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The Plunnie Farm by Sp@ceMonkey

Pardon the Mess [I Wasn't Expecting Company...]

WARNING; I never sent this to my beta [the lovely Jupe] so don’t be all “0.o” if you see hinky bits. 


Read me foo!


The idea behind this is basically that Sesshomaru woos Kagome and takes her back to his palace with the intent to mate her... only to hit major turbulence when his advisors/servants/general people are all like “WTF DUDE? She’s a HUMAN!?” and so he has to spend a ton of time taking care of all that nonsense. In that time however, none of the stuff that he’s sending to Kagome (servants, tutors, etc.) to help her adjust to life are basically not getting to her because the servants are all “lolwut?” and think she’s just a fancy human concubine of Sesshomaru’s. 


So basically this is his one moment of free time when he goes to see how she’s doing. I imagine that after this he’s gonna go kick some servant butt becuz they were neglecting his woman!



Pardon the Mess [I Wasn't Expecting Company...]



Papers were crinkled on the low desk-- an empty teacup was lying on its side on the costly tatami flooring. The candles burned still, despite the lateness of the hour; lying in a heap on crumpled bedsheets the mistress of the room was snoring gracelessly, her face pressed into the futon, kimono-clad behind in the air.


Sesshomaru slipped into the room without a sound; it was not fitting or proper for the lord of the castle to be sneaking into the lady’s room at night, but there was no one who was willing to be affronted by the violation of protocol, considering that everyone knew why the human girl had been brought to the Western Palace in the first place.


The elegant Lord took a half second to be quietly affronted by the general messiness of his future Lady’s rooms before settling himself on the corner of her futon. 


He ran a hand through her inky black hair; tapered fingers caught and tugged accidentally on hidden tangles and the girl woke to the sensation.


“Nuugh-- Sesshomaru?” The girl lifted sleepy eyes from the messy bedding and blinked blearily. “Whats up?”


“This Sesshomaru has been alerted to the presence of an... unseemly clutter.”


Kagome propped herself up on bent arms. “Uh-- yeah.”


“Have the maids been unsatisfactory in their cleaning services?” The Lord pressed.


The girl blinked. “What maids?” 


Silver brows lifted in surprise. “Who has come to attend you?” 


Kagome sat up, fully awake now. “No one has; they just keep dumping this stuff on me; kimono and books and tea... but no one ever stays in here. They just tell me to learn whats in the books and wear the kimono and ‘try to act like I’m civilized’.”


Sesshomaru drew back, clearly affronted. “There have been no tutors here? No maids to clean and help you dress?”


“Nope. I know I’ve let the place get well... it’s a disaster zone. But in my defense I’ve been holed up in here for days. It’s making me a little crazy.”


She reached towards the lord as he began to rumble with snarls; “Sesshomaru? I-It’s ok you know. I’m sure they were just busy or...”


His arms snaked around her, pulling her to a broad, rumbly chest. “You have been neglected by this Sesshomaru.”  There was sadness in his voice; it was almost like an apology... well, a Sesshomaru apology, anyway. 


“Hey-- no I haven’t.” He nuzzled the crown of her dark hair-- a rare but sweet show of affection-- and Kagome melted a little more into his embrace. “Really, I haven’t. Its only been a few days and I know how busy you are. It’s my stupid fault you have to put up with all this--” His lips crushed against hers, cutting off any further self-degradation.  


“This Sesshomaru will not tolerate anyone speaking ill of his Intended.” The youkai announced solemnly when his lips were no longer occupied. Kagome felt her heart swell a little at his words.


“Oh, so you’ve decided to keep me? I mean, after a while a girl begins to wonder...” She tried to be nonchalant-- and failed. Her emotions were too clear in her words.


“This one was always going to keep you.” Sesshomaru replied, his tone a little too dry for Kagome to believe he may be joking. “These formalities are only significant so long as they ensure your safety and honor.”


A cherry hue rose in Kagome’s cheeks. “Oh yeah? What about what I think? Is that just a formality?”


Suddenly the world spun and the girl found herself flat on her back on the futon a long, lean youkai king above her, pressing her into the sheets. 


“This one values your opinion highly human; knowing you desire This Sesshomaru is almost as gratifying as educating you on my finer attributes.”


Her witty reply was cut off by a searing kiss. 


 Fluff and silliness. 

Whew... well, now that I got *that* out of my system.... Back to work on Sons! I hope to have two chapters to you in the next three days, but after that I am going to be busy with college stuff and most likely won’t have time to write until the weekends, so be patient please! 


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