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Testicular Test by Walter205

One Thousand...or thereabouts. All told.

 The bet had been made. Whoever made Kagome fall asleep first through sexual intercourse would be declared the winner and allowed to mate her for life and an eternity. Ten males would line up for the opportunity, with straws determining who would go first. Once a male fall asleep, he would lose his turn and the next man would be allowed in. Thanks to Kagome's purification powers, no man's seed would remain in her after each man went with her. But, there was one important little catch...

 Kagome had inside of her body the Shikon No Tama. Thanks to the powers of the jewel, her sexual stamina and durability was greatly increased. The guys were making side bets as to which one would be the one to mate her, and how long each male would last. The draws had been drawn. Now it was time for the contest to begin.

 Several mattresses had been laid out in the living room floor of the mansion in which the winning couple would reside. Sesshomaru had arrogantly stated that whoever ended up mating Kagome would either retain or become the new Lord of the Western Lands, with the mansion being a bonus. The guys had gawked at him when he made the bet, and had all eargerly accepted, not knowing of his promise about a year ago to the miko that no matter what happened, one way or another; Kagome would become the new Lady of the West.

 To begin with, Kagome and the guys all stripped down. Kagome then played with herself for about five minutes, getting the guys all good and hard. Then, the first one up went over to her. Inuyasha had drawn the shortest straw, and so would have the first turn with Kagome. The whelp wasted no time with foreplay, but went straight into the main act. Ten seconds later he was spent, lying asleep next to Kagome. The miko looked down at him with something between shock and pity.

 The other guys all burst out into laughter, save for Sesshomaru, who only chuckled a little bit. Yes, he was amused by the hanyou being a premie, but he was also embarrassed at the same time since the half breed was of his blood.

 Next up was Miroku. If Sango knew where he was right now, doing it with whom, she would be royally pissed off, since Miroku had proposed to her three nights ago, one night before he had learned of this little contest. Actually, come to think of it, just about everyone present would also be pissed off if they knew of his proposal and her acceptance. But no matter, on to the fun!

 Miroku did engage in foreplay, rubbing Kagome's breasts with his hands, pinching the nipples lightly with his fingers, licking her neck with his tongue, fingering her pussy with his other hand as he rubbed his dick along her inner thigh. After about two or three minutes of this, he entered into her, starting slowly, then progressing faster and faster until Kagome finally came with a cry of pleasure. Miroku came as well, pumping his seed into her, which was swiftly purified.

 He collapsed behind her, falling asleep a few minutes later. Kagome however remained sitting up and didn't look the least bit sleepy. Next Hojo stepped out onto the mattresses. Rather than doing the traditional method, he hovered his dick above Kagome's head, while burying his own head into Kagome's hot pussy. He used his tongue and fingers to great effect while she greedily suckled and licked on his own length. He managed to make Kagome orgasm twice before he came inside of her mouth, Kagome swallowing every last drop.

 Hojo managed to roll over onto his back before he fell asleep. Kagome sat up, having been on her back for the next adventure, and looked around for whoever would be coming next. Jaken waddled onto the mats, his grin growing wider. No foreplay for ol' Jaken, nosiree. He swiftly entered into her, the miko barely moving as he pumped her. Jaken was comparativley uh...small compared to the others who came before him, and Kagome didn't get nearly the pleasure high, even when Inuyasha had his ten seconds.

 Jaken had a lot of stamina for a small demon though, and after three hours he finally managed to unleash his third load into Kagome before he collapsed on the mattress and fell asleep. Looking around, Kagome saw where everyone had gone limp from the toad's non-inspiring performance and Totosai had even fallen asleep, meaning that he automatically lost his turn, since he was supposed to be next. Kagome had to spread her legs and pleasure herself for about a minute to get the men sufficiently hard again before her next suitor came onto the mats.

 Kouga smirked as he sauntered in her direction, his eyes full of giddiness and longing. Using his demon strength to great advantage, he lifted Kagome high into the air, settling her legs on his shoulders. While standing up, he began devouring her pussy with his tongue, her hands holding onto his head and his hands cupping her butt cheeks helping to keep her steady. Over the course of thirty minutes doing this, he managed to bring her five orgasms before he couldn't stand the wait anymore.

 He repositioned her to where her legs wrapped around his waist. He looked deep into her eyes for a few moments before he rammed into her very hard, entering into her fully. She gasped in pain and pleasure as tears dotted her eyes. He withdrew swiftly, before slamming back into her again, the claws on his hands tearing slightly the skin on her back. He then began a very rapid pace, bringing Kagome to a multitude of ten orgasms between three of his own before he tired of standing up.

