elevator smirking, life was good for him. He had an excellent girlfriend and a piece on the side - life was indeed good for this hanyou.  Something else nagged at him, but he simply put it out of his mind as he rode the elevator down towards the parking garage.

He smiled to himself anticipating the heated he and Kagome were going to have. She was a feisty little thing in bed, and it heated him up from the inside. A fiery lust ran though his veins as he pictured her on his bed. That pale body and those wonderful breasts, if anything that’s where Kagome beat Kikyou, Kagome had nice full breasts and soft curves. Kikyou was a good fuck, but Kagome had the body every man fantasized about.

His smile grew as Inu-Yasha walked to his car and he felt his phone ring with a new text message. His brows lifted in surprised when he read text, I’m here, hurry home ;). He growled in want as he pictured what she had in store for him. Maybe he would stop by the store and get some wine, or maybe get some champagne. Mmmm… the taste of champagne and Kagome, nothing could sound better than that at the moment.


Sesshoumaru was being tortured by this sly little minx, otherwise known as Kagome. He loved every second of this particular torture he had to admit, but as soon as she rushed him up the stairs and inside his half-brother’s apartment he took advantage of the opportunity presented to him.

Kagome gasped as Sesshoumaru slammed her against the closed door and proceeded to lift Kagome’s skirt, and slowly peel the tiny thong down her legs. He growled low, eyes on her pussy, “You will be the one screaming.” He muttered against her ear. He watched her shiver and was surprised when she smiled and replied, “Of that I have no doubt.”

A devious smirk spread across his lips as he kicked his shoes off, pulled his shirt off, and then his pants. His cock stood proud and Kagome licked her dry lips. “You want it?” he asked as he wrapped a hand around himself.

“Yes…” she pleaded as he pulled her skirt and shirt off.  He easily hooked one slender leg on his shoulder and the other around his waist. He groaned as he smelled her arousal increase. He lifted her hips only to slide his engorged member over her wet snatch. “So wet…” he hissed and she mewled in response. “Just fuck me, oh please, please fuck me.” she begged and he smiled in return.

“You won’t be able to walk when I’m done with you,” he whispered as he slammed into her. Kagome screamed as he thrust into her. He groaned as he pulled out only to plunge back in. Fuck, she was tight, tighter than he had anticipated, he hissed through clenched fangs. He didn’t know how long he would last.

Finally, after years of pining for her, he finally had her, and she was a tight little thing. Everything he could ever dream of. He shuddered as she began to move with him, “Harder, oh… yes…” he growled as he saw her head tilt back exposing her neck. A fierce growl ripped through his throat as he lunged for the luscious treat.

His fangs grazed her neck and he felt her hands tangle themselves in his hair. “Bite me,” she moaned and he thrust harder and bit into her shoulder. “Fuck yes!” she screamed as her hands drifted from his hair to grip his ass. She moved faster against him and he growled.

Sesshoumaru gripped her hips to stop her movement, and she began to beat at his shoulders, until a particular rough thrust where she dug her nails into him. “Little bitch,” he moaned as she tightened around him, and he lifted her other leg and brought it to his shoulder. Increasing both his speed and the roughness in which he handled her as he did so.

 In the back of his mind he knew he had to be careful of her, she was human after all. But damn did his beast want to come out and play. He hissed as she tightened even more, he brought his hand to her clit and began to rub and pinch at her. “Ohhh… OHHHHHH YES!” she screamed as her orgasm took over her body.

He smirked, now that the door was fully bathed in the scent of their sex, on to the kitchen; oh, they were going to christen the whole damn apartment. Let the hanyou know the moment he walked through the door that Kagome was his.  “Time for round two,” he smirked as he propped her up onto the counter, spreading her legs, kneeling down and letting his tongue have a taste. Divine, she tasted divine.


Inu-Yasha stepped through the door and the scent of sex hit his nose. He grinned, had she been playing with herself while she waited for him? Another scent stopped him dead in his tracks after his initial thought. What was the bastard doing here? “OHHH YESS! RIGHT THERE!” he heard Kagome scream, and he growled. Hurrying to his room, refusing to touch anything else, knowing it had his brother’s juices on there as well.

His mind refused to believe that Kagome, sweet Kagome was fucking his brother, but he stopped dead in his tracks as he walked into his bedroom.

Kagome was on top of his brother, facing the door and riding his brother like a bitch in heat. “FUCK ME!” she screamed and he heard a snarl from his bastard half brother and watched as the Dai-Youkai thrust harder and faster into the fiery female.

Kagome fell onto her elbows at a particularly harsh thrust and Inu-Yasha watched his brother’s face contort into a pained grimace as he saw her in the receiving position. His eyes glowed red, but he was fighting the urge to bring forth his beast. “BREAK ME!” he heard her shrill scream and watched as Sesshoumaru finally lost control. Inu-Yasha felt it was time to leave.


Kagome’s body was jarred by a harsh thrust and she whimpered at his force, she moaned when he wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her up, she hissed and he fucked her harder. “YES, YES, YES!” she hollered as his thrusts became more brutal.

He snarled as she tightened around him, fuck was this bitch tight. He felt her on the cusp of an orgasm. He began to play with her clit again, teasing the abused nub, pinching and rubbing it. Kagome cried out, but her body refused him the satisfaction of her cumming. He pushed her sensitive nub down on his cock letting his veins run along it.

She tightened around him about to explode, and on the cusp of her orgasm she screamed, “Cum inside!” he groaned, not planning that she would want him too, but since she wanted him, he would when he decided it was time for him to finish.

Her walls tightened with her orgasm, and suddenly he felt his body betray him. She was too tight and his body couldn’t handle her any longer. “KAGOME!” he screamed as her pussy milked him dry. She had made him cum, the bitch had actually made him cum.

“Oh… my… damn…” she whispered as he took his now limp member out of her. He turned her around and brought her into his embrace. He was damn tired, and thought they deserved a little nap. Suddenly a wicked smirked crossed her features, and he raised an eyebrow, “I told you I’d make you scream.” He chuckled, “So you did.”

“I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, will I?” she questioned looking up at his face.

“Not a chance,” he responded smoothly.

“It was worth it,” she mumbled as she cuddled into his chest, exhausted from their previous events.

“Indeed,” he smirked as she fell asleep in his arms. He was definitely going to keep her.


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