 Kouga laid Kagome on her back and grabbed her hips with his hands, entering into her again with him on his knees. He leaned over and alternated suckling on one nipple and then another, licking them as he drew out her warm and delicious milk while pumping another sinful fluid out of her pussy. Three more times he managed to make her come, before he came into her a final time.

 "Kagome, your so beautiful and awesome, please fall asleep...," breathed Kouga as he passed out next to her. But it was not to be as she stayed sitting up and fully awake. As a matter of fact, apart from red marks on her back and hips from his healed claw wounds, she looked as fresh and hale as a blooming daisy.

 Ginta and Hakkaku gulped as they both stepped out onto the mats. They had made an agreement between themselves and the others that if they were to make Kagome fall asleep together, then they would become co-rulers and would both mate Kagome in a triple mating ceremony. They took turns pleasuring her, one of them holding Kagome up from behind while playing with her nipples while the other one ate out her pussy. When they had alternated about ten times each, they both positioned themselves accordingly, Ginta in front her, Hakkaku behind her. They both entered her at the same time, Kagome gurgling in pleasure as they both pumped into her. She was going on a very high pleasure high as they both pumped into her at a frantic pace. But the wolves didn't have nearly the endurance of Kouga, and after two orgasms apiece, they collapsed either side of Kagome.

 After shuddering in aftershocks for about ten minutes, which had the two remaining males worried, Kagome stopped shaking and got up, walking over to an unused portion of the mats. They both sighed in relief. Naraku had an evil grin on his face as he slowly walked in Kagome's direction as she kneeled on the mat. But, he stopped when he was still about fifteen feet away from her. She looked at him in confusion for his hesitancy, until about twenty tentacles of different lengths, widths, and form sprouted from the back of his body.

 Sesshomaru sweat dropped as Kagome looked at him with wide and unsure eyes, Naraku's grin nearly going from ear to ear now. The tentacles grew longer, approaching her from several different directions now. She looked like she wanted to bolt at any second, but a deep portion of her mind said 'How Kinky' and so she stayed put. The first tentacle reached her knee, slithering up her leg into her inner thigh. It left behind a trail of warm nice smelling juices, and felt very...weird...but at the same time very pleasing, as if a hundred tongues were making their way up her leg. The tentacle reached her pussy and dived inside, followed soon by two, three, four, and then five more tentacles, filling her up completely, and then stretching her out a little more. Two more tentacles dived into her anus, going only where Hakkaku had gone before. Yet more of them wrapped around her breasts, these octopus type tentacles suckling on her nipples and breasts. A couple wrapped around her stomach and lower back.

 Another one wrapped around her neck, the little suction cups covering all the bases of her pulse points and veins. One secured her arms over her head, and the last two secured her legs in a spread position. Naraku then manipulated the tentacles, lifting Kagome up into the air about ten feet off the ground. Thankfully, none of the tentacles had entered into her mouth, but only because the spider hanyou knew she would need it fully cleared shortly for all the yelling, moaning, groaning, and heavy breathing that she would be doing in just a few short seconds.

 All at once, he manipulated his tentacles again. The five in her front passage and the two in her rear passage he cajoled the nerves within them to start vibrating at a high crescendo, while the others started suckling or tightening before unwinding just a little bit before repeating the performance. Kagome was alternating between screaming, orgasming, moaning, orgasming, groaning, orgasming, and orgasming followed by orgasming. If she thought Ginta and Hakkaku had been a pleasure high, she was wrong, compared to what she was feeling right now. Naraku sneered at her form.

 "I will bleed the energy of the Shikon jewel dry, then I will bleed your energy dry miko, thereby becoming the new Lord of the West and your mate forever!" he yelled at her haughtily. His own sexual organs went unused but were still hard, and Sesshomaru wondered just how it was that Naraku would exhaust himself and fall asleep. He might get tired from using the tentacles, but kami, he used them so often that that might take weeks before he fell asleep.

 Twelve hours later, Naraku was still going strong, and the floor beneath where the miko was suspended in mid-air was soaked through the mats with juices from both the miko and the tentacles. The men who had come before were waking up and hanging their heads in defeat, especially Inuyasha. Some girls arranged beforehand by Sesshomaru brought food in about this time, one of the girls among them being Sango.

 When she saw Miroku just coming to, something between rage, hatred, anger, contempt, confusion, burning, and lust coursed through her body and expression. She set her food tray down and went into the garage, grabbing a variety of tools and stuffing them into a nearby closet. She then talked over to Miroku and grabbed him by the dick, hauling the now fully awake and pleading male over to the closet and shoving him in. The dick, groping hands, his tongue, his butt cheeks, and his little pigtail hairdo was not to be touched, but everything else on him was fair game as she took her revenge on him. She stripped down too before entering into the closet, and screams of both pleasure and pure agony were heard from the closet before Sesshomaru erected a sound proof barrier around the doorway.

 He turned back to look at the mats and what was sure to be his defeat at the hands of Naraku. But, Naraku did have one weakness. As he continued to pleasure Kagome, feeling through his tentacles what effect he was having on the miko, one of his hands ventured down to start massaging his own dick. Then it was joined by his second hand. Although he had more stamina then Inuyasha as a hanyou, he still had that premie curse that Inuyasha had. After making himself come ten times in one minute forty seconds, Naraku crumpled to the mat, his tentacles softly lowering Kagome to an unused portion of the mats as his tentacles withdrew back into him and he fell asleep.

 Kagome stood up, looking over at Naraku with something between disappointment and relief crossing her features. Sesshomaru just looked relieved, but also amazed. Over the past eighteen hours, she had had sex with nine different males of differing styles and methods, had by his count five hundred ten orgasms, but still, despite all that, looked fresh and ready as a red rose. It was daunting, but Sesshomaru was unlike any of the males that had come before as he stepped onto the mat.

 Surely the Shikon jewel's limit had been reached by now. Sesshomaru didn't bother with any foreplay, no; he considered the nine that had come before him to be his foreplay. He swiftly entered into the miko and began pumping. Over the course of an hour he had established his varying rhythm. He would come once; the miko would come ten times. The servants, girls, and other males went about their lives in astonishment as over the course of three days and three nights he pumped inside of Kagome. Thirty six orgasms of his compared to three hundred sixty on her part.

 But he was finally nearing his end, and Kagome was still fresh. He growled, and then snarled, before he spoke.

 "Curse that Shikon no tama, I wish it had never existed in the first place," he snarled, admitting defeat on his own part as he neared his end, or so he thought. With a bright flash of light from her belly, Kagome and Sesshomaru both looked down in surprise as the Shikon No Tama granted Sesshomaru his unintended wish, vanishing into nothingness, gone forever.

 They both stared down at that spot before a while, before Sesshomaru's eyes slowly came up, a very wide grin adorning his face. The Shikon No Tama was gone, and with it, Kagome's never-ending source of stamina. She still had her own stamina, for a twenty three year old human miko, and Sesshomaru was nearly exhausted, but....

 Kagome's own head came up and she stared at him with something between excitement and nervousness. If Sesshomaru couldn't finish her, then the cycle would repeat, and that meant she could end up with...

 With another snarl, Sesshomaru went back to work on her. For two more hours they fucked. When he came the second time after beginning again, that should have been the end of him, and it would have been if he didn't literally smell the victory was in sight. Finally, he stopped, but only to gauge how well off she was. Kagome wasn't, and as soon as Sesshomaru stopped, she fell forward against his chest and fell asleep.

 She was startled awake by his very loud yell of victory, followed immediately by him resuming yet again. He came into her one more time, and as she leaned her head back following her last orgasm, he sank his fangs into her neck, marking her as his mate for life. The two of them collapsed onto the mats and feel asleep together.

* * *

 And thus come to an end the contest had. Sesshomaru was the victor and a month later, Kagome was pregnant with her first litter of five pups, the first born which would become his heir, even if it was female.

 As for the other males, Jaken stayed on as Sesshomaru's retainer, and also became Kagome's retainer as well. Totosai stayed on as the sword smith for his army, and was even commissioned to make a new powerful bow and short sword for the new Lady of the West for her personal defense. Kouga headed back to the Wolf Tribe and settled for mating Ayame, becoming the Supreme Leader of the Wolf Tribes. Ginta and Hakkaku mated with Kirara in a triple mating in a very odd turn of events. The Wolf-Fire cat kittens that were produced as a result came out very funny looking in youth, but very serious and deadly looking in adulthood. Naraku and Inuyasha killed each other in a fight after taunting each other about not being able to make Kagome fall asleep and about being a premie. Well, not killed per say, they just disappeared after the fight was over.

 No one knew the truth about them mating each other, and they preferred about the outside world not knowing anyways. Miroku was still in the hospital recovering from his injuries, and Hojo had proposed to Sango but was turned down. So he decided to start courting Rin, waiting for her to turn eighteen before he would marry her. Sesshomaru found out about two weeks later he started taking her out on special little dates, and a spot of dead grass marked where the combination of Sesshomaru's poison and Hojo's ashes had seeped into the earth.

 Sesshomaru lay next to his sleeping mate after a night of fun, looking up into the ceiling and smiling.

 The End


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